Privacy Policy

What information do we collect from you? –

Actually, we collect nothing from you except your valuable comments. It means, if you wish to comment on our site or do, they will be shown publicly.

Do we use cookies? –

No, we don’t use cookies. if you know about cookies, that’s fine otherwise I’m telling you that cookies are the small files which help you in the future visits on the same site.

Do we protect your information? –

Yes, definitely we protect your information because we have plenty of security which ensure no leakage of information.

Yes, you can see a lot of third party links in the articles, but keep in your mind that we can guarantee of our content and links only but not of others. Moreover, there is no responsibility of their content as well.

if you visit my site, it’ll mean that you totally agree to our privacy policy.

Changes in our Privacy Policy –

If we make any change in our privacy policy, definitely you’ll get an update on this page.

Contact Us –

if you have any query regarding this site, you are free to contact us on the provided email.