20 Examples of Pronouns in a Sentence

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Examples of pronouns in a sentence

Today, in this article, I’m going to write a list of 20 examples of pronouns in a sentence. That means if you’re looking for examples of pronouns in sentences, you have come to the right place.

Here, I have written examples of all types of pronouns in sentences. For better understanding, I would suggest you read this topic deeply from the other resources so that you can identify the types of pronouns as well.

Nevertheless, I’m giving here a little knowledge about pronouns like what is a pronoun. and what are its types?

So, before writing a list of 20 examples of pronouns in a sentence, let’s know, what are pronouns and their types?

See all the types of examples of nouns.

What is a pronoun? –

A pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun.

Examples –

1. Ram is my elder brother and he is a finance manager at Google.

2. Cheetah is an agile animal, but it can’t climb trees.

In these sentences, he & it are pronouns because they have been used for Ram & Cheetah respectively.

Types of pronouns –

There are ten types of pronouns which are shown below.

  • Personal pronoun
  • Possessive pronoun
  • Demonstrative pronoun
  • Distributive pronoun
  • Reciprocal pronoun
  • Reflexive pronoun
  • Emphatic pronoun
  • Indefinite pronoun
  • Relative pronoun
  • Interrogative pronoun

Now, let’s write a list of 20 examples of pronouns in a sentence.

Common and proper nouns examples in sentences.

1. 20 examples of pronouns in a sentence | List 1 –

1. This year, my younger sister completed her online BCA.

2. I bought a gaming laptop.

3. His daughter has become a lawyer.

4. They can see me from their roof.

5. The man who came here yesterday was a thief.

6. Which of the jobs do you want?

7. Now, HDFC bank is offering me a home loan.

8. Only those students are able to participate in this function.

9. Who has he beaten in school?

10. He determined that he would prepare himself for the upcoming Olympics.

11. The jury has now taken its decision.

12. Can you please tell me what is meant by mortgage?

13. These are advanced bicycles.

14. She invited me to her birthday party yesterday.

15. The doors are always open for them.

16. I was very confident to buy an insurance policy those days.

17. One of my friends forgot his smartphone at your shop.

18. Those are horses.

19. We have always criticized heinous acts.

20. Everyone is making money online in my group.

2. 20 examples of pronouns in a sentence | List 2 –

1. I will buy some new home appliances this Diwali.

2. Which is your watch here?

3. They don’t want to advertise their shop.

4. Don’t mess with me or else you will regret it later.

5. Hers is a beautiful building.

6. Who is going to start an Amazon Affiliate Blog?

7. The beggar who was begging in the restaurant was an actor.

8. Was there anyone to take care of your children?

9. Someone was missing from the conference the day before yesterday.

10. Whom do you want for the picnic?

11. He told me about many ways to save money.

12. Whom did you not introduce to the President?

13. Everybody was there when the motivational speaker entered the hall.

14. Who was living there for so long?

15. They told us to make decisions ourselves.

16. Those who have a credit line of more than $200 are not eligible to take the loan.

17. This is the criterion of our society.

18. Openly, it was a threat to him.

19. She needs to get it.

20. They were fighting each other to handle the property business.

3. 20 examples of pronouns in a sentence | List 3 –

1. Who really knows the value of a Bitcoin?

2. He prefers walking to running.

3. At the coaching center, I saw the same bike that I sold last year.

4. On the last day, all the employees said goodbye to one another.

5. These are hilarious books.

6. Who earned $30,000 through Share Market?

7. The old man got himself into trouble.

8. Save my money and yours too.

9. They do accurate calculations through their calculators.

10. He noticed that there was something on my head.

11. Which insurance policies have been offered to you?

12. Who has to pay tax?

13. My brother is better than him.

14. It is 6:30 in the morning.

15. You, they, and I shall finish work simultaneously.

16. No one is attending the live class.

17. There is a serious fight between me and him.

18. Google Adsense made us a millionaire.

19. The company is running ads for its business.

20. Have you bought this bike in installments?

4. 20 examples of pronouns in a sentence | List 4 –

1. Let me teach you how to speak Spanish fluently.

2. How do they lead a luxurious life?

3. She gifted him a new car on his birthday.

4. I have a cousin whom I love dearly.

5. He secured good marks in the annual examination.

6. The purse which he lost yesterday was found by me.

7. He was laughing louder than me.

8. Who has he surprised?

9. He doesn’t know who she is.

10. My dear son has started talking to me.

11. Who said so?

12. Nobody is going to support you.

13. Which of these is his shirt?

14. They hired another tutor.

15. They themselves drove the lion away.

16. No one is looking at me.

17. He warned his cousin not to provoke him.

18. It is 7 o’clock.

19. You treated the guests politely.

20. Everyone is eating Chinese food.

Final words –

In the end, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, I have covered all the examples of pronouns in sentences.

That means after reading the article, all your doubts will be cleared and you won’t have any problems regarding the pronouns.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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