BCom Full Form, Eligibility, Duration, Salary & Other Important Details

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BCom full form

Today, we will discuss all the important details about BCom such as BCom Full Form, Eligibility, Duration, Salary & Other Important Details related to it.

Hello everyone, how are you ? I hope you are doing great.

Basically, today’s topic is all about BCom. The students who want to be graduate in BCom, definitely the article can prove very informative for all of them.

Well, I have noticed that after completing 12th, students generally start pursuing BSc or BA as a graduation course, but they actually don’t know there are a lot of other options that can be better than these two popular graduation course ( BSc & BA ).

This is the reason that I have come again with a new article related to the most valuable degree that is called BCom.

Firstly, we will talk about what BCom is. Because, it’s mandatory to know for the students who want to pursue this course.

So, without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic about BCom Full Form, Eligibility, Duration, Salary & more.

BCom Full Form, Eligibility, Duration, Salary & Other Important Details –

1. What is the BCom Course ? –

If you are going to pursue this course, you must know what BCom is.

Actually, BCom is also very popular course in India. It’s an undergraduate course which is followed just after 12th.

Under BCom, you get three branches which can be chosen by the students according to their preference. These branches are such as BCom ( BCom-General ), BCom Honors, BCom LLB.

BCom or BCom-General is also known as BCom-Pass by many universities.

In this course, you are taught topics related to Finance & Commerce.

In other words you can say that BCom can prove the best course for those students who want to make their career in Commerce, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Accounting etc.

Now, I hope that you must have understood why a student should pursue this course.

If you are interested to know about BBA, check out the article by clicking the given link.

2. BCom full form –

Sometimes, I have seen that students start pursuing any course on the suggestion of people only.

But, actually when someone asks to them about the full form of the respective course, they look like they have no knowledge about that.

This is why, I am explaining here BCom full form so that you don’t feel any hesitation or hassle at the time of asking by someone.

BCom full form is nothing, but it’s Bachelor of Commerce.

3. How many years does it take to complete BCom ? –

In most of the cases, graduation degree includes three years of duration. Since, BCom is also a undergraduate course, it is completed in three years as well.

If you know, that’s fine otherwise for your kind information BCom is a semester wise course. Hence, the course includes totally six semesters to be completed.

It means, its one year duration includes two semesters in it.

4. What is the eligibility of pursuing BCom ? –

For pursuing BCom as a graduation course, you need to complete your 12th in commerce stream.

Additionally, you’ll have to meet the minimum cut-off criteria by the individual college or university.

The minimum cut-off criteria may be different for every college or university.

5. What is salary after BCom ? –

You should always keep in your mind that salary of any course isn’t fixed. In the same way, after completing BCom there is no provision of a fixed salary.

I mean to say that suppose that you complete your BCom and luckily get a job as a Accounts Manager, Financial Consultant, Account Executive, Business Consultant, Business Executive or Tax Consultant whatever field you belong to, salary will be according to your post.

At the same time, the range of the salary package can be around 2 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs per annum.

Note – This is an idea of gauging salary only. You cannot consider it as a fixed salary.

6. Is BCom good for future ? –

If you are confused about this question that pursuing BCom is worth it or not, my answer will be yes. BCom is a good career option that can provide you all the required facilities.

Actually, when you complete your BCom, you learn very broadly about the topics, which are mentioned below.

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Human resources
  • Investment Management
  • taxation
  • Law

There are a lot of other topics which are studied in a proper way. As a result, you don’t have any problem of money in future because the craze of all these things is at the peak.

Additionally, you get great employment opportunity across different sectors after completing BCom.

This is why, you can’t raise the questions regarding bad career.

7. Is BCom easy ? –

In reality, no course is easy in today’s time. You’ll have to work hard on that properly.

Moreover, keep in your mind that when you decide to pursue any course, you shouldn’t think of easy or hard aspect of the course. It’s so because when you choose any course it should be all about interest and goals.

In the same way, if your have interest in Finance, Banking, Insurance, Accounting etc, of course you should pursue this course without thinking of hard and easy aspects.

Overall, I would say that if you have interest in any particular course, there will be no problem at all.

Hence, I will suggest you to focus on the course only not on the hard and easy aspects.

Note – As we know after pursuing this course ( BCom ) we have a couple of opportunities to get jobs, but if you want to go ahead in this field, I will suggest you to pursue MCom after completing BCom.

Because, the degree of MCom will provide you a very good income job in comparison to BCom.

At last, I hope that you have got here important details related to BCom. I have discussed here all about BCom such as BCom Full Form, Eligibility, Duration, Salary & Other more details.

I am promising you that after reading the article, you will not have any query regarding BCom.

Moreover, if you really enjoyed the article, please share it to those people who really want to know about these details.

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