Essay on Social Media Addiction with Proper Headings

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Essay on social media addiction

Today, I’m going to write an article on the essay on social media addiction with proper headings.

Sometimes, we consider social media as a boon and also a curse.

As you know, we get many types of information very easily and quickly through social media, due to which it has proved to be a boon for us.

On the other hand, it has also proved a curse for us as people have become addicted to it. It seems that people’s day is incomplete without it.

Social media addiction has become the biggest problem of human beings, so I thought that I should write an essay on it.

Also, you should prepare this essay as it’s very important from the perspective of exams.

Hence, without wasting your valuable time let’s start writing an essay on social media addiction.

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Essay on Social Media Addiction with Proper Headings –

1. What is social media ? –

Social media is a digital platform where different types of activities take place.

It’s such a place where people can talk to each other without saying anything, promote their business and also make themselves famous through it in their country or the world.

But, addiction to social media is increasing day by day, it has not only affected our personal life but also professional life.

Since our society is formed by individuals, so it has had a great impact on society as well.

Social media addiction has become a very serious problem all over the world. If it continues, it will have a profound effect on people’s lives.

That means, if people didn’t control themselves to use social media platforms, they would have problems in the future.

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2. Addiction to Facebook –

As you know, there are a lot of social media platforms, but some are very popular. Facebook is one of them. It’s so popular that it’s used by people of different ages.

But it has been found that its addiction has increased among the people.

It’s so because when they share their pictures and thoughts on it, they keep checking it from time to time to see how many people reacted to their pictures and thoughts.

Apart from this, lots of other features of this platform have also drawn people’s attention.

As a result, the addiction to this platform has increased.

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3. Addiction to Youtube –

There is another social media platform named Youtube which has also become very popular in India ever since Jio SIM has been launched.

People have become addicted to this platform as here they get to see many types of videos from all over the world.

Some of them are of their interest and some aren’t.

Moreover, it has also become a source of livelihood for the people as they are earning well by creating content on this platform.

Therefore, they stick to Youtube to check what’s going on.

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4. Addiction to Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter –

People are also addicted to WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter.

They’re crazy about these platforms in such a way that they spend a lot of time there.

If we talk about Instagram, it seems that this platform is oxygen for girls. To increase their followers, they post on it and upload short videos in the form of reels.

That’s how they spend almost 70% time of the day on Instagram. Not only girls but boys also spend a lot of time on this platform.

Moreover, they chat for hours on WhatsApp and check the status uploaded by them repeatedly to see how many people have seen their status.

Similarly, Twitter is also in the queue.

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5. Conclusion –

In conclusion, I would say, undoubtedly social media is important for us, but it can also prove to be fatal for us.

That means, if we don’t use it correctly, we can have trouble.

Addiction to social media removes people from the real world and takes them into a virtual world.

So, social media should be used as much as it’s necessary, otherwise, it can deprive you of many real things.

To get rid of addiction to social media is self-control. It’s the only option to avoid addiction.

That means, fix a definite time period to use social media platforms so that you don’t have any type of problem regarding social media addiction.

10 Lines on Social Media Addiction Essay or Social Media Addiction Essay 100 Words –

  1. Social media addiction refers to using social media platforms too much.
  2. Social media is a type of digital platform where people spend their time by interacting with each other.
  3. Spending more time on social media platforms can turn into social media addiction.
  4. Mostly, teenagers and adults fall into this addiction.
  5. Social media addiction is as dangerous as the addiction to tobacco, gambling, etc.
  6. Due to social media addiction, people are becoming less productive at their work.
  7. Social media is taking people away from the real world.
  8. In the absence of social media, teenagers and adults are being emotionally depressed.
  9. Therefore, people should take care of using social media so that they can’t be called addicts.
  10. Self-restraint is the only way by which you can avoid social media addiction.

Social Media Addiction Essay 350 Words –

In today’s time, there will hardly be anyone who doesn’t use social media. That means, everyone uses social media whether he is young or old.

But, the most affected are youngsters and teenagers. In other words, you can say that they are really addicted to it.

The main reason for being addicted is affection, appreciation, love, etc.

Since everyone wants such types of feelings, so people are heading to social media where they can easily grab them.

Today, they have become addicted in such a way that they keep checking their social media accounts from time to time and scrolling down to see what’s going on there.

Some of them are so addicted that they check their accounts while eating food or studying books.

Even when they get up in the morning, first they look for their smartphones to check social media activities.

As a result, sometimes they forget to do important tasks of daily life and also face the problems of depression.

When someone is accustomed to social media, he starts preferring to talk to people on social media instead of in a public place.

Such people start looking different from others in activities, thoughts and behavior.

A social media addict is incapable of doing his work properly like studies, household chores, etc.

Addiction to social media can completely ruin your future.

So, make sure that you’re giving a bit of time on social media.

You’re the only person who can cut yourself off from social media. To avoid it, set aside a certain amount of time to use social media so that you don’t bother doing other important tasks of daily life.

If you are already an addict to social media, try to avoid it for a few days. Soon it will be out of your habit.

Final words –

Eventually, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, I’ve discussed an essay on social media addiction with proper headings.

As a result, you can easily write an essay on social media addiction.

If you really like this article, please share it as you can.

Thank you.

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