“Behind the Board: Khan Sir Biography Unraveled for Aspiring Achievers”

By Vijay Gupta

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Biographical Details

Real NameFaisal Khan
Date of BirthDecember 1993
Age29 years
Place of BirthGorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
ResidenceGraha Nagar, Patna, Bihar
EducationB.Sc and M.Sc
CollegeAllahabad University
YouTube ChannelKhan GS Research Center – Khan Sir Biography

Early Life and Education

Faisal Khan, born in Gorakhpur in December 1993, embarked on a journey shaped by his humble beginnings. His educational pursuits led him to Allahabad University, where he earned both B.Sc and M.Sc degrees, laying the groundwork for his future as an educator.

Teaching Career in Graha Nagar, Patna

Graha Nagar in Patna became the canvas for Faisal Khan’s educational endeavors. As a teacher, he transformed traditional classrooms into dynamic hubs of learning, introducing innovative teaching methodologies that left an indelible mark on his students.

The Digital Frontier: Khan GS Research Center – Khan Sir Biography

Faisal Khan’s commitment to education reached new heights with the establishment of the Khan GS Research Center, a YouTube channel that transcends geographical boundaries. This digital platform became a global beacon of knowledge, showcasing his adaptability to the evolving landscape of education.

Khan sir patna contact and address

LocationAddressPhone Number
Kisan Cold StorageSai Mandir, Musallah Pur, Patna 8000068757354880

Cultural Identity and Values

As an Indian following the Islamic faith, Faisal Khan’s teachings are rooted in his cultural and religious values. This unique blend fosters an inclusive educational environment that resonates with a diverse audience.

Khan Sir Coaching Fee Structure

Course NameFees
Advance MathRs: 99/-
HistoryRs: 200/-
Railway ExamRs: 499/-
Indian PolityRs: 199/-
MapRs: 200/-
GeographyRs: 200/-
SSC, Bank, NDARs: 500/-

Legacy and Impact – Khan Sir Biography

Educational Impact Through Khan GS Research Center

The impact of Faisal Khan’s teachings extends far beyond the physical classrooms. Many attribute their academic success to the guidance received through Khan GS Research Center – Khan Sir Biography, a testament to his dedication to nurturing future leaders.

Continued Commitment to Excellence – Khan Sir Biography

As a seasoned educator, Faisal Khan envisions a future where quality education knows no bounds. His commitment to excellence – Khan Sir Biography is evident not only in the success stories of his students but also in his ongoing pursuit of pushing educational boundaries.

Conclusion: Faisal Khan – A Teacher, A Visionary – Khan Sir Biography

In the tableau of Faisal Khan’s life, also known as Khan Sir, we unravel a multifaceted individual – a teacher, a visionary, and a digital pioneer. From the roots of Gorakhpur to the classrooms of Graha Nagar, his journey is one marked by dedication, adaptability, and a profound commitment to education. As the founder of Khan GS Research Center – Khan Sir Biography, Faisal Khan continues to illuminate minds, leaving an enduring legacy in the landscape of education.

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