MA Full Form, Course Duration & Which MA Course is Best ?

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MA full form

Today, I’m going to discuss an article in which you would know all about MA such as MA full form, course duration, which MA course Is Best ? and other important details.

Before knowing about MA, you must read about BA.

Because, most of the students pursue MA after completing their graduation in BA.

So, if you have also planned to pursue MA in future, for your convenience you must complete your graduation in BA.

However, BA course isn’t not compulsory for pursuing MA.

Nevertheless, in most of the cases it has been found that students start pursuing MA as a post graduation degree after becoming graduate in BA.

I would also recommend the students to pursue MA in Political Science or History if they are interested to prepare for UPSC in future.

This degree with mentioned courses really helps you when you decide to prepare for UPSC exam.

Hence, without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic.

MA Full Form, Course Duration & Which MA Course is Best ? –

1. MA full form –

As I have always told you that before starting any course you must know the basic information about that particular course.

In the same way, if you are going to pursue MA course, you should have the knowledge of MA full form at least. Because, it’s a basic need.

If you are unable to tell MA full form at the time of asking by someone, you may feel embarrassment.

MA full form is nothing, but it’s Master of Arts.

2. What is MA course duration ? –

When students complete their graduation in BA and wish to pursue MA as a post graduation, the first thing comes into the mind and that is course duration.

Sometimes, students are confused about the course duration. If you’re also confused, for your kind information MA course is completed in two years.

It’s so because, in most of the cases the post graduation course related to any field is of two years so it is also.

3. Can I do MA after 12th ? –

Since, MA is a postgraduate course, it can only be done after completing the graduation course.

It’s not possible just after completing intermediate or 12th in any condition.

4. Which MA course is best ? –

Well, as you know when students select BA as a graduation course, they choose only three of the total subjects in which they are interested.

In the same way, when they go for MA, they have only one subject to choose as a primary subject.

If they have a better knowledge of subjects, it will be fine otherwise they may face difficulty in choosing the subject.

At the same time, if you’re also going to pursue this course and want my recommendation to choose a subject, I’ll suggest you to go with Master of Arts Political Science, Master of Arts History, Master of Arts Media & Master of Arts Teaching.

However, I mentioned a list of all the subjects which can be chosen by the students.

But, these subjects ( Master of Arts Political Science, Master of Arts History, Master of Arts Media & Master of Arts Teaching ) may be better than others.

Here, we go

  • Master of Arts Political Science
  • Master of Arts Teaching
  • Master of Arts Area Studies
  • Master of arts Media
  • Master of Arts Communication
  • Master of Arts International Relation
  • Master of Arts Cultural Studies
  • Master of Arts Theology
  • Master of Arts History
  • Master of Arts Psychology

Now, it only depends on you which subject suits you the most.

5. Can I do MA in any subject ? –

Yes of course, you are free to pursue MA with any subject.

However, considering your graduation subjects, you should choose the subject in post graduation.

But, if you have no problem to pursue MA with any subject, go for it.

Sometimes, you must have seen that people after completing MA in a particular subject start doing the same course with another subject.

It’s so because there is no provision that you cannot pursue MA with different subjects.

But, if you have thought of pursuing MA with two different subjects simultaneously, it’s not possible.

It means, you are able to pursue MA with only one subject at a time.

6. Is MA better than MBA ? –

Well, MA and MBA both are the best degrees in their own fields, but professionally I think MBA is better than MA.

It’s so because, after completing MA you don’t have a lot of job opportunities whereas MBA qualified students get a bundle of job options in Finance, Management, Health Care management, Business Management, Information technology etc.

But you can definitely say that MA ( post graduation ) course may be better for those students who want to prepare for UPSC in future.

7. Is MA in English tough ? –

By the way, there is no subject that is difficult to study. But, due to mind’s assumptions we feel a little bit.

If we talk about MA in English, I would say that it’s not tough at all.

Actually, when you take interest in a particular subject, you don’t have any hassle.

On the other hand, when you take anything as a burden, of course it looks tough mentally. But, in fact it doesn’t.

Additionally, if you have already completed BA in English, you won’t face any kind of trouble while pursuing MA in English.

But, of course for those who haven’t completed BA in English can face hassles in the beginning.

Final words –

Finally, I hope that the article must have proved worthy for you. I have covered all the important details related to MA such as MA full form, Course duration, Subjects & others.

Now, I think there will be no problem to know the things about MA.

Hence, if you really liked the article, please share it to those who need it.

Thank you.


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