Essay on Indian Farmers in English ( 100, 200 & 500 Words )

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Essay on Indian Farmers

Today, in this article, I’m going to write an essay on Indian farmers in 500, 200 and 100 words. That is, if you’re looking for an essay on Indian farmers, you have come to the right place.

This topic is very important from the exam perspective, that’s why I decided to write an article on it. I’m pretty sure that after reading this article, you will be able to write an effective essay on Indian farmers.

As you can see that essay has been written with headings as well as in 200 and 100 words. Now, you can choose one as per suitability.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing the essay.

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Essay on Indian Farmers in 500 Words

1. Introduction –

India is a country where people are dependent on agriculture. Most of the people here do agriculture, so our country is called an agricultural country too.

Well, Indian farmers are interested in animal husbandry as well, but they consider agriculture as their main source of income. They go to the fields early in the morning with other family members and return home before noon.

Every season brings new energy to them. They grow different types of crops according to the season and earn a lot of money from it, but still, their economic condition doesn’t seem to improve because they are dependent only on agriculture, they don’t have any other source of income.

Today, we are able to arrange our daily food only because of them. If they are not there, either we may have to sleep hungry or we may have to do agriculture instead.

So, they have lots of importance in our life.

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2. Situation of Indian farmers –

The situation of farmers in India isn’t good at all. They are definitely called producers of food, but sometimes they don’t get food themselves.

Even today, most farmers are illiterate, poor and powerless.

They are so illiterate that they have no idea about the future of themselves and their children. They simply send their children to government schools allegedly and most of the time make them work in the fields.

However, not all farmers are like this.

There are some places in India where farmers are very prosperous. Their lifestyle is so good that no one can believe it. They are literate too. Whenever they go to do agriculture to grow crops, they get the soil of their field tested in the laboratory so that they can know that the soil of their field is more fertile for which crop.

But, the number of poor and unhappy farmers is more in India.

3. Issues and challenges –

It’s often heard that a farmer has committed suicide, it’s only due to the failure of their crops or drought. The suicide of Indian farmers is a big problem in India.

Apart from this, they face lots of problems. Sometimes, due to sparking in the big towers standing in their fields, due to lack of rain, due to excessive rainfall, their ready crop gets destroyed which causes huge losses.

Fortunately, if the crop is harvested properly, problems arise in selling them at good prices.

To support the farmers, the government keeps on bringing new policies for them, but due to ignorance, most of them are unable to reach the policies.

Those who have less land for cultivation don’t cultivate with modern methods and adopt old methods. It’s because the modern method costs more money, which is unbearable for poor farmers.

4. Conclusion –

Farmers are those who grow crops for all the countrymen, so the government should take necessary steps to protect them and their crops.

Also, farmers should get good prices for their crops so that they remain enthusiastic about their work. If they won’t get good prices for their crops, they will migrate from the villages and there will be a dire problem of food for us in the future.

If the farmers of the village move to the cities, who will do agriculture in the villages and who will feed such a large population.

Therefore, it’s necessary that we should work keeping in mind the rights of the farmers and take care of them.

Essay on Indian Farmers in 200 Words

The condition of Indian farmers was very bad earlier. Earlier the farmers had to cultivate under the landlords.

The landlords had a lot of land, but due to a lack of knowledge of agriculture, they used to give their land to the farmers and entered into contracts with them. The contract was about an agreement that farmers would grow all kinds of crops on rented land and in return, they would get some share of the crop.

At the same time, it was also decided that whatever profit the farmer would earn, a part of it would have to be given to the owners of the land, which was very wrong.

But, today it’s not so. Today, farmers either cultivate in their fields or on leased land. Half of the crop produced from the cultivation done on leased land is given to the owner of the land and half is taken by the farmer.

Today, most farmers are educated, so no one can exploit them.

The most formidable problem of the Indian farmers is that they get very less prices for the crops they grow, while the same crops are sold in the markets at two to three times higher prices. It’s the main reason why most farmers are financially weak.

Essay on Indian Farmers in 100 words

Farmers are called the real heroes in our country because they are the ones who grow different types of crops throughout the whole year.

Our entire agricultural system depends on these farmers. They grow crops according to the season and earn profit by harvesting them on time. Sometimes the crop is very good which gives them good profit but sometimes due to the uncertainty of the weather the crop gets ruined.

The Indian farmer is not very rich so he leads a very simple life. They spend their whole life in farming. They are food providers for us, so we should respect them.

Final words –

Eventually, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, the essay is in 500, 200 and 100 words.

Now, you’re free to choose one as per your need.

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