How to Write an Introduction in Essay with Some Examples

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how to write an introduction in essay

Today, I’ll tell you how to write an introduction in essay. It’s very significant heading for an essay.

Well, the students who don’t focus on the headings while writing an essay may not understand its importance.

But, the students who like to write essays with proper headings are always eager to know how to write an introduction in essay.

Because, they want to write a unique paragraph on it.

Know also, how to write an essay on environmental pollution.

I’ve seen that students try to write an effective introduction to the topic, but they are literally unable to write it.

Because, they don’t know how to write an introduction in essay properly.

Therefore, here I’ll tell you how to write it in a proper way.

Without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic that is about how to write an introduction in essay.

How to Write an Introduction in Essay with Some Examples –

Writing an introduction for any essay is a very easy task if you literally have the knowledge of the paragraphs that you’re going to write.

Otherwise, you may face difficulties.

Actually, an introduction consists of general points of the topic.

Even then, if you’re unable to write it, you must follow these points, which are described below.

  • Describe the main points
  • Give background details of the topic
  • Get reader’s attention
  • Some interesting description

For better understanding, I’m going to write proper introduction headings on some topics so that you can properly know how to write an introduction in essay.

1. Introduction on pollution –

Today pollution is everywhere on earth.

Generally, pollution is meant contaminating the atmosphere.

In olden times, when there was not much technology, the earth’s atmosphere was very clean.

Because, at that time there were not many factories, industries, vehicles, fertilizers and different types of chemicals etc.

With the increase of science and technology, the pollution on earth has also increased.

Some inventions and chemicals have played a very important role to increase the environmental pollution.

Due to which, our atmosphere is stuffed with many types of pollution such as air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, radioactive pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, thermal pollution etc.

Pollution on earth has increased so much that the government is trying its best to reduce it, yet it seems impossible.

In earlier times, we used to absorb clean water and fresh air into our body, but today the situation is completely vice-versa.

Or you can say that both ( water and air ) have become very polluted.

As a result, many different types of diseases have arisen.

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2. Introduction on Diwali –

Diwali is a very famous festival all over the world. It’s celebrated in India as well as some other countries where Indian live.

People know this festival by two names. The first one is Diwali and the second is Deepawali.

Generally, it’s celebrated at the end of October or you can say that in the beginning of November.

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of Hindus.

It is believed that this festival brings great joy and happiness on this day.

Children as well as other members of the families celebrate this festival with great pomp.

Diwali means, the rows of light.

Because, on this day people put the lamps of ghee and oil on every corner of their houses, shops, buildings etc.

Also, people wish for prosperity on this day in the coming years.

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3. Introduction on science and technology

In olden times, people were unaware of science and technology, but as the time passed away we saw a vertical rise.

Today, we’re almost 90 % dependent on science and technology and they have become an essential part of our life.

Today, we are using a lot of equipment and tools built with their help.

Even with the help of science and technology we are flying in the air, going on planets, travelling in high speed, using advanced weapons etc.

Overall, you can say that science and technology have completely changed our lifestyles.

In every field, they have left their effects.

So, science and technology have proved a boon for us.

On the other hand, we can’t deny that they have also proved very precarious for us.

Because, They built some such types of weapons and machines that are very harmful for human beings.

Final words –

As you can see that I have written three introduction headings on different topics.

All are reflecting general details of the topics.

Also, you can add some other details to enhance the efficiency of the paragraphs.

It only depends on how you describe it.

Ultimately, I hope that you must have understood how to write an introduction in essay.

This article will help to those students who are always confused how to write an introduction in essay.

If you really like the article, please share it to those who need it.

Thank you.

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