Career Options in PCM after 12th with High Salary

By Vijay Gupta

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Career options in PCM after 12th

Today, I’m going to write an article in which I’ll tell you about the best career options in PCM after 12th.

That is, this article is for those students who are thinking of their career after doing 12th in PCM. Well, there are many career options for PCM students but here, I’ll discuss some of the best options.

Hence without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing the article about the career options in PCM after 12th.

Career Options in PCM after 12th –

Are you worried about the career options in PCM after 12th? if yes, don’t worry. Here, I’ve discussed some of the best career options in PCM after 12th. So, read them carefully.

1. or BE –

Students who pass 12th in PCM know very well about or B.E as or B.E is very popular for PCM students.

Actually, or B.E can be one of the best career options in PCM after 12th. The duration of both the courses is 4 years. I would suggest you do these courses only when you qualify for the IIT-JEE exam.

Today, you will get to see many such colleges that can give you an engineering degree by direct admission, but such degrees are useless for better career options.

That’s why pursue high-level engineering like IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology ) so that you can get higher placement and make a good career in engineering.

2. NDA –

NDA is an abbreviation for National Defence Academy. Only male candidates can apply for this exam. They can apply for this exam after passing out 12th.

When a student passes the NDA exam, he gets three types of services in the training institute according to his eligibility. The services are the Indian Navy, the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force.

In other words, the candidates who opt for the NDA exam eventually join for Air Force, Army and Navy.

After qualifying for this exam, candidates are given 3 years of training in the academy.

3. B.Arch –

B.Arch is known as Bachelor of architecture.

This is an undergraduate course. Its duration is 5 years. This course can prove to be a better career option for the students of Maths. After completing this course, students become professional architects.

In this, they are able to do the work of building construction and interior designing very easily.

There are three ways to join the Bachelor of Architecture course. The ways are the IIT-JEE entrance exam, AMUEEE and NATA ( National Institute Test in Architecture ).

4. SCRA –

If you’re a PCM student and want to become an engineer in railways, the SCRA exam is the best for you. It’s a high-level entrance exam for engineering.

SCRA means Special Class Railway Apprentice. SCRA exam is conducted by UPSC ( Union Police Service Commission ) every year.

After qualifying for the SCRA exam, students study for 4 years.

The students who complete this course get a bachelor of engineering degree in mechanical engineering at the Indian Railway Institute.

5. B.Sc. Aviation Science –

B.Sc Aviation Science is a course in which students learn about aeronautical engineering. In this course, you are taught about things related to aircraft like flying airplanes and helicopters.

This course is only for those students who have completed their 12th in PCM. It’s an undergraduate 3-year program.

There is no entrance exam to join this course as it’s merit-based.

When students complete B.Sc in Aviation Science, they get jobs as pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, maintenance managers, etc.

6. B.Sc. Agriculture –

B.Sc agriculture is also one of the best courses for a better career.

Students study this course for 4 years. The course includes horticulture, entomology, soil science, agriculture, veterinary science, etc.

After doing B.Sc in agriculture, you can also pursue M.Sc in agriculture. Its scope is very wide.

Through B.Sc agriculture, you can easily become Agricultural Engineer, Crop Testing Officer, Agriculture Development Officer, etc.

7. BBA –

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. Since this course can be done by students of any stream, that’s why I’ve recommended this for maths students as well.

BBA is a graduation course. Its duration is 3 years.

This course can be the best career option for those students who want to do something better in business. In this course, you are given business-related knowledge from basic to advanced for up to three years.

After doing BBA, you can speed up your business very easily.

8. B.P.Ed –

B.P.Ed is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Physical Education.

Students who want to choose sports as their career option, B.P.Ed course can prove to be the best course for them. It’s an undergraduate course the duration of which is three years.

To pursue B.P.Ed course, students either have to give an entrance exam or admission is done on the basis of merit.

After doing this course, students become sports teachers or yoga teachers in schools. The future of this course is very bright.

9. LLB –

LLB stands for Bachelor of Legislative Law. It can be done in two ways. The first just after the 12th and the second after graduation.

If you do LLB after the 12th, it will take you 5 years and if you do after graduation, it will take 3 years. To take admission in this course, you need to give an entrance exam

After doing LLB, you can choose many career options such as Legal Consultant, Assistant Court Secretary, Family Advocate, etc.

10. CA –

CA is a professional course the completion period of which is around 5 years. It stands for Charted Accountant.

Students of any stream can pursue this course. To pursue this, students have to pass the entrance exam. In other words, you first have to clear the CPT exam by registering in ICAI.

After completing CA, students can do accounting and financial work very easily in any company.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that you have got here valuable information related to career options in PCM after 12th.

Here, I have discussed the best career options for Maths students.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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