English Unseen Passages with Questions and Answers

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English unseen passages

In this article, I’m going to write some English unseen passages with questions and answers. Through these passages, students can practice as well as enhance their ability to understand the paragraphs.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s get started.

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English Unseen Passages with Questions and Answers

English Unseen Passages | Passage 1

Currently, there are eleven Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution. When they were added to the constitution, their number was ten, but in 2002, when the 86th Constitutional Amendment took place, their number increased to eleven.

The eleventh fundamental duty is for all the parents of India to provide compulsory primary education to their children who are between 6 to 14 years.

Fundamental duties were first added to the Indian Constitution in the 42nd Constitutional amendment in 1976 on the recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee. They all were taken from the Constitution of Russia.

At present, the Fundamental Duties are under Part IV-A of the Indian Constitution.

Questions –

1. From which country were the Fundamental Duties of India taken?

2. What is the eleventh Fundamental Duty?

3. Which part of the Indian Constitution includes Fundamental Duties?

4. How many Fundamental Duties were there in the constitution initially?

5. When was the 42nd constitutional amendment done?


English Unseen Passages | Passage 2

LPG is the acronym for Liquid Petroleum Gas. First, it was produced in 1910 by Walter O. Snelling and appeared as a commercial product in 1912.

It’s mainly used for cooking in homes. It’s a mixture of two gases: Butane and Propane. LPG cylinders are not only used for cooking in homes, and restaurants but are also used as fuel in vehicles.

Additionally, it’s used as a coolant in place of CFC ( Chlorofluorocarbon ) because CFC damages the ozone layer whereas LPG doesn’t harm it.

Liquid Petroleum Gas is either refined from natural gases or from petroleum. It’s entirely obtained from fossil fuel sources.

Questions –

1. What is the full form of CFC?

2. When did commercial products related to LPG first appear?

3. From where is LPG refined?

4. What are the main gases in LPG?

5. Why do we use LPG as a coolant instead of CFC?


English Unseen Passages | Passage 3

In India, women have always been underestimated. Even today there are many places where women are not considered equal to men. Because of not considered equal to men, they always lag behind, so the Indian government promoted women’s empowerment.

The meaning of women’s empowerment is to give such power to women that they can live freely like men in society, take their own decisions and be able to get their rights.

Through women empowerment, the government has awakened women to get the right to equal pay, right to property, right against feticide, right against harassment, etc.

If society adopts women’s empowerment sincerely, women too can increase the growth rate of India by giving their support in labor and leadership. Also, they might be responsible to increase the GDP of India.

Question –

1. How can women increase the growth rate of India?

2. What rights did women get through women’s empowerment?

3. Why did the Indian government promote women’s empowerment?

4. What is women’s empowerment?

5. Give a suitable title to the passage.


English Unseen Passages | Passage 4

Ganesh Chaturthi is a prominent festival of Hinduism. In Maharashtra, people celebrate it with great enthusiasm. The public celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi started in Maharashtra.

Actually, people celebrate it as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. On this day, the idol of Lord Ganesha is installed at many places across the country and after five or nine days the idol is immersed in a canal or river.

The reason for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi is that when Ganesha prevented Lord Shiva from entering the door of Goddess Parvati, he beheaded Ganesha in anger. When Goddess Parvati came to know this, she became furious.

As a result, Lord Shiva asked Indra to bring the face of the first creature he met in the north direction. Obeying his orders, Indra brought the elephant’s head and gave it to Lord Shiva.

Then, Lord Shiva attached the elephant’s head to the body of Ganesha and revived him, and said, “You are born on the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month, whoever fasts on this date, all his wishes will be fulfilled.”

Questions –

1. Where did the public celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi begin?

2. What did Lord Shiva do in anger?

3. Who brought the elephant’s head?

4. What did Lord Shiva ask Indra?

5. When was Ganesha born?


English Unseen Passages | Passage 5

Who doesn’t know Aryabhatta? Aryabhatta was a great mathematician of ancient times. His date of birth is clearly mentioned in the Aryabhatiya book, which was written by Aryabhatta himself, but there is a dispute about his birthplace.

He was the first to tell that the earth rotates on its axis. Due to his significant contribution to Astronomy, India’s first satellite named Aryabhata was sent into space. He made important contributions to Astronomy as well as Mathematics.

He represented the value of pi ( ⫪ ) in Mathematics more accurately than the value represented by Archimedes. Along with this, he also discovered the most important digit of Mathematics, zero.

Some of the popular books of Aryabhatta are Tantra, Aryabhatta Siddhanta, Dashgitika, Aryabhatiya, etc.

Questions –

1. What did Aaryabhatta tell about the rotation of the earth?

2. Name any two popular books of Aaryabhatta.

3. Give a rhyming word for the bold word ‘dispute’.

4. In which book Aaryabhatta’s date of birth is clearly mentioned?

5. Who was Aaryabhatta?


English Unseen Passages | Passage 6

Sleepwalking occurs a lot in children, but it ends as they get older. It usually occurs a few hours after sleeping. It’s a harmful incident, it can cause physical damage.

In somnambulism, a person can do anything whether it’s to walk inside the room, outside the house, or jump from the window.

When it starts happening more in the people, they must go to either hypnotists or doctors for medicines. Both can benefit the disease but cannot eliminate it completely. One who has this disease forgets all the strange activities done in sleep.

When it happens occasionally, it’s not a matter of concern but when it happens on repeat mode, it indicates mental stress and personal problems of the person.

Questions –

1. Where should we go when sleepwalking starts happening more?

2. What activities can a person suffering from sleepwalking do?

3. When does sleepwalking usually occur?

4. When sleepwalking happens on repeat mode, what it indicates?

5. Write the synonym of the bold word.


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In the end, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, I have written the best English unseen passages. Now, it’s very easy to practice for students.

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