Use Of Articles In English Grammar ( A University & An SDM )

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Use of articles in English Grammar

Today, I am going to discuss, what is the use of articles in English grammar ?

Well, there are a lot of articles on Google but I’m not satisfied with them.

This is why, I have written an article to provide you deep knowledge of articles ( a, an & the ).

Often students are confused, what is the use of articles in English Grammar and when they know about it, they generally learn the use of very common articles ( a & an ).

Because, leaning the use of Grammar rules and topics isn’t easy at all.

In the same way, the use of articles in English Grammar is also not an easy task.

If you are interested to know about, what is adverb in English Grammar ?, you can read the article by clicking the provided link.

As I told you that students generally learn how to use articles ( a & an ). However, I have seen that they are unaware of the proper use of article an.

Because, there are some such rules that are very important to understand article an.

Hence, if you have been driven at this article, I am making you sure that you will completely be satisfied.

Without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic that is about the use of articles in English Grammar.

Use Of Articles In English Grammar ( A University & An SDM ) –

The use of articles in English grammar is very easy for those who studied the proper rules. At the same time, it’s very tough for those who are unaware of the basic rules of this chapter.

If you want to become a good English speaker or savvy of English Grammar, you must know all the Grammar topics very well.

The topic ( Article ) is one of them.

So, just focus on the rules of articles described below.

1. Use of articles ( a & an ) –

Both the articles ( a & an ) are called indefinite articles. These articles ( a & an ) are used just before such a word the first letter of which is a consonant and a vowel respectively.

Moreover, these articles are used before such nouns whose identity isn’t known.

The articles ( a & an ) are also used before countable nouns and the structure looks like a/an + adjective + countable nouns or a/an + countable nouns.

Note –

Generally students learn that the article ( an ) is used before such words the first letter of which is a vowel.

This is true.

But, there is one more thing that is the article ( an ) is also used before such words the first letter of which follows Hindi vowels.

Such as an SDM, an FIR, an SHO, an honest, an heir, an LLB graduate, an IAS officer, an x-ray machine etc.

In the same way, we don’t use article ( an ) before such words the first letter of which doesn’t follow Hindi vowels.

If you are interested to know how to study with full concentration, check this article.

Such as a university, a union, a unit etc.

For more convenience, I’m giving some other examples based upon all these rules.

Examples on Indefinite articles ( a & an ) –

( a ) There is a book on the table.

( b ) Kamal is a good man.

( c ) She sang a melodious song.

( d ) This is a pencil.

( e ) My younger brother is an excellent student in his class.

( f ) I ate an orange.

( g ) An intelligent boy never fights.

( h ) An umbrella helps in rainy days.

( i ) There was a king in Gujrat.

( j ) I saw a one-eyed teacher in the school.

( k ) His father lodged an FIR against a burglar.

( l ) He cut the tree with an axe.

( m ) Her daughter is an heir to the throne.

( n ) The manager has been working on a project for an hour.

( o ) The leader of this town is an honest person.

( p ) A European has come to India.

( q ) A ewe was died.

( r ) The administration warned a union not to do protest against unnecessary things.

( s ) An M.P resigned from the party.

( t ) I will come back after a year.

2. Use of article ( the ) –

Article ( the ) is considered as a definite article. It is used with singular, plural and uncountable nouns.

For example –

If I say to my brother that, are you going to the party tomorrow ? It means that article ( the ) is referring to that party which is known by both of us.

Examples on definite article ( the ) –

( a ) Abhishek is arguing to the manager.

( b ) Please give me the knife.

( c ) He took the book.

( d ) The man in blue jeans is my neighbor.

I hope that you must have understood, what is use of articles in English Grammar ? and how to use them.

Now, there will be no problem to understand the use of articles in English Grammar.

Some special cases of articles –

There are some special cases of articles, which are very essential to know.

1. We never use indefinite articles ( a/an ) before plural nouns.

For examples –

Wrong – A girls are dancing on the floor.

Right – The girls are dancing on the floor.

2. We never use indefinite articles ( a/an ) before uncountable nouns.

For example –

Wrong – The teacher gave me an advice.

Right – The teacher gave me advice.

Wrong – My father bought a new furniture today.

Right – My father bought new furniture today.

3. When we use verbs as nouns, we will use a/an before verbs.

For example –

( a ) My son has gone for a ride.

( b ) I had a long talk to my childhood friend.

( c ) He should take a drink.

4. We always use definite article ( the ) with the countries the name of which includes Union, United, Republic and Kingdom.

For example –

The United States, The Soviet Union, The Irish Republic etc.

But always keep in mind that we never use article ( the ) with the name of the country such as India, Pakistan, America, China, Russia etc.

5. Definite article ( the ) is always used with rivers and some specific places.

For example –

( a ) The Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe.

( b ) The Great Britain refers to the whole England.

( c ) The Ganga is a holy river.

( d ) The Yamuna is considered a religious river.

( e ) The Punjab is a state of India. ( It’s an exception because we never use article ( the ) with states. )

Eventually, I hope that the article must have satisfied you and you got valuable information here related to articles.

After reading the article I’m making you sure that you will not face any problem about what is the use of articles in English Grammar.

If you really liked the article, please share it to those need it.

Thank you.

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