Health is Wealth Speech in English for 1, 2 & 3 Minutes

By Vijay Gupta

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Health is wealth speech

In this article, I’m going to write health is wealth speech for different duration of time so that you can prepare the most suitable one for you.

Actually, I have written this speech for 1, 2, and 3 minutes. Now, it’s only up to you which one you choose.

All these speeches can be given anywhere whether it’s a school or a public place. It seemed a very important topic, that’s why I decided to write an article on it.

So, without any delay, let’s start writing the speech.

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Health is Wealth Speech in English for 1, 2 & 3 Minutes –

1. Health is Wealth Speech for 1 Minute –

Hello everyone, my name is Sachin Kulkarni and today, I’m going to give a speech on health is wealth. Please forgive me if I make any mistakes.

Good health is one of the most valuable assets for human beings in life. If someone’s health is not good, he can neither live his life comfortably nor can enjoy the moments of life like others.

Health is something that can be cured with money, but can’t be bought. That means no matter how rich we are, we can’t buy good health.

Everyone wants good health but no one follows things that are responsible for good health. To be healthy, we should meditate, do physical work, eat healthy food, etc. But, people don’t pay attention to them.

We can live life without money but not without good health. So, we should pay special attention to our health because only good health can take us towards the peak.

If we really want to live a healthy life, we have to wake up early in the morning and do physical and mental exercises for a definite interval of time, as well as we have to consume hymns that keep our health good.

At last, I’ll request to everybody to maintain his health for the enjoyment of life.

Thank you.

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2. Health is Wealth Speech for 2 Minutes –

First of all, my greetings to everyone who is listening to me here. My name is Subodh Bharti and I study in class 8th. Today, I got an opportunity to express my thoughts about health is wealth. So, if I made any mistake, please give me pardon.

As you all know that progress in any field is possible only when we have good health. In other words, success can’t be achieved without good health. Nevertheless, people don’t focus on their health.

We all are so busy shaping our future that we have forgotten to care about our health, whereas only good health can take us towards a good future. We don’t want to do any physical or mental work. As a result, we have become very lazy.

In the earlier decades, when there was no technology, we were not dependent on any machine or equipment, but increasing technology has made us dependent.

Today, we are completely dependent on machines. We don’t require much physical activity while doing any work, due to which we’re getting surrounded by various types of diseases. To become healthy, it’s essential to be mentally, intellectually, physically active and eat food that can strengthen us in every way.

In the true sense, our good health is the only wealth. if we are healthy, we can be happy and enjoy our life with no stress. If we are unwell, no matter how much money we have, it cannot give us happiness.

So, always try to stay fit so that you don’t have any stress or disease.

Thank you.

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3. Health is Wealth Speech for 3 Minutes –

Good morning to all the respected teachers and students, today, I’m going to give a speech on health is wealth, please forgive me if I make any mistakes unknowingly.

Health is wealth, in this proverb health is compared to wealth. No matter how much money we have, if we are physically unwell, no one is poorer than us.

It’s also believed that whether we are rich or poor, diseases don’t come after seeing our prosperity and poverty, but it’s absolutely true that they capture those who remain physically or mentally inactive.

In today’s era, we are chasing our work so fast that we don’t worry about our health.

There is no doubt that working is necessary for our livelihood, but we should also take care of our health. Only a healthy body motivates us to do work and if we are unhealthy, we cannot do anything efficiently.

Due to our body being unhealthy, neither we feel energetic nor are we motivated to do any work. That’s why it is always said that health is the first wealth.

To stay away from diseases, we should exercise regularly and do it on a daily basis. At the same time, we should take healthy food and be active in our work as much as possible because inactivity and laziness are such things that give a feast to diseases.

If possible, all parents should motivate their children to take yoga classes or regular exercise so that they can lead healthy and happy lives. Also, we have to make a habit of being happy by reducing anger. It has been known for centuries how beneficial laughter is for health.

A healthy and happy life will come only when we are physically and mentally fit otherwise we will spend our days in despair and passivity.

Now, I end my words and suggest you keep your body healthy.

Thank you.

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Final words –

In the end, I hope that the article must have satisfied you and you have got here the best speeches on health is wealth.

Now, you can choose the best one which can attract more attention while delivering the speech. If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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