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The digital landscape has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way education is delivered, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Avadh Ojha, a prominent figure in the realm of online education, has emerged as a guiding force for aspirants preparing for the UPSC exam. This article unravels the story of Avadh Ojha, shedding light on his distinctive approach to education.

Name Avadh Ojha
Full Name Avadh Pratap Ojha
Birth Year3 July 1984
BirthplaceGonda, Uttar Pradesh
School Fatima School, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
Educational Qualification Graduate
Religion Hindu
Citizenship Indian
OccupationUPSC Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Social Servant
Hair Color Black and White
Eye Color Black
Wedding Date1 May 2007
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 65 kg
Wife’s Name Manjari Ojha
Children’s Names Bulbul, Gungun, Pihu
Hobbies Traveling, Cycling, Writing
Earning ₹500,000 |

Unraveling the UPSC Maze with Avadh Ojha

Avadh Ojha, fondly known as “Ojha Sir,” has redefined the landscape of UPSC preparation through his innovative teaching methods. In 2020, Ojha Sir ventured into the world of YouTube, becoming a catalyst for change in the UPSC exam preparation domain. His unique instructional style swiftly gained traction, propelling him into the limelight of online education.

The Man Behind the Moniker

Born on July 3, 1984, in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, Avadh Ojha’s early life was influenced by his parents’ government service backgrounds. His mother, a lawyer, and his father, a postman, instilled a commitment to education from an early age.

Navigating Educational Avenues

Avadh Ojha’s educational journey commenced at Fatima School in Gonda, eventually leading him to Bahraich and later to Allahabad. While initially drawn towards a career in medicine, Ojha’s trajectory shifted as he observed peers gearing up for the UPSC exam, sparking a newfound interest.

Triumph Over Trials

Despite facing multiple setbacks in cracking the UPSC exam, Ojha Sir confronted financial hurdles while establishing his coaching center. Undeterred, he married Manjari Ojha in 2007 at the age of 21. Juggling a night job and coaching during the day, Avadh Ojha’s determination became the cornerstone of his character.

The Genesis of IQRA IAS Academy

In 2019, Avadh Ojha translated his vision into reality by founding IQRA IAS Academy in Pune, Maharashtra. The institute swiftly gained prominence, becoming a formidable player in the landscape of civil services preparation.

Ojha Sir’s Impact and Online Presence

The success of IQRA IAS Academy brought financial prosperity to Avadh Ojha, with an estimated net worth exceeding 50 lakhs. His influence extends to social media, boasting over 974k followers on Instagram and more than 775k subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘RAY Avadh Ojha.’

Avadh Ojha Instagram account
Avadh Ojha Sir YouTube Channel (RAY Avadh Ojha)
avadh ojha sir twitter account (joined 2018)
Avadh Ojha’s official website

Frequently Asked Questions about Avadh Ojha

Who is Avadh Ojha?

Avadh Ojha is a renowned educator known for coaching UPSC aspirants both online and offline through his institute, IQRA IAS Academy.

What is the name of Ojha Sir’s coaching institute?

Ojha Sir’s coaching institute is named IQRA IAS Academy, situated in Pune, Maharashtra.

When was IQRA IAS Academy founded?

Avadh Ojha established IQRA IAS Academy in 2019, aiming to provide top-notch UPSC coaching.

What is the official YouTube channel of Avadh Ojha?

Avadh Ojha’s official YouTube channel is named ‘RAY Avadh Ojha,’ where he shares valuable insights and guidance for UPSC aspirants.

What is Avadh Ojha’s current age?

As of 2023, Avadh Ojha is 39 years old.

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