Examples of Present Participle in the Sentences ( 50 Examples )

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Examples of present participle

If you’re looking for some examples of present participle, you have come to the right place.

Today, I’ll tell you, what is the present participle? and how to use it in the sentences. So, here are some examples of present participle so that you can use them properly in the sentences.

Often, students are confused about how to use present particles. In most cases, they are confused between a present participle and a gerund.

But, today I’ll clear all your doubts related to present participle by giving some examples of present participle.

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Without wasting your valuable time, let’s dive into the article that is about examples of present participle.

Examples of Present Participle in the Sentences or 50 Examples of Present Participle Sentences

1. What is the present participle? –

A present participle is nothing, but it’s the form of the verb ending with ing.

For example –

( 1 ) Crying loudly, he went home.

( 2 ) I have been working since last night.

( 3 ) Abhishek is beating him.

( 4 ) I saw Shivani scolding her daughter.

( 5 ) Many workers are trapped inside the burning factory.

Where crying, working, beating, scolding, and burning are present participle examples.

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2. How to use present participles? –

There are a lot of ways of using present participles. You can see some examples of present participle. Here are many present participle examples.

( a ) When two actions happen simultaneously –

The present participle is used when one action is being done and another action is taking place by the same person.

For example –

( 6 ) Rahul fell asleep listening to music.

( 7 ) He went into the rain running.

Where listening and running are present participle examples.

Moreover, it’s also used when one action is done very quickly after another one.

For example –

( 8 ) Throwing the bag, he went to the cinema.

( 9 ) Getting off the clothes, he took a bath.

( 10 ) Seeing his mother, he touched her feet.

Where throwing, getting, and seeing are present participle examples.

In these sentences ( 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 ), both the actions are occurring at the same time or one action after another.

( b ) As adjectives –

Sometimes, we use present participles as adjectives.

For example –

( 11 ) Kavita wore a fascinating dress at the function.

( 12 ) He has an amazing bike.

( 13 ) I with my family watched an interesting movie.

( 14 ) That flying bird is on the verge of extinction.

( 15 ) Many workers are inside the burning factory.

Where fascinating, amazing, interesting, flying and burning are present participle examples as well as adjectives.

( c ) To explain a reason –

We also use present participles to explain a reason.

For example –

( 16 ) Knowing that his father is now medically fit, he distributed the sweets.

( 17 ) Seeing the ice cream, my nephew determined to eat it.

( 18 ) Being dirty, he didn’t enter the temple.

( 19 ) Thinking that the policeman is not outside, he came out of the house.

( 20 ) Asking a question, he cleared all his doubts.

Where knowing, seeing, being, thinking, and asking are present participle examples.

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20 Examples of present participle sentences

( 21 ) Rohan’s grandfather was sitting in his bed reading a newspaper.

( 22 ) His younger brother took over all the studios belonging to Ranjit Singh.

( 23 ) A beautiful girl wearing a white dress announced the results.

( 24 ) Regretting his mistake, the director said sorry.

( 25 ) Being blind, he fell down.

( 26 ) He went to school eating pies and cakes.

( 27 ) I saw a van carrying newspapers.

( 28 ) Seeing the clouds, the cricketers lay on the ground.

( 29 ) Abhishek went running towards his pet.

( 30 ) Love is the biggest booming beat.

( 31 ) All the existing policies will be considered.

( 32 ) Sometimes, I felt that the ground was moving.

( 33 ) The operating system is completely useless.

( 34 ) I saw a burning house.

( 35 ) When I entered the house, I heard someone abusing me.

( 36 ) An old man was walking along the road.

( 37 ) I saw some birds flying over the roof.

( 38 ) Buying that house, I made a blunder.

( 39 ) I caught him red-handed stealing my books.

( 40 ) Drinking alcohol, he was dancing.

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10 Examples of present participle sentences –

( 41 ) Diagnosing the illness, I sent him to the related doctor.

( 42 ) When I turned back, I heard someone calling for help.

( 43 ) Arriving soon, I felt that there was no party.

( 44 ) I heard the people talking about Narendra Modi.

( 45 ) Kapil bought new jogging shoes.

( 46 ) Standing in the sunlight, I fixed the TV signal.

( 47 ) Painting the picture, he was talking to me.

( 48 ) Please bring that glowing marble.

( 49 ) The principal always creates a confusing situation.

( 50 ) A sixth-grade student gave an inspiring speech.

FAQs on examples of present participle –

1. What are the three uses of present participle? –

( a ) When two actions happen simultaneously.
( b ) As adjectives.
( c ) We also use present participles to explain a reason.

2. What is the difference between a gerund and a present participle?

A gerund is a noun whereas a present participle acts like a verb or an adjective.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that all these examples of present participle must have cleared all your doubts.

After understanding these examples of present participle properly, there will be no problem in using them in sentences.

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Thank you.

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