SDM Full Form, Salary, Facilities & How To Become An SDM ?

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Today, I’m going to tell you about such a rank which has immense value in Police department and It’s the rank of an SDM.

It means, here you’ll get all the prominent information about an SDM including SDM full form, salary, responsibilities and other considerable details that can be very useful for you.

Actually, when we start taking interest in anything, everyone of us starts wishing to know everything about that.

Just like that, when we meet someone who is at the highest post in any department, a couple of questions begin into our mind and if we’ve a little knowledge about that, that’s fine otherwise we get excited to know.

In the same way, when you ever face an SDM, you also start having questions related to that rank such as what is SDM full form ? or how does a person become SDM ? and many more.

So, if you’re also looking for all these essential information, stay tuned and read the article carefully.

Now, as you all know that in our everyday life there are such pieces of work which can’t be done without the permission of an SDM.

Apart from this, whenever we go to seek his permission or sometimes accidentally we get a chance to see him, we wish to become an SDM.

This is why, if you have also thought of becoming an SDM or want to know all related information, don’t worry. Because, I’ve picked many questions associated with it one by one.

SDM Full Form, Salary, Facilities & How To Become An SDM ? –

1. SDM full form –

Well, I always said so that if you are going to prepare for any course or rank, you must know the full form of that particular course or rank.

Otherwise, you can face difficulties at the time of asking by someone. This is why, I am going to explain here SDM full form.

SDM full form is nothing but It’s Sub Divisional Magistrate.

2. SDM responsibilities –

SDM is a high level officer. The number of SDMs in each district is one and it’s the link between the Tehsildars and the District Officers of the Sub-Division.

He takes the advantage of a power collector or you can say that executive magistrate.

SDM has a lot of responsibilities such as land related work of his area, vehicles and marriage registration work, function of revenue, issue and renewal of arm license, issue and renewal of driving license, election work & also other more work he has to do.

3. SDM’s salary & facilities –

Everyone knows that if a person is at the highest post, along with getting respect he gets a huge salary package and many facilities as well.

Similarly, there’s also a provision for the post of an SDM. First of all, if we talk about his salary, it’s about 60,000 to 100,000 rupees.

Apart from good salary, the person holding the post of SDM is provided with many other facilities including free accommodation, security guards, servants, a government car with free driver and even free internet connection.

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4. How can I become SDM ? –

Now, the most important part of this article is ‘how to become an SDM’.

Firstly, I would say that if you’ve thought of becoming an SDM, you’ll have to work hard for this.

In fact, there are two ways to become an SDM. The first one is through UPSC and the second one is via State PCS exam.

Moreover, It’s essential to have graduation degree for both the exams. It means, if you haven’t completed graduation, you’ll not be able to appear in these exams.

These are the ways which can be followed by anyone who wants to become an SDM.

5. Is SDM and Tehsildar same ? –

An SDM inspects all sub divisions ( tehsils ). In other words, you can say that all the sub divisions ( tehsils ) are under the charge of an SDM.

Whereas a tehsildar is initially appointed as a Nayab tehsildar and he is appointed after qualifying the exam of civil services.

Overall, you will have understood easily that both the SDM & the tehsildar are the different ranks.

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