Common English Words Used in Daily Life with Sentences

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Common English words used in daily life

Today, in this article, I’m going to write some common English words used in daily life. That means if you’re looking for them, you have come to the right place.

Here, I have discussed not only the common words used in daily life but also their proper usage in sentences.

So let’s get started without wasting your time.

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Common English Words Used in Daily Life

Here are some lists of common English words. Check them all.

Common English Words Used in Daily Life | List 1

1. A – I have a pink pen.

2. An – They bought an umbrella.

3. For – She doesn’t care for her husband.

4. If – We won’t tell them the secret if they don’t join our team.

5. Know – Do you know the reason?

6. Hold – He always holds my hand.

7. Practice – Should we practice more?

8. Many – There are many fans outside the house.

9. Well – Mix the colors well.

10. When – When he comes to me, I will say something about it.

11. Reject – Why did he reject the Principal’s order?

12. Weather – Today’s weather is pleasant.

13. Knowledge – I would advise you to get the knowledge first.

14. Accept – Let him accept my request.

15. Able – I am not able to sign here.

16. And – You and I are good friends forever.

17. Between – What is the matter between Kailash and Pankaj?

18. Attend- Your daughter didn’t attend the wedding party.

19. Attract – She attracts me a lot.

20. But – I will do that but you have to pay for it.

21. Never – Never tell a lie.

22. Old – My old parents are unable to walk fast.

23. Store – Store the syrup in a cold place.

24. Against – They lodged a complaint against me.

25. So – You hit me so I can’t give it to you.

26. During – I will only sleep during the journey.

27. Ago – He told the whole story three days ago.

28. Only – Hemant is the only person in the lab.

29. Such – We gifted such plants to the chief executor.

30. Ourselves – We ourselves climb to the top.

Examples of pronouns in sentences.

