Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning & their Use in Sentences

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Today, I’m going to write an article in which you will know about a list of all the important idioms and phrases with Hindi meaning and their use in sentences.

Here, I’ve explained some of the most important idioms and phrases that are used a lot in colloquial language.

Sure, you must have seen idioms and phrases with Hindi meaning in other articles, but not sure that they’ve been explained very well.

This topic is very important from the perspective of English speaking.

Good English orators always use idioms and phrases in their sentences.

So, you should also be aware of some important idioms and phrases so that you too can improve your English.

Without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic.

Check also, a list of synonyms and antonyms.

Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning & their Use in Sentences –

Here are all important idioms and phrases, so keep reading.

1. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( A to B ) –

1. Above board ( ईमानदार )

Use – Ravi is above board in his work.

2. Below the belt ( गलत तरीके से प्रहार करना )

Use – Try not to hit anyone below the belt.

3. An old flame ( पुराना प्यार )

Use – Yesterday, I met my old flame in my hometown.

4. Book worm ( किताबी कीड़ा )

Use – My brother buys a new book every Sunday as he is a bookworm.

5. At one’s beck and call ( आज्ञा में हाज़िर रहना )

Use – He is always at the beck and call of his father.

6. By fair or foul means ( गलत या सही किसी भी तरीके से )

Use – My elder sister wants to win this game by fair or foul means.

7. Add a new feather to one’s cap ( नया सम्मान प्राप्त करना )

Use – Abhilasha has added a new feather by achieving the medal.

8. Blow one’s own trumpet ( अपनी ही शेखी बखारना )

Use – My English teacher always blows his own trumpet.

9. An old head on young shoulders ( अपनी उम्र से ज़्यादा समझदार होना )

Use – This kid is an old head on young shoulders.

10. Break the ice ( चुप्पी तोड़ना )

Use – After a week, the thief broke the ice.

Know also, the proper use of prepositions in sentences.

2. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( C to D ) –

1. Charity begins at home ( सुधार का कार्य घर से ही होता है )

Use – Always remember charity begins at home.

2. Down to earth ( जमीन से जुड़ा हुआ )

Use – The MLA of this area is down to earth.

3. Claim to fame ( किसी चीज़ की प्रसिद्धि का कारण )

Use – The main claim to fame of this house is that it’s haunted.

4. Deliver the goods ( काम पूरा करना )

Use – The students failed to deliver the goods.

5. Child’s play ( बच्चो का खेल )

Use – Growing a business isn’t a child’s play.

6. Dead and buried ( अनुपयोगी )

Use – Abhishek will keep this bicycle until it’s completely dead and buried.

7. Call names ( गाली देना )

Use – Calling names is not a good habit.

8. Dark horse ( अप्रत्याशित विजेता )

Use – That black man came out as a dark horse in this game.

9. Cold reception ( ऐसा स्वागत जिसमे गर्मजोशी न हो )

Use – Shahrukh khan got angry as he was given a cold reception.

10. Draw the longbow ( बढ़ा-चढ़ा कर बताना )

Use – Please tell exactly what happened, don’t draw the longbow.

See also the examples of present participles.

3. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( E to F ) –

1. Eyewash ( दिखावा )

Use – Bidding for more money by that woman was just an eyewash.

2. Fast and furious ( जोशीला )

Use – The driver of this car was very fast and furious.

3. Easier said than done ( कहने से करना आसान )

Use – It’s easier said than done that I’ll quit drinking.

4. Fight a losing battle ( हारा हुआ युद्ध लड़ना )

If you’ve decided to fight with this giant man, it’s like fighting a losing battle.

5. Early bird ( सुबह जल्दी उठने वाला )

Use – I’m not an early bird in my family.

6. Fly-by-night ( अविश्वसनीय )

Don’t understand me fly-by-night like Mohan.

7. Every dog has its day ( हर कुत्ते का दिन आता है )

Use – Don’t put me down as every dog has its day.

8. Flog a dead horse ( निरर्थक प्रयास करना )

Use – You’re flogging a dead horse to get a government job.

9. Enough and to spare ( पर्याप्त मात्रा में )

Use – He has enough and to spare property.

10. Face the music ( कठनाई का सामना करना )

Every successful man faces the music during his struggling days.

4. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( G to H ) –

1. Get out of ( जगह छोड़ना )

Use – The chemistry teacher will get out of this town soon.

2. Hen-pecked husband ( ज़ोरू का गुलाम )

Use – Be a caring husband, but not a hen-pecked husband.

3. Get the picture ( समझना )

Use – Why are you not getting the picture of this experiment?

