Essay on Democracy in India ( 150, 200, and 500 Words )

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Essay on democracy in India

In this article, I’m going to write an essay on democracy in India. That means those who are looking for it have come to the right place.

It’s a very important topic from the exam point of view, so I thought why I shouldn’t write an article on it. I wrote this essay in 200, 300, and 500 words. Now, you can choose one as per your suitability or preference.

Without wasting your time, let’s start the article.

Essay on Democracy in India ( 200, 300, and 500 Words )

Essay on Democracy in India ( 500 Words )

1. Introduction

Earlier, when India was not independent, it was ruled by the British. The British had occupied the country. They used to exploit its people by bringing whomever they wanted to power.

But, ever since India was freed from the clutches of the British, there was established democracy in India. It gave a new dimension to the country.

It not only made India a strong nation but also gave its people an opportunity to choose who would rule India. Today, the situation is such that the people of India can either bring anyone into the government or topple anyone’s government every five years.

There are many political parties in today’s India, but it only depends on its people who would power. All that is possible only because of its democracy.

2. Features of Indian Democracy

There are a lot of features of Indian democracy, and only because of them, It’s the largest democracy in the world. When India became independent, the biggest challenge in the country was who would lead the country and how he/she would do that.

Remembering that point, with the help of the constitution, democracy was established in India, in which the people of India became able to elect their leader.

They were given the freedom to use their votes to hand over the reins of India’s power to someone who would save the country from all problems and take it on the path of progress.

Democracy in India has many other principles and features such that no foreign power can interfere in any kind of incident happening in India, the Government of India can be selected only by the Indian people, the citizen is completely free to adopt or abandon any religion and many other features are there.

3. The effects of Indian Democracy

The effects of Indian democracy dominate India widely. In fact, democracy has affected India in many ways. Whatever is happening in India today is only because of its democracy.

Indian democracy has not only taught the people of India to use their powers properly but has also made them aware of many things.

Due to Indian democracy, today in India, different types of castes like scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward castes have got their rights and reservation in many areas.

It also hoisted the flag of equality among the people. Today, people of any religion in India are equal to each other and there is no discrimination here.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, Indian democracy allows its citizens to vote without any discrimination or coercion to choose the government of their choice.

Indian democracy is discussed all over the world, and it’s highly appreciated, but still many people in our country don’t know how to use it, nor are they well aware of it, that’s why we need to scatter its values to every person of India.

As a result, they can enjoy its fruit properly in the coming times.

Essay on Democracy in India ( 200 Words )

Indian democracy is divided into three parts, Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary where the judiciary is completely independent. In other words, no pressure can be made on it.

Here, the powers are divided among the individuals from top to bottom.

It’s a very big democratic country where people live without any discrimination. Actually, it’s such a country where it completely depends on its people who they will elect as their leader.

The democratic nature of this country allows its citizens to freely choose anyone irrespective of caste, color, appearance, gender, and religion. Apart from this, every person has the right to speak here and has equal rights.

Its democratic system not only allows the people here to elect a new government every five years but also strengthens the country in many ways. It means that here the public is easily able to replace the government if it doesn’t meet the needs of the citizens.

The sting of this system of India rings in the whole world.

Essay on Democracy in India ( 150 Words )

Indian democracy is one of the largest democracies in the world. As time passed, it became stronger. Various challenges changed its form.

In today’s time, it has many principles like equality, justice, liberty, and many others. In the democratic system of the country, the full right to choose their government has been given to its citizens. This system allows a fair and free election process throughout the whole country.

Apart from this, there is a provision in Indian democracy that the division of powers has been done from top to bottom. That means it’s fully federal.

Democracy should spread in India or the tasks under them should be conducted properly that’s why many non-governmental organizations and media are engaged in this protecting the rights of its citizens.

It’s getting stronger with the passage of time. The governments of our country are trying their best to keep it alive so that the rights of anyone may not violate.

Final words

Eventually, I hope that the article has proved to be very helpful for you. Here, the essay has been written in many formats after deep research. Now, you can pick one as per your need.

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