Common English Words Used in Daily Life | List 2

1. Probably – Shiva will probably forgive you.

2. Behind – What is behind the door?

3. Suggest – He will suggest you.

4. Better – Shivam is better than Kashi.

5. Develop – How did he develop this software?

6. Break – Break the ice.

7. Calculate – Mohini calculates very fast.

8. Throw – Throw the ball at me.

9. Price – Please ask him about the price of the pillow.

10. Cold – It is very cold today.

11. Constant – The temperature remains constant these days.

12. Country – In which country does she live?

13. Village – How clean this village is!

14. Ruin – M.L.A ruined his career.

15. Piece – Give him a piece of paper to write on.

16. Itself – It’s running itself.

17. Love – Love yourself more than others.

18. Hate – I hate such people.

19. Palace – It’s the palace of Maharaja Shyama Kumar.

20. Deny – I am going to deny this project.

21. Too – You have to come too.

22. Or – Which would you choose black or white?

23. Take – Ravi, take them out of the room.

24. All – He fulfilled all my needs.

25. Naughty – My younger sister is very naughty.

26. Make – I make maggie very tasty.

27. Reach – Mr. Raghu has reached the venue.

28. There – How many students are there?

29. Here – Here is a big deal.

30. Child – I lost my child three years ago.

Common English Words Used in Daily Life | List 3

1. Ability – He has the ability to crack the exam.

2. Across – See across the road.

3. Behavior – Our behavior reflects our personality.

4. Bedroom – Go to your bedroom.

5. Fail – My brother failed twice.

6. Capacity – What is your capacity?

7. Cabin – My wife’s cabin is very expensive.

8. Change – That decision changed my whole life.

9. Calender – Check today’s date in the calendar.

10. Champion – He will be the champion in the next game.

11. Dialogue – I have forgotten all the dialogues.

12. Detail – Send me the detail.

13. Develop – They developed an empire of technology.

14. Shrink – Why is our economy shrinking?

15. Easy – It’s a very easy task.

16. Dress – She will wear a blue dress tomorrow.

17. Really – What really happened?

18. Exist – I think, it doesn’t exist.

19. Fight – Don’t fight with him.

20. Floor – The floor is very smooth.

21. Force – I never force anyone.

22. Game – My son loves to play games.

23. Future – Focus on your future.

24. Happy – What is the secret of your happy face?

25. Funny – Your reaction was funny.

26. Include – He didn’t include me in the group.

27. Hotel – Take them to a hotel.

28. Lesson – Learn a lesson from it.

29. Kitchen – What is she doing in the kitchen?

30. Medical – She is a medical student.

Common English Words Used in Daily Life | List 4

1. May – May I come in?

2. Until – Stay there until she comes.

3. Often – She often scolds me.

4. Continue – Please continue your work.

5. Grow – Growing any business is a herculean task.

6. Within – He disappeared within seconds.

7. Guy – Guys, walk slowly.

8. Operate – No one will operate this computer.

9. Opportunity – Give this opportunity to me.

10. Paint – I painted this wall yesterday.

11. Human – Humans can laugh, but animals cannot.

12. Actually – It’s actually my mistake.

13. Proof – We gave him proof.

14. Quite – It’s quite black.

15. Rarely – He rarely behaves like a human.

16. Attend – You have to attend school tomorrow.

17. Cut – Please cut the vegetables.

18. Remain – The school will remain closed today.

19. Control – Why doesn’t your sister control her anger?

20. Decide – They decided to leave my house.

21. Leader – Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a great leader.

22. Light – Light the room properly.

23. Reply – They reply to me fast.

24. Same – It’s the same shirt that I saw the day before yesterday.

25. Save – Save water and daughter.

26. Couple – They don’t look good as a couple.

27. Project – Complete the project by Wednesday.

28. Court – The case is going on in the court.

29. Similar – His laptop is similar to mine.

30. Store – I have opened a new store in my locality.

Common English Words Used in Daily Life | List 5

1. Teach – How to teach online?

2. Buy – Please buy it for me.

3. Read – It’s a good habit to read a newspaper daily.

4. Condition – His condition is critical.

5. Clothes – Now, we don’t want clothes.

6. Build – Firstly, you have to build trust.

7. Benefit – It always benefits me.

8. Balance – Maintain balance in life.

9. Although – Although it’s horrible, I will do it.

10. In spite of – In spite of having a red pen, he wants another.

11. Apart from – Apart from studying, he also likes to work.

12. Close – Close your eyes for a better experience.

13. Abuse – His father abuses him a lot.

14. Absent – Who is absent today?

15. Consider – He considers every minute.

16. Attendance – What is the percentage of employees’ attendance?

17. Confident – Being confident is a sign of a rich personality.

18. Thus – Thus, we met each other.

19. Outfit – Her outfit was surprising.

20. From – Go and bring two pairs of socks from the market.

21. Know – We should know each other before we meet.

22. After – After the classes, we will discuss it.

23. Throw – Karan, throw the ball here.

24. Awful – It felt awful to meet him.

25. Process – Its process is time taking.

26. Character – Her character doesn’t suit my mother.

27. Application – Do you know the application of this formula?

28. Bond – Explain the bond between you and him.

29. Jealous – Why are you jealous?

30. Attractive – The headphone is very attractive.

Common English Words Used in Daily Life | List 6

1. Capable – He is not capable of giving alms.

2. Energy – Sometimes we should avoid energy drinks.

3. Damage – Why did you damage my counter?

4. Literate – There are a lot of literate people in this village.

5. Anxious – She is anxious about her health.

6. Specific – It’s a specific dish.

7. Particularly – He forbade particularly me to come there.

8. Due to – Due to some reasons, they can’t reach the function.

9. In the end – In the end, I will accept her.

10. Disease – it’s a fatal disease.

11. Interesting – That was an interesting ride.

12. Gesture – He captivated everyone with his gesture.

13. Chaos – All are requested not to create chaos.

14. Immediately – Get my money back immediately.

15. Theft – The thief admitted the theft.

16. Beginning – There comes many difficulties at the beginning of anything.

17. Contract – No one will sign his contract.

18. Decent – The boy was handsome and decent.

19. Diplomatic – Political people are diplomatic.

20. Eventually – Eventually, I hope that you will understand my sorrow.

21. Hilarious – Our reaction was hilarious.

22. HumilityHumility takes people to heights.

23. Talkative – That girl was very talkative.

24. Nervous – Why are you very nervous?

25. Rapid – It’s a rapid-fire round.

26. Confuse – Confuse them with your skills.

27. Honestly – Do your work honestly.

28. Early – I wake up early in the morning.

29. Childhood – All remembered their childhood.

30. Foreign – He offered me a foreign trip.

Common English Words Used in Daily Life | List 7

1. As soon as – I will stop it as soon as you allude to me.

2. Own – Start your own business.

3. Let – Let it go.

4. Might – It might be canceled.

5. Against – Abhishek provoked me against Karan.

6. Over – Now, it’s over to you.

7. System – Our system is hacked.

8. Program – He organized a program on Ganesh Chaturthi.

9. Month – The board exam will start next month.

10. Since – I have been working here since Friday.

11. Pay – Pay on delivery.

12. At least – Give me at least assurance.

13. Lead – They will lead us.

14. Allow – It’s my order not to allow anyone.

15. Person – He is a good person.

16. Achievement – No one cares about your past after achievement.

17. Goal – Focus only on your goal.

18. Attempt – I have only two attempts.

19. Branch – Who is the branch manager?

20. Definitely – She will definitely propose to me.

21. Yeah – Yeah, they made the claim.

22. Service – The service of this hotel is very good.

23. Leader – Our next leader will be Radhe.

24. Even – Even he communicated with the officer.

25. Event – The event is being held in my city.

26. Situation – Tell me the situation.

27. Describe – They described the whole story.

28. Movie – The movie was amazing.

29. Source – What is the source of income?

30. Campaign – He is running a campaign.

Final words

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have proved to be very helpful for you. Here, I have covered the most common English words.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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