Write a Report on Road Accident in 100, 150, 200 & 250 Words

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Write a report on road accident

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to write a report on road accident? If you’re looking for it, you have come to the right place.

Here, I have written many samples on how to write a report on a road accident. They are the best ones for the students of classes 10th and 12th.

Without any delay, let’s start the article.

Write a Report on Road Accident

Take a look at all these reports and pick one as per your suitability.

1. Write a Report on Road Accident in 250 Words | Sample 1

Subject – Report writing on a road accident

Thakurganj, Bilaspur.

On 12th March, when I was going to my sister’s house on the occasion of the Rakshabandhan festival, a truck, and a bus collided head-on on the way. The main reason for the collision was the speed of both the vehicles.

The bus was full of passengers and the truck was full of heavy cargo. As soon as the collision took place, the bus overturned due to a strong collision. Out of the total passengers on the bus, six died on the spot, all of whom were elderly.

Other passengers on the bus suffered serious injuries. Some had internal injuries and some had broken heads. The passengers who got more injuries were taken to a nearby hospital by the people there.

Out of the six people who died, two badly got stuck under the bus, and one’s hand was cut off. On the other hand, there was a fire in the truck due to which the goods loaded on that started burning. All the people were trying to extinguish the fire in the truck but the flames were getting stronger. There was no trace of the truck driver.

Suddenly the truck exploded, taking everyone away from both the vehicles. The people called the police on the spot. When the police officers reached there, they asked people about the incident. People explained everything in detail. An officer called JCB to get the bus straight and took both the vehicles into custody.

Along with this, the police identified all the dead people and informed their family members, and asked the concerned people to appear at the police station soon.

2. Write a Report on Road Accident in 200 Words | Sample 2

Subject – A report on a road accident

Meera Road, Jamshednagar.

Yesterday when I was returning home from the office, a very serious accident happened on Babulal Pulia. There was a collision between a motorcycle and a car. The man on the motorcycle died on the spot and the woman who was with him was lying on the road in an unconscious state.

There were four people in the car and all four were intoxicated. The driver of the car was also almost dead due to a horrific collision with the motorcycle and the other three were lying unconscious with blood.

Within no time, there was a crowd of people. Some responsible people called an ambulance, and all the injured people were sent to the district hospital.

After that, the police reached the spot. The police officers took stock of the incident site and questioned the people about the accident. Also, they cleared the crowd of people gathered there from the road.

The police called the relatives of both the vehicles to the police station and started an investigation into the incident.

3. Write a Report on Road Accident in 150 Words| Sample 3

Subject – A report on a road accident

5th August
NH 27, Lucknow.

Last night, while I was going to meet my uncle, a very dangerous accident happened on NH 27. Actually, an uncontrollable dumper truck hit two young boys riding a scooter from behind. One boy died on the spot and the other continued to suffer on the highway till the ambulance reached the spot.

Within a few minutes, the highway got jammed. The dumper driver had run away. Some people called the ambulance and some called the police. When the ambulance arrived, it took both the seriously injured boy and the dead boy to the hospital.

After almost five minutes, the police reached the spot and got the jam reduced. The phone of one of those boys was found on the spot and with the help of the phone his family was informed.

The police took the scooter and the dumper to the police station with the help of some of their co-workers and also informed about the accident to the dumper owner with the help of the vehicle number for further investigation.

4. Write a Report on Road Accident in 100 Words | Sample 4

Subject – A report on a road accident in my locality

9th July, Wednesday
Sri Nagar Locality.

A terrible accident happened on the main road of Srinagar locality in which a milk vehicle trampled an elderly person. The old man died on the spot. The actual reason for the accident was the drowsiness of the driver who couldn’t sleep last night due to some reasons.

When this incident happened, the people of the locality ran and caught the driver. Some people even beat him up.

Some sensible people in the locality immediately informed the police and after some time the police reached the spot. The people handed over the driver to the police. The police sent the driver to the police station and his vehicle was confiscated so that the police could start further proceedings.

The chairman of the locality expressed grief over this and talked about paying special attention to the elderly.

5. Report Writing on Road Accident for Class 12 | Sample 5

Subject – Report writing on a road accident

Agra Bypass, Bangarmau.

A heart-wrenching accident happened on the Agra Bypass in Bangaramu. The accident happened when the traffic light on the bypass was red.

Everyone was waiting for the green signal when a speeding truck driver from behind hit the cars and bikes in such a way that four to five cars and some motorcyclists got hit by it.

Around 10 to 12 people perished immediately and others were badly injured. Within seconds people gathered. When the local people caught the truck driver, he told that the break of his truck had failed. The local people caught him and took him to a safe place to save him from the mob and immediately called the police.

Police reached the spot, took the driver into custody, and got the damaged vehicles to one side of the road to clear the hours-long jam.

The police sent the dead people to the hospital for post-mortem and their families were informed. Along with this, the injured people were sent to the hospital for treatment with the help of three ambulances, and further investigation was started by the police.

Final words

Eventually, I hope that the article must have proved to be very helpful for you. Here, I have written different reports on road accidents. You can choose any that is compatible with you.

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