1. Fluentu It's a website where you can learn fluent English through short web videos, movie trailers, and music videos.

2. Udemy If you want to learn English speaking with Americal culture, go for it. It's a very good website. 

3. Coursera  It's a really good online platform to learn English with fluency. It mainly focuses on communication skills. 

4. Oxford Online English It's a website where you get customized English lessons through Skype and WhatsApp. 

5. Alison  Alison is a platform where students not only improve their English speaking skills but also improve their English writing skills.

6. YouTube It's such a platform where thousands of video lectures are available to learn English fluently. 

7. Perfectly Spoken Perfectly spoken covers basic and advanced English on various topics. It's one of the best resources for learning fluent English.

8. ABA English It's a platform where you learn English with unlimited live classes and an assigned teacher. 

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