About Us

1. About Syllabusfy –

It’s the platform where the most valuable and informative articles are shared.

Here, you find some study tips, knowledge about English Grammar, important Mathematics questions with solutions, Essays, Moral stories, Unseen passages, etc.

2. Behind the Blog –

Hello everyone,

My name is Vijay Gupta and I belong to a very small town that is situated in district Hardoi, which is in Uttar Pradesh.

( a ) Education –

I’ve completed my primary education from a private school that is situated in my hometown and upper primary, matric and higher secondary education have been completed from a government college.

Well, I was an average student till class 5th, but I accelerated my preference towards studies from class six.

Consequently, I passed out many classes with good positions. Even I passed out 12th with good marks ( 405/500 ) and topped my college.

Due to getting good marks, I got a cheque of 500 rupees and was rewarded by the Principal of my college.

After completing my 12th, I prepared twice for IIT ( Indian Institute of Technology ) from Aakash institute, but unfortunately, I failed to get selected into the best IIT colleges. But during the preparation, I was being graduated from CSJMU Kanpur.

I completed my graduation in 2016 and now I’m pursuing an educational degree ( B.Ed. ).

( b ) Profession –

Although I love teaching, but I also do blogging. Both are my favorite jobs.

( c ) Hobbies –

My basic hobbies are singing, reading books and speaking in public. Moreover, I love watching movies in the theatre with some of my best female friends.

Now, please don’t ask me why I don’t watch with my male friends. Of course, I watch with them. But, I think girls spend money quicker than boys.

( d ) Favourite dishes –

Well, I’m totally vegetarian but sometimes I eat eggs without my parents’ permission. Egg omelette with spicy sauce is one of my favourite dishes.

Moreover, I like to eat in any restaurant Papdi chaat, Aloo paratha, Shahi paneer with naan and pizza with mountain dew.

3. Failure & current blog –

I started my first blog in 2017, but I failed. Later on, I created my other two blogs but again I was unsuccessful.

Syllabusfy.in is my fourth blog where I’ve been working with great dedication since march 2020.

4. First income –

My first income from online resources was $109 that was around 7,000 rupees in 2018.

5. Final words –

I hope that you must have known a little information about me and now there will be no confusion regarding my education, hobbies, profession, etc.

Thank you.