Diwali Essay in English 150 Words & also with Headings

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Diwali essay in English 150 words

If you are seeking a Diwali essay in English 150 words, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn how to write an effective Diwali essay in English 150 words and also with proper headings.

However, the essay may be longer than 150 words, but you are free to censor lines according to your needs.

Writing an essay on Diwali is a herculean task for those who have no knowledge about it. That’s why I thought why I shouldn’t write an article on it so that students can easily write an impressive essay on it.

If you have come to this article, I’m making sure that you won’t have any problems writing a Diwali essay in English 150 words.

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Without wasting your valuable time let’s start writing the essay on Diwali in English 150 words.

Diwali Essay in English 150 Words & also with Proper Headings

Essay on Diwali in English with Headings

1. Introduction

Diwali is celebrated in India as well as in some other countries where Indians live. It’s one of the most eminent festivals in India like Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Vijay Dashami, etc.

Some people know this festival as Diwali and some know it as Deepawali.

The festival ( Diwali ) is celebrated in India very broadly. Every citizen of India is super curious about this festival as it’s a festival of joy and worship.

Some people also celebrate Diwali with the aim of achieving prosperity in the coming years.

On this day, people put lamps in houses, buildings, shops, and bungalows so it’s also called the festival of rows of light.

Deepawali is celebrated in winter. In other words, it’s celebrated at the end of October and at the beginning of November.

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2. Why do we celebrate Diwali?

Many mythological stories are involved in celebrating Diwali according to which we celebrate Diwali in different parts of the country.

All the mythological stories are depicted below.

( a ) When Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya

It is believed that when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after completing 14 years of exile, people celebrated Diwali by lighting the lamps called Diyas.

From this day, the festival is celebrated with pomp.

( b ) When Lord Vishnu killed Hiranyakashyap

Some people also believe that Diwali is celebrated in India because Lord Vishnu killed Hiranyakashipu by changing his form to Narasimha.

As a result, the people lit the lamps of ghee.

( c ) When Lord Krishna killed Narakasura

Apart from these two mythologies, there is another story in which it’s said that Diwali is celebrated in India because Lord Krishna killed tyrannical Narakasura.

Also, there are more mythologies about Diwali, but most people consider these ones.

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3. How do we celebrate Diwali?

On Diwali, people are in high enthusiasm and celebrate the day of joy with full strength. To feel special on this day they decorate, clean, and whitewash the houses, buildings, shops, etc.

Along with the house, people also decorate their shops so that more customers can reach their shops. Markets are stuffed with customers. The demand for sweets, firecrackers, toys, and candles is increased.

The family’s female members cook scrumptious food at night. In addition, some people send sweets and wishes to their relatives and friends.

At night, people worship Laxmi ( the goddess of wealth ) as well as Lord Ganesh, and then they put lamps on every corner of their houses.

After worship, the children are very excited to burst the firecrackers and elderly members of the family help their children to burst firecrackers so that they can also enjoy Diwali.

After bursting the firecrackers, everyone comes back home and enjoys a good tasty meal which gives them some special experience that day.

Additionally, they also enjoy sweets after having a tasty meal.

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4. Gambling

As we all know that the festival ( Diwali ) is celebrated with great pomp and goodness but there are some drawbacks of this festival that we get to see on the second day of Diwali.

On the second day of Diwali, people spend a lot of their time gambling. As a result, some of them win and some lose a huge amount of money.

This process has been going on for a long time and there is no obstruction from Police or responsible persons on this day.

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5. Conclusion

Diwali is the festival of firecrackers, sweets, and worship, but there is also a dark side to this festival.

On this day, there happen many accidents due to crackers. Mostly, children and careless people are victims of such accidents.

Hence, you should aware of some such things that are very essential while bursting firecrackers. On the other hand, when people take part in gambling, sometimes they lose everything.

So, you should always avoid gambling because it’s evil.

Overall, I would say that if you want to make this festival very joyous, you should take care of all the things that are baleful for you.

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5 Lines on Diwali in English

  1. Diwali is the most popular festival in the world. It’s celebrated because of returning Lord Rama to Ayodhya.
  2. People go to their homes to celebrate this festival.
  3. We worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi on this day.
  4. Children are very curious to celebrate this festival and look very happy. They burst firecrackers and release sky lanterns to make the night very beautiful.
  5. Additionally, people eat scrumptious food and sweets on this day.

10 Lines on Diwali essay in English or Diwali essay in English 100 words

  1. The festival of Diwali is known all over the world.
  2. It is a festival of joy and happiness.
  3. It was celebrated for the first time in India when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya.
  4. On the return of Lord Rama, everyone lit the lamps of ghee.
  5. Additionally, they decorated their houses and streets with oil lamps.
  6. Since then, Diwali is being celebrated by all Indians.
  7. Deepawali or Diwali teaches us that good always wins over evil.
  8. On this day, people clean their houses as well as temples.
  9. Children are very excited to burst firecrackers.
  10. Housewives cook delicious food and enjoy the festival.

Diwali essay in English 20 lines or a Short essay on Diwali in English

  1. Diwali is the most popular festival in India.
  2. It’s celebrated by Indians as well as some foreigners.
  3. The second name of Diwali is Deepawali.
  4. On this day, electric lights and diyas of ghee are lit.
  5. Deepawali is known as the festival of rows of light.
  6. People are super excited to celebrate this festival.
  7. Everyone wishes for prosperity by worshiping Lord Ganesh and goddess Laxmi on this day.
  8. Children celebrate this festival by bursting the firecrackers and enjoying delicious food.
  9. Some children make Rangoli decorate their homes on Diwali.
  10. People wear their finest and most beautiful clothes on this day.
  11. Responsible members of the family decorate, clean, and whitewash the houses and buildings.
  12. Female members clean the temples where worship is performed.
  13. Some people send sweets and wish to their loving relatives and friends.
  14. On this day, housewives cook delicious food.
  15. Old members of the family enjoy the festival by eating delicious food and worshiping God only.
  16. The shops are very crowded on Diwali.
  17. Sweets, idols of Ganesh and Laxmi, and Candles increase sales.
  18. Unfortunately, many accidents happen due to firecrackers on this day.
  19. The next day of Diwali, people gamble.
  20. However gambling is evil, yet people participate in it.

FAQs on Diwali

1. What Diwali means?

Diwali means, the festival of lights. On this day, people worship Lord Ganesh and Laxmi ( the goddess of wealth ).

2. What is another name for Diwali?

Well, most people know this festival as Diwali but somewhere it’s called Deepawali.

3. How do you write a Diwali paragraph?

I have told you a lot of things about Diwali in this article.

But, if you want to write a Diwali paragraph yourself, you will have to think of what you do on this day.

4. What is a Diwali essay?

A Diwali essay is nothing but it’s a complete knowledge of Diwali where you write important information related to it such as Why we celebrate Diwali ?, How we celebrate Diwali? etc.

5. What is Diwali for kids?

As you know that the festival of Diwali brings much happiness for us, but for kids it’s only bursting firecrackers, eating delicious food & sweets, etc.

At last, I hope that the article must have fulfilled all your needs regarding a Diwali essay in English 150 words.

Well, I have written a long essay on Diwali with proper headings. If you want to choose some best lines from there, you can do that.

If you liked the article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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