Story Writing for Class 9 ( 5 Best Examples )

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Story writing for class 9

In this article, I’m going to give you some examples of how to do story writing for class 9 if the prompts for the story are given.

Actually, story writing is a part of English Grammar in class 9th. Therefore, students should be creative so that they can write a good story on the basis of some clues.

Story writing requires such a structure that readers can connect from beginning to end and also while reading the stories, they remain inquisitive about the next step and keep a little confusion in their minds.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s know how to do story writing for class 9.

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Story Writing for Class 9 in English –

Here are some outlines or prompts for writing concocted stories, read the outlines or prompts first, and then start writing the story.

1. Write a story in 200 to 250 words with the following beginning. Also, give a suitable title for the story.


It was 2001. I was about to leave the city for my village by train. I saw some policemen coming towards me. At first, I got scared seeing them, but when one of them asked me, where are you going son? I felt very good ………….


Luck can take a person anywhere

However, I fearfully replied, sir I am going to my village as I have got a week off due to the Holi festival. A policeman smiled slightly and said, “What do you do?” I told him that I work in a milk factory. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Will you do a police job?” I got a little confused as no one offered me jobs like that.

When he asked me to get paid ten thousand rupees per month, I was a little convinced. He gave me an address and asked me to reach that address the next day. Although I was about to go to my village that day but I didn’t go and the next day I reached the address given to me by the policeman. There, I saw that many youngsters like me were engaged in the line of recruitment.

Everyone was being asked for his documents, but I didn’t bring my documents with me, so I immediately took the auto from there, came to my room, took my documents, and again reached the same address.

Shortly after I reached my turn came. I gave my documents to a big mustache officer. He looked at the documents and said go ahead. Another officer told me that you have to run 100 meters in 20 seconds, so stand in line. Hearing those words of him, I started thinking for a while because I had never run.

Then, I decided that let’s try once. I remembered God and started running. I completed the race in 18 seconds. At first, I didn’t believe it but it was true. I was finally selected.

2. Write a story in 200 to 250 words with the help of the given outline. Also, give a suitable title for the story.


A young man from a rich family was very worried about his obesity. His weight was increasing with the passage of time. He got treatment for the disease from many doctors but no one was able to cure his disease properly. Everyone would prescribe him medicines and advise him to eat them for months ………….

Answer –

Anything is possible with determination

He knew that the real reason for his obesity was his lack of diet and exercise, but he always disregarded all those things. When no doctor could solve his problem, he determined one day that he would neither take any kind of fast food nor take rest until his body would be fit.

From the day he started working out and exercising, he took a photo of his body, so that when he got fit, he could compare both the photos and inspire others.

At the same time, he stopped consuming any kind of food that was making his body bloated, which worried his family a lot. He also changed his daily routine. He started getting up very early in the morning and would do all those things which could prove to be helpful in making his body slim.

When his friends came to know about that, they started making fun of him but he didn’t lose his confidence and kept trying. He even stopped associating with friends and outsiders.

When he started working out on the first day, he had a lot of problems but due to determination, he didn’t step back. His hard work of one year paid off. A year later, when he compared his old picture to his body, he was overwhelmed and tears began to fall from his eyes. He did what the doctors couldn’t do.

3. Write a story in about 250 to 300 words with the help of the given clues. Also, give it a suitable title.

Clues –

Khemu, a diplomat in his kingdom–he had a good presence of mind–once a function was organized in his kingdom–he went to invite other kings to their courts–some servants stopped him at the door–they asked him for any gold items to enter in–he entered the court as a magician and promised the servants to give half of whatever the king would gift him–the king impressed by Khemu’s respectful words and asked him for a gift–Khemu asked some whips as a gift–the king got angry with the act of the servants and expelled them from the court.

Answer –

Khemu’s presence of mind

A person named Khemu was a famous diplomat in his kingdom. Everyone was surprised by his presence of mind. He used to get his work done easily by trapping anyone in his talk. He was very generous and dutiful towards his kingdom.

