Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan: The theme of Army Day 2024 is "In the Service of the Nation", reflecting the dedication towards the Army.

Pride of Army: Indian Army Day is a day to dedicate the amazing service and sacrifice of the Indian Army.

A page from history: The Indian Army was established in 1895 and became independent in 1949.

Important Event: General Cariapa took command from the British Army on 15 January 1949, it is celebrated as Army Day.

Military-civilian relations: Army Day symbolizes the strengthening of strong ties between the military and civilians.

Inspiring Youth: This day is also to inspire the young generation to join the Indian Army.

Creator of Independence: India has gained independence in its defense sector since 1949.

In Defense of Freedom: Army Day appreciates the sacrifices of the army to protect the country from unethical attacks and enemies.

Prosperity and Unity: It is a day which rebuilds a comrade prosperity for military and civil prosperity.