English Short Moral Stories With Valuable Lessons

By Vijay Gupta

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English short moral stories

Today, in this article, I’m going to write some English short moral stories so that you can learn valuable lessons from them.

All the stories are good. So, read them all.

Well, I have written many articles on moral stories, but it’s about short moral stories. So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s get started.

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English Short Moral Stories With Valuable Lessons

Here, I have written seven English short moral stories. Read them one by one.

1. The only grocery store in the town

There was a grocery store in a town. The owner of the store was very greedy and smart. He sold the items at the price he wanted. Due to only one shop in the whole town, people bought goods from him reluctantly.

It was going on for many years, and the store owner was exploiting the people of the town for many years. Once a new family came to live in the town. There was a 17-year-old girl who was very intelligent in the family.

One day she needed some groceries, so she came to the store owner to buy them. He told her the price of each item by Rs.5 more than the printed price. When she opposed this, the owner asked her to buy them from the other shop.

The girl thought that he must have done it with everyone, so why not open a store where goods are sold at reasonable prices? A few days later she opened a new grocery store opposite the greedy owner’s shop. Since she was selling her goods at reasonable prices, her shop started getting crowded with customers.

At the same time, the greedy was trying hard to sell his goods to the customers for less money but no one was going to his shop.

The moral of the story is that we should never take advantage of compulsion as sometimes we may get to see its bad consequences.

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2. A lonely and quiet hippopotamus

In a big and deep pond, a hippopotamus and some crocodiles lived together. The hippopotamus was very calm by nature. He always minded his own business and lived quietly in the pond. He neither spoke to any crocodile nor hated them.

One day the group of crocodiles thought of troubling the hippo and started creating obstacles in his work. Along with this, all the crocodiles together tried to drive him out of the pond.

When the Hippo felt that all the crocodiles were treating him badly, he hit one of the crocodiles with his head so fast that he instantly fainted.

Seeing that, all the crocodiles got scared and immediately made a certain distance from him, now they were afraid to even go near him.

The moral of the story is that we shouldn’t underestimate anyone, even if he is lonely and calm by nature.

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3. Selfish daughter-in-law

A joint family was living its life with great pleasure. The family consisted of parents and two sons, one of whom was married and one was still young.

One day the daughter-in-law had a fight with her mother-in-law about something so she decided to live separately from the house. Her mother-in-law requested her not to live separately outside the house, but she didn’t listen to her and left the house with her husband.

The parents were in a dilemma as to how they would take care of their little son now because they had already handed over all the money and gold to her daughter-in-law, and she left with all money and jewellery.

Nevertheless, the parents didn’t give up and made their son literate in any way. They made him so capable that when he was twenty-two years old, he got a government job. As a result, happiness returned to their home again. The parents got the son married and again their family started living a good life.

When her elder daughter-in-law came to know about this, she came to her mother-in-law’s house with her husband and apologized to both of them and said, “Her husband’s business has come to a standstill, all the jewellery and money is gone, now her family is living life very hard so they again allow her and her husband to enter the house so that all the family members can live happily together.”

Hearing those words of her, the mother-in-law said, “I was also pleading with you that day not to go from the house but you didn’t listen to me, so stand up and get lost from here.”

Mother-in-law kicked both of them out of the house and closed the door.

The story teaches us that we should not be so selfish that no one will support us when we need help.

4. TukaramA prosperous villager

In a village, a man named Tukaram was very proud of his money. He always talked about his money. Even he fought with people sometimes for little money.

One day a gathering was held in the village. All the rich people of the village were invited to the gathering. Tukaram was also invited there. All the people who came to the gathering were encouraging the villagers and talking about how to progress in life, but when Tukaram came onto the stage, he started talking about his life and money.

He was telling the people about his money, plots, vehicles, businesses, etc. All the villagers were surprised by his words.

One day suddenly Tukaram’s health deteriorated and he passed away. All his money, land, and vehicles remained here and there was no one to shoulder him because of his arrogant nature.

The moral of the story is that we should never be proud of our money because money doesn’t go with us after death, it can only give status, not people’s love.

5. A rich old man

A person who had become very old. It seemed to him that he would not live much longer. There was no one in his family, but he had a lot of money.

He thought that he would organize a contest in which he would test the patience of some people and one who passed the contest would get all his money as a gift.

He got it announced in the whole city. Many people came to win the contest.

In the contest, the old man told the contestants that they had to dig in the backyard of his house and dig until they found a bag full of money. Everyone started digging. Some of them got tired after digging for a while, and some stopped digging midway, but two men couldn’t stop digging.

It was evening, but no one could find the bag. One of them thought that the old man had made a very dirty joke so he left that and stood aside.

Now, there was only one man who was still trying. The old man stopped him and said, “Come here, it was a test of patience and there is no money here, you stayed till the end, so now you are the owner of all my money that is inside the house.”

The story teaches us that we should do any work with patience and keep trying.

6. An overconfident boxer

A boxing match was held in Barcelona. Boxers from different countries took part in it. A boxer named Akihiko had a lot of confidence in his moves and punches. He felt that he couldn’t lose any match.

When the photoshoot was being done for the poster of the fight between Akihiko and his opponent, he was showing himself to be smarter and stronger than the one in front.

He was pretending as if he would defeat his opponent in seconds. At the same time, he was teasing as well as humiliating his opponent.

When the fight between the two started, he was looking very overconfident as before. At first, it looked like he would win the fight but eventually, he lost the fight. Now everyone was making fun of him.

The story teaches us that we shouldn’t be overconfident about anything before the result.

7. A very intelligent student

Once a scholar was invited to the annual function of a school. He was of course a scholar but also a bit arrogant. He always considered others retarded and behaved as if he knew the answers to all the questions of the world.

When he appeared before the students, all the students welcomed him.

To show his intelligence, he enthusiastically said that he would ask questions to the students, if they couldn’t tell the answer, they would have to pay Rs.5 per question. Apart from this, the students would also ask him questions, if he couldn’t tell the answer, he would pay Rs.2000 per question.

Everyone was very curious about the contest.

In the beginning, the answers to the questions were given correctly from both sides. Later a student asked such a question the answer of which the scholar couldn’t give and he had to pay Rs.2000. In return the scholar asked the same question to the same student.

The student, giving Rs.5 to the scholar, said, “He also doesn’t know the answer to that question.” Thus, he got Rs.1995 for free and now everyone was praising his intelligence.

The story teaches us that no one should be considered weak with intelligence because everyone’s intelligence is different.

Final words

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, I have covered valuable English short moral stories.

If you really liked these English short moral stories, please share it with those who need them.

Thank you.

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