Online Interior Designing Courses for Students: Top 7 Platforms

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Online interior designing courses

In this article, I’m going to tell you some of the best online interior designing courses that can help you learn interior designing sitting at home.

If you don’t have time to attend offline classes regarding this course, it’s better that you learn it online. There are many websites that offer online interior designing courses, all you have to do is buy and start learning.

However, there are many websites where there is no fee to learn it but I will suggest you go with paid courses, Actually, in a paid course you get step-by-step guidance and a certificate after completion. Such courses have value for money.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s start the article.

Online Interior Designing Courses –

Here, all are very reliable platforms to learn interior design.

1. –

Skillshare is a platform where students get an opportunity to learn skills online in multiple fields. Here, there is also an interior design course with step-by-step guidance in the form of video lectures.

In these lectures, the experts teach things very clearly. That means, you easily learn how to create a beautiful and unique design for any space. Moreover, you also know the methods by which you can convert your ideas into creativity.

It’s actually a paid platform, but the best thing is that if you’re not satisfied with the course, you’re completely free to request a refund within the first thirty days of the membership.

That is, Skillshare provides 30-day money-back guarantee to the new users.

Sometimes, you are offered some discount on taking one-year membership of the course. So, whenever you get a good discount, just take advantage of it.

2. –

Shaw Academy is an online platform where various courses related to Photography, Marketing, Business, Health, Technology, Art, Beauty are available. The platform is also for those who want to do an interior design course online.

Here, you get free access to the course for some time, after that you pay for it.

In this course, you are provided with practical knowledge of designing projects, taught computer-aided programs and their uses, trained to improve your designing skills to run your own interior designing business, etc.

It’s a comprehensive course that ends in sixteen weeks. It covers four modules: Diploma, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient.

The advantage of doing this course from here is that after completing it you earn a recognized certificate.

3. –

Udemy is a very popular and big online platform where different types of skills are developed like web development, game development, digital marketing, graphic design, etc.

It’s also a great platform for an online interior designing course. If you’re thinking of doing business in this field or want to learn some design principles, it can prove to be a good option. Here, you learn all about interior designing like arranging colors, managing furniture, creating harmony among the accessories, etc.

The course consists of several video lectures guided by experts. By joining it, you learn things at your own pace. Once you buy the course, you get lifetime access on your smartphone and computer.

Students who enroll in this course on Udemy get to learn many other things like construction, architectural design, lighting design, color modeling, sketch up, etc.

4. –

YouTube is one of the best platforms for online interior designing courses. It has an amazing collection of video lectures related to interior design.

The best thing about this platform is that all the videos are available for free.

Also, the platform allows you to learn this course from a variety of teachers as you can see there that there are many teachers teaching about interior designing. By following them, you can easily learn sketching, construction, art, drawing, cost estimation, etc.

Here, you’re not constrained by time. In other words, here you’re free to learn it at any time of the day.

5. –

Alison is an online platform that offers a diploma course in interior design. It’s a paid platform. Here, students learn how to decorate a building’s interior professionally.

Also, you are taught how to build a career in interior design by acquiring complete practical knowledge.

By joining this course, you can easily develop your communication skills with clients, learn principles related to it, know how to make a room colorful with the right disposal of accessories, etc.

In addition, you learn how to use textiles and surface materials.

By the end of the course, you get an option to acquire an official diploma on the website. This diploma can be shared anywhere you want. That means whether you include it in your CV or in your job applications, there will be no issue.

6. –

Aaftonline is also an online platform from where you can pursue a diploma in interior designing. It’s a paid platform. Here, you are taught by industry professionals. The duration of the course is one year. In this course, you are provided not only with pre-recorded video lectures but also live classes.

Also, if anyone has any doubts while learning the course, it is resolved through live doubt clearing sessions. The curriculum includes up-to-date material with new trends.

In this course, there are about ten tracks in the learning sequence where you learn furniture designing, graphics, 3D modeling, photoshop, estimation of costing, etc.

Once you complete the course, you get placement help too.

7. Academyofappliedarts – is a paid platform where you can pursue an interior design course through a virtual learning program (VLP). VLP means live classes given by well-talented teachers in this field.

The duration of the entire course is fifteen months.

After completing this course, you also get a certificate regarding this so that you can use it anywhere you want. In addition, the website claims that it will take you to guaranteed internships and placements.

Just check if it meets your requirements.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, I have discussed all the best online interior designing courses.

Now, you can choose any of them that suit you the most.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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