Ram Janmabhoomi: Sacred site in Ayodhya, believed to be Lord Ram's birthplace, significant for Hindu devotees.

Hanumangarhi: 10th-century temple honoring Lord Hanuman, featuring a stairway and cave with idols. Visited for celebrations.

Nageshwarnath Temple: Built near Theri Bazaar, dedicated to Lord Nageshwarnath, significant during festivals.

 Treta Ke Thakur: Temple in Naya Ghat neighborhood with idols of Lord Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Sita, Bharat, and Sugreev. Built 300 years ago.

 Choti Chawni (Valmiki Bhawan): White marble building with 34 historic caves, including the Kailasha Temple.

 Sita Ki Rasoi: Temple in Rajkot believed to be a historic kitchen used by Goddess Sita. Offers free meals and charity donations.

Raja Mandir: Located in Faizabad, known for carved idols of Hindu deities. Formerly linked to Lord Ram.

 Ramkatha Park: Green space in Ayodhya with open-air theaters, lawns, and facilities for religious and cultural events.

Sarayu Ghat: Various ghats along the Sarayu river, known for Aarati rituals.

Mani Parbat: Hillock near Kami Ganj, offering a vantage point with a Buddhist monastery and stupa