English Unseen Passage for Class 10 with Questions & Answers

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English unseen passage for class 10

Today, I’m going to write an article that is very useful for those who are looking for an English unseen passage for class 10.

Here, I’ve written some unseen passages for class 10 so that students can practice properly. All these unseen passages will surely help them to understand how to answer the questions of unseen passages in the examination.

What are unseen passages?

Actually, unseen passages are passages that contain many paragraphs. By reading these paragraphs, students understand the complete passage and answer the given questions. Also, such passages enhance the understanding ability of the students.

Hence, without any further delay, let’s start writing the article.

Practice some other unseen passages in English with questions.

English Unseen Passage for Class 10 with Questions & Answers

1. English unseen passage for class 10 | Difference in living

In the olden times, people were dependent on three things: food, clothes, and house.

They used to do agriculture for food. Whatever they grew in the fields, they fed themselves and their family. Cotton and hand-made woolen clothes were the most popular clothes of that time. People used to wear cotton clothes in summer and hand-made woolen clothes in winter.

Since earlier most of the people lived in the villages, so their houses were of mud. Due to not much-advanced technology, they used only limited resources for living.

But today, the time has completely changed. Today’s people prefer to live in cities rather than villages. They like living in luxurious houses and bungalows, traveling to new places, eating different types of cuisines in hotels and restaurants, using new advanced technology, etc.

Before, people lived comfortably with limited resources, but today they have a lot of stress.

Questions –

1. How was the life of the people in the olden times?

2. What things did people depend on in the olden times?

3. Write the synonym of the word ‘Cuisine’.

4. What kinds of clothes were the most popular?

5. Where do people like to live in today’s time?


Practice also, unseen passages with multiple-choice questions in English.

2. English unseen passage for class 10 | Business

A business is full of uncertainty and risks. To make any business successful, hard work and dedication are the most important things.

There are mainly two types of businesses: retail and wholesale. Anyone can start a retail business. On the other hand, starting a wholesale business requires a lot of resources such as a place where goods are stored, few workers to operate it, timely delivery of goods to all the retailers, etc.

A retailer buys goods from a wholesaler and sells them in the market. The retailer makes more profit than the wholesaler.

The main objective of doing a business is to earn more profit. Also, in a business, you are free to work according to your comfortability. Capital is the most important thing to start any business. It’s that with the help of which any business is started.

Questions –

1. What are the most important things to make a business successful?

2. What are the types of businesses?

3. What is the main objective of a business?

4. Who makes more profit?

5. Write the synonym of the bold word in the last paragraph.


3. English unseen passage for class 10 | Transgenders

There are three types of genders living in our society: men, women and those who are neither completely men nor women. Those who are neither men nor women are called transgenders. If a woman feels like a man, she is called a transman. Similarly, if a man feels like a woman, he is called a transwoman.

Although earlier transgenders were highly discriminated against in society, they were given the third gender status by the Supreme Court on 15 April 2014 so that they too can be accepted by the people of the society.

Along with this, strict laws were also implemented. Now, if a person harms a transgender physically, socially or mentally, he can be imprisoned for at least six months and also fined.

Shabnam Mausi became the first transgender MLA from an assembly constituency in Madhya Pradesh.

Questions –

1. What is a transman?

2. Who are transgenders?

3. When did transgenders get third gender status?

4. Who was Shabnam Mausi?

5. If someone harasses a transgender, there is a provision of imprisonment of at least how many months?


4. English unseen passage for class 10 | The share market

Share market is such a market where people invest crores of rupees every day. The stock market is another name for the share market. Here, people buy and sell shares of those companies which are already listed in this market.

There are many applications on Google Playstore to invest money in the share market. Zerodha is one of the most popular ones. It’s a very risky market. Those who are intelligent investors invest money only after estimating the P/E ( Price to Earnings ) ratio.

Many intelligent people came to this market to make money, but a few got success. There happened many scams in this market. The most popular scam was the Harshad Mehta scam in 1992. Harshad Mehta was an Indian stockbroker who was involved in the scam of 1992.

A film was made on Harshad Mehta’s scam, in which all his characters were shown well. The name of the movie was ‘Scam 1992’.

Questions –

1. Who are intelligent investors?

2. What is the share market?

3. Who was Harshad Mehta?

4. What is Zerodha?

5. What is the name of the movie related to the Harshad Mehta scam?


5. English unseen passage for class 10 | Selfie

Taking selfies is one of the most popular activities of today’s time. Selfie means to capture a photo of yourself using your smartphone. When the craze of taking selfies increased in the people, a product called Selfie Stick was very much sold in the market.

By setting the smartphone in the selfie stick, people could easily take a selfie of many people in a single frame. But as time passed, the craze of selfie sticks ended.

Now, people use only their smartphones to take selfies and share them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

With the advancement, the kinds of selfies have also changed. Now, you can take a 3D selfie on your smartphone. The difference between 2D and 3D selfies is that 2D selfies can be viewed only from the angle from which it’s taken, whereas 3D selfies can be viewed from any angle.

Questions –

1. What is meant by a selfie?

2. Why did people use selfie sticks?

3. Explain the difference between 2D and 3D selfies.

4. Why do people take selfies?

5. Write the antonym of the words ‘Advancement’.


Final words

Eventually, I hope that the article must have proved to be very useful for you. All these are the best English unseen passages for class 10. So, practice them.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it. These will definitely help them and build confidence in them while solving unseen passages in the examination.

Thank you.

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