4. Hold the fort ( देखभाल करना )

Use – My mother is ill so I’m holding the fort until she gets fit.

5. Greener pastures ( सुनहरा मौका )

Use – I’m seeking greener pastures to tell him the whole story.

6. Heavy going ( कठिन लगना )

Use – The chapters of Physics are rather heavy going, but I won’t give up.

7. Gain ground ( उन्नति करना )

Use – My business gained ground due to being online.

8. Hit the nail on the head ( ठीक निशाने पर चोट मारना )

Use – The property dealer hit the nail on the head at the right time.

9. Get into a scrape ( खुद को मुसीबत में पाना )

Use – He got himself into a scrape when he saw some burglars.

10. Harp on the same string ( एक ही बात करना )

Use – Harping on the same string can irritate people.

5. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( I to J ) –

1. In a cleft stick ( मुसीबत में )

Use – My father is in a cleft stick whether he should sell his old bike or not.

2. Jump the gun ( जल्दबाज़ी करना )

Use – Don’t jump the gun otherwise there may be any fault.

3. In a way ( एक तरह से )

Use – He earns a lot of money in a way.

4. Jam tomorrow ( झूठा वादा )

Use – A politician always offers populace jam tomorrow.

5. In a tight corner ( कठिन समस्या में )

Use – No one helps you when you’re in a tight corner.

6. Jack of all trades ( सभी विषयो का ज्ञान होना लेकिन पूरा नही )

Use – Akash sir is a jack of all trades.

7. In no time ( कुछ ही छड़ में )

Use – As soon as he tells me, I will do this in no time.

8. The jewel in the crown ( लाखो में एक )

Use – There are many historical places in India, but Red Fort is the jewel in the crown.

9. In the good books of ( अच्छी छवि में )

Use – My friend, Saloni tries to be in the good books of everyone.

10. Just around the corner ( पास में ही )

Use – Your baby is playing just around the corner.

6. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( K to L ) –

1. Knock against ( टक्कर मारना )

Use – Knocking your head against the cemented wall can harm you.

2. A loose cannon ( स्वतंत्र विचारो वाला )

Use – The poet, Rahat Indori was a loose cannon.

3. Keep an eye on ( नज़र रखना )

Use – The watchman of this building keeps an eye on it at night.

4. Live in an ivory tower ( जीवन की वास्तविकता से परे होना )

Use – The film Actors live in an ivory tower as they don’t know about poverty.

5. Kick the bucket ( मर जाना )

Use – His father kicked the bucket at a very young age.

6. Lapped in luxury ( अच्छी परवरिश में पलना )

Use – The poor people are not lapped in luxury.

7. Kiss and make up ( हल करना )

Use – Instead of fighting and making noises, people should kiss and make up the problem.

9. Kill or cure ( इस तरह से कि या तो सफल होगे या फिर बर्बाद )

Use – My younger daughter started a business in a kill or care gesture.

10. Leave no stone unturned ( कोई भी प्रयत्न बाकी न रखना )

Use – He left no stone unturned to cure his blood cancer.

7. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( M to N ) –

1. Man in the street ( साधारण व्यक्ति )

Use – In spite of being an S.D.M, he behaves like a man in the street.

2. Nearest and dearest ( सगे संबंधी )

Use – All the people in this street are my nearest and dearest.

3. Milk of human kindness ( मानवता से भरा हृदय )

Use – If you don’t have the milk of human kindness, you can never be a good man.

4. Neck and neck ( साथ साथ )

Use – Both the trains are running neck and neck.

5. Make up one’s mind ( निश्चय करना )

Use – I made up my mind that I would definitely buy a car this year.

6. A narrow escape ( साफ़ साफ़ बचना )

Use – Being unable to hear the horn of the train, he had a narrow escape.

7. Miss the boat ( मौका गवाना )

Use – Oh no! you missed the boat to meet a very humble guy.

8. Nook and corner ( प्रत्येक जगह )

Use – I searched for my keys nook and corner.

9. Man of Iron ( दृढ़ इच्छा शक्ति वाला व्यक्ति )

Use – No one can defeat a man of iron.

10. No love lost ( किसी भी प्रकार का प्रेम न होना )

Use – They have no love lost among themselves.

8. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( O to P ) –

1. On the same page ( एक समान सोच पर )

Use – Please make sure that you all are on the same page before declaring the decision.

2. Put an end to ( समाप्त करना )

Use – I have put an end to my dream of becoming an astronaut.

3. An open secret ( ऐसा रहस्य जो सबको पता हो )

Use – It’s an open secret that Ravi is not my son.

