How to Prepare for SSC CGL in Just 3 Months ( Useful Tips )

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How to prepare for SSC CGL

Today, in this article, I will discuss how to prepare for SSC CGL or some best strategies to prepare SSC CGL exam.

Sometimes, the students decide to prepare for SSC CGL, but they are unaware of how to prepare for SSC CGL due to which they face hassles.

But the students who know how to prepare for SSC CGL or the best strategies, they pass the exam very easily.

SSC CGL is one of the renowned exams in India. The vacancies are thrown out from the commission every year.

Consequently, lakhs of students apply for this exam.

Every student tries to get selected in SSC CGL, but only hard working students get success.

This is why, I’m going to discuss some of the best strategies, which can lead you to the path of success.

Moreover, I have also seen such students who really work hard but they don’t get success because of not following the best strategies.

SSC CGL is such an exam for which you have to prepare all the subjects properly otherwise you will not be able to clear the exam.

Every subject has its individual role in this exam whether it’s General Intelligence & Reasoning or Quantitative Aptitude or English Language or General knowledge.

You see totally 100 questions in the exam in which 25 questions are asked from each subject.

If you want to know the complete syllabus of SSC CGL, you can check it from the provided link.

Without wasting your valuable time let’s dive into the article that is about how to prepare for SSC CGL.

How to Prepare for SSC CGL ( Useful Tips ) | SSC CGL Preparation Plan –

Well, there are a couple of articles that claim that you can prepare for SSC CGL in just 1 month.

Let me tell you that it’s absolutely wrong.

Even the preparation of any exam cannot not be done in just 1 month because you can only revise the syllabus in this time period and do nothing.

If someone is claiming so, he is only making you fool.

So, always be aware of these types of people and articles.

If you are confused how to prepare for SSC CGL, follow the strategies, which have been described below.

1. Overview the syllabus –

If you are a new SSC aspirant and want to prepare for SSC CGL, the first step you should take is an overview of the syllabus.

It means, take a cursory on the syllabus.

If you analyze what types of questions are asked in the exam, you will be able to focus on right things.

Otherwise, you will be entangled.

This is why, It’s very important to take a look at the subjects individually so that you could mark important chapters or topics to study.

Apart from this, when you observe the syllabus, you will know which subject or chapter wants more or less time.

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2. Focus on Important Topics –

Every book related to any subject has plenty of unnecessary study material. Now, it only depends on the students what chapters they choose to study for their purposes.

Hence, I’m making you aware of this strategy.

Often, students start preparing for SSC CGL or any exam without knowing the important topics or chapters of the subjects.

Even they study such topics which have no value.

But, for their kind information studying unnecessary things is a waste of time and also to divert themselves.

Each chapter has some important material to study for a particular exam, so at the time of overview just mark them to study later.

3. Sectional time management –

Sectional time management is a very important strategy from the point of view of systematic study.

Actually, it refers to a systematic study.

This strategy not only reduces the pressure of the syllabus, but also provides confidence so that we could pursue our study very wisely.

You should manage a definite time period for each subject.

In other words, suppose that if you study 8 hours in a day, you should split this time of period in such a way so that you could cover all the subjects daily.

My recommendation is, the students who are preparing for SSC CGL should study at least 8 hours in a day.

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4. Learn short-cut methods –

All SSC exams are conducted for a fixed period of time. Students solve 100 questions in just 1 hour.

Actually, the commission checks how prudent you are !

Because, solving 100 questions in just 1 hour isn’t an easy task.

This is why, it’s very essential to learn short-cut methods.

It saves your valuable time as well as provides more efficiency.

Even short-cut methods can increase the number of attempted questions.

It can be applied only on two subjects which are Quantitative Aptitude and General Intelligence and Reasoning.

5. Work on your Basics –

In most of cases I have seen that students are actually ignorant of basics. They start learning short-cut methods and solving more difficult questions as well.

In fact, this phenomenon isn’t worthy and you can’t score more in the exam.

Hence, you have to study deeply or get a deep knowledge of the subjects.

Once you do it properly, you can easily switch to short-cut methods and will be able to solve difficult questions in seconds.

This is the reason of learning basics of the subjects.

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6. Incorporate logical skills –

Sometimes, questions are quite easy and logic based only. But, due to inclusion of a broad knowledge we are unable to think logically or answer the question.

As a result, students must incorporate logical and analytical skills into yourself.

7. Quick revision techniques –

If we talk about the syllabus of SSC CGL, it’s very comprehensive because it consists of four subjects to be studied.

So, we don’t have enough time to revise the topics, which are studied.

Consequently, students must do a quick revision of the topics once a week so that they could remember what they had studied.

The technique not only improves your memory, but also will make you pressure free.

Best books for SSC CGL –

See, there are a lot of books in the market. Now, it only depends on you which books you prefer the most.

If you select the best books for SSC CGL preparation, surely you can achieve your goal sooner than others.

This is why, don’t be confused, only study these books which I am going to mention below.

I’m making you sure that after studying these books properly no one can prevent you from getting selection.

SSC CGL preparation consists of four subjects that are General Intelligence & Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, General Knowledge and English.

General Intelligence & Reasoning – Any normal book & solve everyday questions on Adda 247

Quantitative Aptitude – Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav

General Knowledge – Lucent & Kiran’s SSC General Awareness Chapter wise

English – Neetu Singh ( Volume 1 ) & MB Publication S.S.C. English

All these are the best books for preparing SSC CGL.

Note – If you really want to do an effective study, choose these books only.

How to prepare for SSC CGL English –

English is a scoring subject for SSC exams. If you are well-versed in English, no one can prevent you to crack any of the SSC exams.

But, Sometimes students are confused how to prepare for English subject.

Actually, English is completely dependent on two things that are vocabulary and English grammar.

It means, if your vocabulary and grammar portion are good, you won’t have any problem in English.

So, you must read English newspapers such as The Hindu and The Indian Express so that you can know some new meanings everyday.

It will also improve your understanding of English.

I consider it the best way to improve English.

Additionally, I’ll recommend you to read Neetu Singh ( Volume 1 ) & MB Publication S.S.C. English.

That’s it.

FAQs on how to prepare for SSC CGL –

1. Can I prepare for SSC CGL at home ?

Yes, why not.

But, you will have to focus on some tactics such as sectional time management, learn short-cut methods, online educational videos, revision etc.

2. How long does it take to prepare for SSC CGL ? –

If I go with my personal experience, I would say that it will take about 7 to 8 months if you know nothing about it.

Moreover, If you have already studied the subjects, it will only take 3 to 4 months to revise properly.

3. Can SSC CGL be cracked in 3 months ? –

Freely, I can say that yes.

But, this answer ( yes ) is only for those students who already studied the topics. On the other hand, if you are a new aspirant and want to start from zero level, my answer will be no.

4. Which city is best for SSC CGL preparation ? –

If you want to prepare for SSC CGL, I will recommend you to go to Lucknow or Delhi instead of any other place.

Because, you get a lot of options in these cities.

5. Is coaching necessary for SSC CGL ? –

Not at all.

Actually, if you are a diligent person, you can start the preparation at home with the help of online educational videos. As a result, you don’t need any coaching program.

6. Is SSC CGL really tough ? –

Yes, but a little bit.

Sometimes, I found that the questions related to Mathematics and English are tough. But, if you prepare very well, nothing looks tough.

Finally, I hope that these CGL strategies must have satisfied you. Now, you will have known how to prepare for SSC CGL.

If you really enjoyed the article, please share it to those who need it.

Thank you.

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