Once a function was organized in his kingdom so he went to invite other kings to their courts. When he was about to enter the court of a king, some servants stopped him at the door and started asking him for any gold items as a bribe to enter inside. He got into a dilemma and thought that they must have done that to everyone.

For a while, he thought something and said, “I am a magician, when I meet the king, I will show him magic and give you half of whatever he gives me as a gift.” All the servants agreed.

He appeared in front of the king and using his style and respectful words, invited him to an event that was organized in his kingdom. The way Khemu invited the King was very impressive. In fact, the king was greatly impressed. As a result of which, he urged Khemu to ask for any gift. Khemu asked the king to give him thirty whips as a gift. Hearing that, the king and other courtiers were astonished.

When the king asked him the reason for that, he told that when he was entering his court, some servants refused to come in and said, “We will let you in, but whatever the king gives you, you will give me half of that.”

The king was very angry with the act of the servants. He called those servants and got each of them thirty whips and also expelled them from the court.

4. Write a concocted story in 200 to 300 words with the help of the outline. Give it a title too.

Outline –

A very happy family had four members: parents and two siblings. Sister was the youngest, so all the members loved her very much. Brother was a teacher who had taught tuition to the children of small classes at home ………….

Answer –

A gift to the sister

The festival of Raksha Bandhan was about to come. Preparations were going on in full swing at home. Meanwhile, the sister asked her brother to gift a cycle in honor of tying Rakhi on this Raksha Bandhan. Brother at first started teasing her and said, “I will give you five rupees and you buy toffee from it.”

After bothering her for a long time, he promised her that he would gift her a cycle. One evening, when he was returning home after buying vegetables, he was hit by a car from behind. His whole body hurt and a leg broke.

Now all the members of the family were sad.

All the happiness of Raksha Bandhan had turned into mourning. The brother, seeing the sadness on his sister’s face, was thinking that his sister could no longer ask him for the bicycle. He called his sister near and said, “Don’t be sad, I will definitely buy a cycle for you.” Sister replied, now for me you get well soon, it will be the best gift.

Hearing those words from his sister, he felt very happy internally. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the sister tied rakhi on the brother’s wrist and wished him a speedy recovery. The brother also happily blessed her with a smile.

The brother had already recovered a little and walked slowly with his feet. He left the house quietly in the evening without informing anyone and after about one to two hours returned home with his sister’s new cycle. All the members of his family got tears in their eyes. Sister hugged her brother and showed a lot of love.

5. Write a story in 200 to 250 words with help of the given prompts below. Also, give a suitable title.

Outline –

A young man named Rohit was very fond of speaking in public places. He wanted to do such a job in which he would get paid to speak, but due to lack of knowledge, he was unable to find out such jobs …………

Answer –

Zero to hero

One day he went to a tea shop to have tea. He asked for tea and started drinking. A radio was playing in the shop. He listened that before playing any song, a man would address the audience a little with his melodious voice and play it after telling a little about the song. It was exactly what he wanted to do.

After taking tea, he left there. He asked his friend living in the city about it. He told Rohit that the people who speak on the radio are called RJs. Their job is to speak. He asked Rohit, “Do you want to do this too?” Rohit answered ‘yes’.

One day Rohit left for the city and started looking for RJ’s job. He hardly saw a radio station where he gave his interview and was rejected because he didn’t know that every word had to be taken care of in order to become an RJ. When he came to know about it, he started listening to RJs on the radio and would try to speak like them and practice as much as he could.

After six months of hard work, he was able to speak in the same way as RJs spoke. Again he gave his interview on the same radio station and this time he was successful. Within a few years, he won the hearts of people across the country with his voice and became a hero.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, you will have clearly known how to do story writing for class 9.

Now, it will be very easy to do story writing for class 9 for you. If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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