Examples of Past Indefinite Tense ( All Types )

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Examples of Past Indefinite Tense

Today, in this article, I’m going to write some examples of Past Indefinite Tense so that you can understand them well.

Here, I have covered all types of examples of Past Indefinite Tense. If you’re looking for it, please read the complete article.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s start the article.

Before writing the examples, first, let’s know, what is Past Indefinite Tense?

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What is Past Indefinite Tense? –

It’s also known as Simple Past Tense. It’s used to indicate past events or actions. The Past Indefinite Tense takes with it the second form of the verb for affirmative sentences, but the first form for the rest of the types.

It has four types that are Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative and Wh-Type. Since the article is about the examples of Past Indefinite Tense, I won’t go into depth but will definitely discuss examples.

Examples of Past Indefinite Tense ( All Types ) –

1. Affirmative examples –

Rule - Subject + verb ( 2nd form ) + object.

( a ) I beat him a lot.

( b ) You spent my money last night.

( c ) They agreed with me.

( d ) I agreed to their terms and conditions.

( e ) He lost his sanity.

( f ) We promised to support them.

( g ) Instead of denying, he accepted his mistake.

( h ) Kashish tolerated him to a great extent.

( i ) My friend, Ganesh wrote a new song two days ago.

( j ) His father gifted him a new car on his birthday.

( k ) Her younger brother started speaking clearly.

( l ) They knew your passion for the game.

( m ) All the villagers enjoyed the government scheme.

( n ) Last year, I attended this seminar.

( o ) That little girl played football with great enthusiasm.

( p ) She loved to walk.

( q ) My neighbor left his house yesterday.

( r ) Surekha helped thousands of children.

( s ) He trusted her excessively.

( t ) He painted my house very well.

( u ) Ravi became very disappointed seeing the result.

( v ) I always preferred coffee to tea.

( w ) You cheated on your girlfriend.

( y ) Saumya focused only on her present.

( z ) Neta Ji purchased a new flat in Mumbai.

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2. Negative examples –

Rule - Subject + did not + verb ( 1st form ) + object.

( a ) I didn’t do any special tasks at the party.

( b ) My child didn’t pluck flowers.

( c ) You didn’t slap her.

( d ) The group of mischievous students didn’t appear in the examination.

( e ) She didn’t sing any songs at the function.

( f ) Their mother didn’t cook food for them.

( g ) It didn’t rain yesterday.

( h ) Kavya didn’t complete her homework.

( i ) I didn’t crack the UPSC exam.

( j ) They didn’t accept their mistakes.

( K ) Rubina didn’t call me.

( l ) The headmaster didn’t make any change in the timetable of the school.

( m ) His elder brother didn’t learn about the methods of experiments.

( n ) We didn’t clean our classroom.

( o ) I didn’t see that tunnel.

( p ) She didn’t go to the temple.

( q ) They didn’t miss the climax of the show.

( r ) Your mother didn’t reach the station.

( s ) He didn’t scold his beloved sister.

( t ) Sushmita didn’t complain to her father.

( u ) Yusuf didn’t fail to catch the ball.

( v ) I didn’t miss any opportunity to meet him.

( w ) She didn’t ignore me in college.

( x ) They didn’t push you.

( y ) We didn’t listen to this song before.

( z ) Akhilesh didn’t wake up early in the morning today.

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3. Interrogative examples –

Rule - Did + subject + not + Verb ( 1st form ) + Object?

( a ) Did you take my keys?

( b ) Did he sell his old books?

( c ) Did they participate in the game?

( d ) Did Kamal steal your purse?

( e ) Did I make you cry?

( f ) Did your parents arrange money for your heart operation?

( g ) Did you take your second dose?

( h ) Did you plant trees in my garden?

( i ) Did Mr. Vijay explain the chapter properly?

( j ) Did she accept your offer?

( K ) Did I drink too much?

( l ) Did her family enjoy this fair?

( m ) Did our Chief Minister come to our locality?

( n ) Did you meet the new teacher in school?

( o ) Did he abuse his relatives?

( p ) Did they build this wonderful house?

( q ) Did your sister not tie Rakhi on this Rakshabandhan?

( r ) Did you bring him to the barber’s shop?

( s ) Did we put our best effort into the tournament?

( t ) Did he really jump from fifty feet into the pool?

( u ) Did people get emotional at the departure of the District Magistrate?

( v ) Did this child faint?

( w ) Did you plan to go to Udaipur?

( x ) Did she accuse you of stealing money?

( y ) Did anyone see the postman on Wednesday?

( z ) Did we get an opportunity to work with that brand?

4. Wh-type examples –

Rule - Wh-word + did + subject + not + Verb ( 1st form ) + Object?

( a ) Why did you fart in the car?

( b ) When did he take a selfie with me?

( c ) Where did they go after the party?

( d ) Whom did you beat in the class?

( e ) How did he allow them?

( f ) When did she sleep?

( g ) How did I impress the jury?

( h ) When did you become free in the office?

( i ) What did you do throughout the day?

( j ) Why did the minister not come to school?

( K ) When did your cousin return to his hometown?

( l ) How did you do it very easily?

( m ) Why did he not take any decision yesterday?

( n ) Who proposed him?

( o ) What type of shoes did he gift to his brother?

( p ) Whom did you hire for this job?

( q ) When did he read this novel?

( r ) How did Rohan pilot the helicopter?

(s) Who appreciated your work?

( t ) Where did all of you go last Sunday?

( u ) Why did your father leave Kanpur?

( v ) Why did you turn on the fan?

( w ) What message did my mother give you?

( x ) How did she prove her husband wrong?

( y ) What did he do in the court?

( z ) Where did you get my documents?

Final words –

In the end, I hope that these examples of Past Indefinite tense must have proved very helpful for you.

Here, I have discussed all kinds of examples of Past Indefinite Tense. Now, you can easily understand them without any hassle.

If you really liked the article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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