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By Vijay Gupta

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Short moral stories in English

Today, in this article, I’m going to write some short moral stories in English. That means if you’re looking for the best short moral stories, you have come to the right place.

Here, I’ll write some such stories through which you can definitely learn life lessons.

So, without wasting your time, let’s get started.

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Short Moral Stories in English –

1. A clever wolf –

A herd of wolves lived in a forest. They all lived in unity. One wolf was very clever in the herd. He was so clever that he used to eat most part of the hunted animal by the herd, due to which no one got an equal share.

Everyone was very upset by this. He was explained this many times by the group members but he couldn’t deter his antics.

One day all the wolves decided to remove him from the group and eventually drove him out. Now the clever wolf was alone. He found it very difficult to hunt alone. His condition had become so bad that he was now starving.

The moral of the story is that we should never be too smart with our people or else we may get to see bad results.

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2. An active person in the group –

A person was very active in his group. Whenever the head of the group told him any work, he would do it immediately. The head of the group was very happy with his behavior. Everything was going well, but suddenly the active man started being inactive in the group and would not do any work as before.

Even one day he left the group and didn’t come back for almost a week. When the head of the group noticed this, he went to meet him.

He saw that the man was sitting near the bonfire. The chief picked up a burning wood from the bonfire and kept it away without saying anything to him.

Whatever the chief was doing, the man was watching silently. After some time the wood got extinguished and the bonfire was still burning. When the man understood this, he hugged the chief and again joined the group.

The story teaches us that by living in unity, no one can quickly disappoint, and break you.

3. An eagle’s swoop on a squirrel –

Once a squirrel’s mouth got stuck in a hollow egg. He tried a lot but he couldn’t get his mouth out from it. An eagle was watching all this sitting far away. Seeing the right opportunity, the eagle pounced on the squirrel.

As soon as the squirrel saw the eagle coming to him, it tried once more with all its strength to get the head out of the hollow egg and luckily it got out, but due to a quick swoop, now the head of the eagle was trapped in the hollow egg.

Seeing itself safe, the squirrel ran away quickly and the eagle remained trapped there.

The moral of the story is that we should never take advantage of anyone’s helplessness as sometimes it can be a bad experience for us.

4. Don’t be too arrogant –

Ravi was the best student in his class. He had a very good knowledge of Mathematics, that’s why he was in limelight in the whole school.

All the teachers and students of the school respected him a lot, but he was very proud of his knowledge. Once a Maths quiz was held in his school. Students from many schools participated in it.

Ravi was so proud of his knowledge that he had already told everyone in the school that no one would beat him and eventually he would come out victorious.

When the quiz was over, he was very disappointed as he had lost. Now, everyone was making fun of him.

The story teaches us that we should never be too much proud of anything.

5. Help the needy –

A beggar was begging for a long time but no one was giving him alms. Either they would refuse or they would say to ask others for it.

There was a very gentleman standing there. He was watching all the activities of the beggar. When the beggar didn’t get alms from anyone, he started crying. The gentleman went to him and asked the reason for his crying, he told that he was very hungry but no one was giving him alms so that he could eat something.

Hearing this, the man felt pity and took him to a good hotel where he fed him food and also donated some money as alms. As a result, the beggar’s face lit up with happiness.

The man felt very good because he was the reason for the beggar’s happiness.

The moral of the story is that we must help the needy, maybe because of you someone can get happiness.

6. Evil of lotus flower –

Once a rose started criticizing a lotus with its other friends. It said, ” A lotus grows in mud, it’s very dirty, people don’t give it much importance.” Hearing the words of the rose, the lotus felt very bad.

But, it didn’t say anything to rose.

Once it was very hot, as a result of which the rose plant started drying up whereas the lotus was as same as it was before. Now the rose had only one option to ask for some water from the lotus so that it could keep itself a little fresh.

The rose embarrassedly asked to borrow some water from the lotus. Merciful lotus gave water to it without asking any questions.

At last, the rose apologized to lotus for the criticism it had made.

The moral of the story is that we should never criticize anyone because we may need someone at any time.

7. Strong flames of fire –

Once a huge fire broke out in a village. The flames were so strong that no one dared to put out the fire. At the same time, seeing the strong flames of fire, a parrot brought water from its beak and started extinguishing the fire.

Seeing this effort of the parrot, the villagers also started extinguishing the fire. With their tireless efforts, the fire was brought under control.

All the villagers were now praising that parrot.

The story teaches us that no matter what the situation is, we should continue to encourage others,

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have proved to be very helpful for you. Here, I have written the best short moral stories in English.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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