Abstract Noun of High in English Grammar ( 25 Other Examples )

By Vijay Gupta

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Abstract noun of high

Today, in this article I’ll discuss abstract noun of high as well as some of the most important abstract nouns, which are very useful from the perspective of English speaking and knowledge.

Although I have already written an article about the noun, I will tell you here a little about the noun.

Abstract Noun of High in English Grammar ( 25 Other Examples ) –

Before telling abstract noun of high, just know about what is a noun? and what is an abstract noun?

Well, the word noun has been explained by me in many articles but for your reminding purposes, I’m explaining it here again.

1. Noun –

In general language, the things which can be touched are called nouns. In other words, a noun is the name of a person, place or thing.

For example –

( a ) Sangeeta always tells a lie.

( b ) Narendra Modi is a very popular man.

( c ) Jaipur is a wonderful city.

( d ) The battery of my phone is going to be down.

Where, Sangeeta, Narendra Modi, man, Jaipur, city, battery, phone and lie are nouns.

Kinds of nouns –

There are totally five kinds of nouns and all are mentioned below.

  • Proper noun
  • Common noun
  • Abstract noun
  • Collective noun
  • Material noun
Abstract noun –

An abstract noun is a noun that refers to a feeling, emotion, quality, action, etc.

For example –

( a ) He denied my proposal.

( b ) She is my love.

( c ) Dr. Prashant always speaks the truth.

Where proposal, love and truth are abstract nouns.

Now, I hope that you must have understood, what is a noun? and what is an abstract noun?

What is the abstract noun of high –

Well, there are many words that we use in our everyday language, but sometimes we forget them.

The abstract noun of high is one of those words.

The abstract noun of high is nothing, but highness and height. Both are the right words that can be used as an abstract noun of high.

25 other examples of abstract nouns in the sentences –

1. Use of pain –

My father has been suffering from deep pain.

2. Use of satisfaction –

Ravi’s cousin didn’t get satisfaction.

3. Use of stress –

I have a lot of stress.

4. Use of sensitivity –

A humble man always has sensitivity.

5. Use of sympathy –

No one gave him sympathy.

6. Use of anxiety & pressure –

Anxiety creates pressure.

7. Use of confusion –

Why are you creating confusion?

8. Use of anger –

Anger leads to the wrong path.

9. Use of simplicity & beauty –

Simplicity is the best way to express your beauty.

10. Use of happiness –

When will you spread happiness?

11. Use of grief –

Grief is not good for health at all.

12. Use of sadness –

Sadness can easily be identified on any face.

13. Use of brilliance –

Brilliance can be achieved by hard work.

14. Use of hate –

Hate is a cheap thing.

15. Use of justice –

Victims desire to get justice.

16. Use of kindness –

Kindness is a thing that is appreciated by everyone.

17. Use of friendship –

True friendship never lasts.

18. Use of generosity –

Generosity makes people rich.

19. Use of independence –

The people of our country wanted independence in 1946.

20. Use of patience –

Patience leads to good results.

21. Use of trust –

Deceptive people always try to win your trust.

22. Use of darkness –

The darkness of the horizon came over the town.

23. Use of creativity –

Creativity throws you to the forefront.

24. Use of excitement –

Sometimes, excitement disturbs the work.

25. Use of sacrifice –

Sacrifice never goes in vain.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that you have got here abstract noun of high as well as other abstract nouns which have been used in the sentences.

If you really liked the article please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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