Essay on Science and Technology with Proper Headings ( Easy Words )

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Essay on science and technology

Today, I’m going to write an article that is about an essay on science and technology.

Here, you will see an essay on science and technology with proper headings.

Writing an essay on science and technology reflects to the notion of science and its effects in our lives.

In today’s life, science and technology are so essential that we can’t compete with any country in the absence of them.

They play a very important role in many fields.

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In other words, they affected many fields such as medical, education, business etc.

Science and technology not only increased many types of resources but also took our country on the path of progress.

Or you can say that they have completely changed our lifestyle.

This is why, it’s very important topic from the aspect of any exam.

You must know how to write an essay on science and technology with proper headings.

Hence, without wasting your valuable time let’s start the essay on science and technology.

Essay on Science and Technology with Proper Headings ( Easy Words ) –

1. Introduction –

A few decades ago, people were independent and unaware of science and technology.

They believed in realism.

That means, they only considered realistic things that they saw and felt.

They never contemplated things such as flying in the air, travelling in high speed trains, going on planets, using advanced weapons and machines etc.

But, today we did it by only science and technology.

Actually, science and technology have raised our lives up one level.

Today, by science and technology we have invented such advanced things, which can’t be thought of.

Well, science and technology have proved to be a boon for us, but there is also a dark side of them.

No doubt, science and technology have given amazing faculties to our lives.

But, they also gave such types of weapons that are very hazardous for human beings.

This is why, you can say that science and technology are not only a boon but also a bad master.

2. Science and technology as a boon –

Without any hesitation, we can say that they ( science and technology ) proved very helpful for us.

Today, no field is untouched with science and technology.

There are many such inventions by them ( science and technology ) that we can’t ignore.

( a ) Electronic equipment & gadgets –

There are plenty of electronic equipment and gadgets that are being used by us in everyday life such as refrigerators, coolers, air conditioners, heaters, irons, ceiling fans, smartphones, computers, laptops, camera etc.

The use of all these electronic equipment and gadgets has been increased so much that they have become a part of our life.

( b ) Machines –

Due to science and technology, we are using many helpful machines in medical, education, business and even in general life.

Today, we have x-ray machine, ECG & EEG machines, dialyzer, Endoscope, enema equipment, many types of scissors, thermometer, ventilator, electrocardiograph, oxygen mask and tubes etc.

All these are related to only medical field but there are also other fields in which lakhs of machines are being used by us to make our work easier.

( c ) Electricity –

Electricity is also very crucial in our life.

If electricity were not there, we would not have been able to invent and run electronic equipment.

Because, all the electronic devices run through electricity.

Even whenever we feel hot or need to cold water, we use electricity to fulfill our needs using some electronic equipment.

In addition, large factories and industries require electricity because goods can’t be manufactured or made by advanced machines without electricity.

Hence, electricity is also a big invention by science and technology.

( d ) Information technology –

This technology is a powerful technology and toady we are using it in multiple forms.

In earlier times, we couldn’t even think that we can easily communicate with each other from two different paces.

But, today it’s possible because of information technology.

In order to use information technology, we have invented many types of equipment such as smartphones, fax machines, laptops, computers etc.

With the help of all of these, we became able to convey our messages from one place to another easily.

( e ) Medicines –

In the olden days, people neither fell ill so soon nor did they get much illnesses.

But, as time changed, many diseases arose and today in every house at lease one person is surrounded by diseases.

In earlier times, neither there were so many diseases nor so many medicines.

But due to emergence of new diseases ( cancer, heart & liver problem, asthma, infection or COVID-19 ), we have lots of medicines and all these happened only with the help of science and technology.

( f ) Surgery –

Also, science and technology have given a new way to medical surgeries. As a result, now we are able to do complex and different types of surgeries very easily.

3. Science and technology as a curse –

There is no doubt that science and technology contributed a lot to our lives and also proved to be a boon for us.

At the same time, it also proved to be a curse or bad master for us.

It’s so because somewhere people misused it for their own benefits.

Today, with help of science and technology such huge and dangerous weapons have been made that they can harm human lives at any time.

Due to dangerous weapons ( atom bomb and hydrogen bomb etc. ), there is a kind of fear in every country lest another country should explode these dangerous bombs.

Apart from science, people are misusing technology as well.

They are cheating other people and doing online frauds that are very heinous.

4. Conclusion –

At the end, I’ll say that science and technology have given us a lot, but still we shouldn’t be completely dependent on them.

Additionally, don’t misuse science and technology for wrongdoings.

Instead of that, you should invent more new things by using them so that you can improve the life of human beings.

Essay on science and technology 10 lines –

  1. Science and technology influenced a lot our lives.
  2. Although, it proved to be a boon for us, it is also a curse.
  3. Science and technology has completely changed our lifestyle.
  4. In earlier times, there was not much existence of science and technology, but today they are at peak.
  5. In today’s time, 70 to 80 % people are using such things that have been invented by science and technology.
  6. Science and technology have given their contribution in many fields ( education, medical, business etc.).
  7. With the help of science and technology, we improved our ways of working.
  8. Somewhere, science and technology ended manual and physical labor.
  9. Artificial fertilizers have made agricultural products poisonous.
  10. Science and technology made us lazy, unhealthy and unhappy.

FAQs on essay on science and technology –

1. What are the importance of science and technology in our daily life ? –

Literally, I’m telling you that the importance of science and technology is so much that they have become a part of life.

2. What is the relation between science and technology ? –

Both are two sides of the same coin. It means, in the absence of science, you can’t create a device filled with technology.

3. Is technology a science ? –

No, but technology is the application of science.

4. What is the role of science and technology in education ? –

Science and technology play a very important role in education.

They have created a lot of educational equipment which are really helpful for the students such as projectors, LEDs etc.

As a result, we have created sharp minds in the students and became able to make understand the concepts and theories of the subjects.

Final words –

Finally, I hope that the article must have satisfied you and you got to know how to write an essay on science and technology with proper headings.

If you really liked the article that is about an essay on science and technology, please share it to those who need it.

Thank you.

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