4. Pell-mell ( अस्त-व्यस्त व अव्यवस्थित तरीके से )

Use – When the people came to check the light connection, I disconnected it pell-mell.

5. Open and shut ( स्पष्ट )

Use – This case is open and shut.

6. Past master ( किसी विषय का विशेषज्ञ )

Use – Dr. Arvind is the past master of skin diseases.

7. On the wrong side of ( ज़्यादा उम्र का होना )

Use – I think that my father is on the wrong side of forty.

8. Put pen to paper ( लिखना शुरू करना )

Use – When I put my pen to paper, my hand began trembling.

9. Oil someone’s hands ( रिश्वत देना )

Use – Before oiling someone’s hands, know whether he is corrupt or not.

10. Play the fool ( बेवकूफी करना )

Use – Sometimes, playing the fool can get you in trouble.

9. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( Q to R ) –

1. A quick fix ( तुरंत समाधान )

Use – There is no quick fix for weight loss.

2. Rip-roaring ( शोर से भरा )

Use – The music concert was full of rip-roaring.

3. A quantum leap ( महत्त्वपूर्ण सुधार )

Use – I have done a quantum leap in my project.

4. A rush of blood ( अचानक उत्तेजित हो जाना )

Use – When I see the terrorists, I find myself in a rush of blood.

5. A burning question ( ज्वलंत प्रश्न )

Use – That lady asked the minister a burning question.

6. Rank and file ( साधारण लोग )

Use – We are rank and fine so we can’t afford an Audi car.

7. A race against time ( समय की कमी से जल्दी करना )

Use – Do a race against time otherwise it will rain.

8. Roll up one’s sleeves ( कठिन परिश्रम के लिए तैयार रहना )

You must roll up your sleeves to play in Olympics.

9. Rain or shine ( चाहे जो भी हो जाए )

Use – I have to catch the Rajdhani Express tomorrow rain or shine.

10. Rub shoulders with ( किसी के सम्पर्क में आना )

When I was in Mumbai, I rubbed my shoulders with the chief minister.

10. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( S to T ) –

1. State-of-the-art ( बेहतरीन तकनीक )

Use – This year, the company is planning to launch state-of-the-art bikes.

2. Test the water ( धीरे धीरे कोशिश करना )

Use – To get a job, he is testing the water.

3. Slip of the tongue ( ज़ुबान फिसलना )

Use – I’m really sorry, it’s just a slip of tongue.

4. Tricks of the trade ( जीविका को बेहतर करने के तरीके )

If you don’t know the tricks of the trade, you can’t live a better life.

5. Sword of Damocles ( सिर पर लटकी तलवार )

Use – Being a part of terrorism is like a sword of Damocles.

6. Think lightly ( मज़ाक में लेना )

Use – You will be fired from the job if you think this work lightly.

7. Snake in the grass ( आस्तीन का साँप )

Use – Her neighbor turned to be a snake in the grass.

8. Try it on ( धोखा देने की कोशिश करना )

Use – The thief is not ill, he is only trying it on.

9. A sweet tooth ( मिठाई का शौकीन )

Use – My friend, Rajat Dwivedi is a sweet tooth.

10. Thick-skinned person ( बेशर्म व्यक्ति )

Use – He is such a thick-skinned person he never wears pants.

11. Idioms and Phrases with Hindi Meaning ( U to Y ) –

1. Under the thump of ( किसी के वर्चस्व में )

Use – Abhishek is always under the thumb of his father.

2. Vice versa ( विपरीत )

Use – I’ll never give him and vice versa.

3. Word for word ( सही शब्दों में )

Use – I have taught you this chapter word for word.

4. The upper crust ( संपन्न वर्ग )

Use – Don’t compare my family to the upper crust.

5. Vexed question ( ऐसा प्रश्न जिस पर काफी बहस हो चुकी हो )

Use – Please don’t involve me as it’s a vexed question.

6. Up in arms ( बहस करने को तैयार )

Use – All the employees are up in arms with the manager.

7. Wild goose chase ( निरर्थक प्रयास )

Use – Persuading the director of this college is a wild goose chase.

8. Up-and-coming ( गुणी )

Use – The son of Mr. Khurana is up-and-coming.

9. Wear a long face ( उदास होना )

Use – He wore a long face when he knew that he had a serious disease.

10. A vicious circle ( भ्रमजाल )

Use – I don’t want to entangle in a vicious circle.

Final words –

Finally, I hope you have found the important idioms and phrases here. I discussed not only idioms and phrases but also how to use them in sentences.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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