Essay on Computer in English ( 100, 200 & 500 Words )

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Essay on computer in English

Today, I’m going to write an essay on computer in English with 100, 200, and 500 words. If you’re looking for it, you have come to the right place.

It’s a very important topic for classes 5 to 12th, so you must prepare it. Without wasting your valuable time, let’s get started.

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Essay on Computer in English ( 500 words ) –

1. Introduction –

The computer was first invented by Charles Babbage in 1822. It’s a type of digital electronic machine in which data can be stored as well as retrieved very easily. It’s used for several purposes like sending emails, playing games, browsing, listening to music, preparing sheets, typing, etc.

There are many varieties of computers like personal computers, laptops, mini laptops, etc. The work of all the types of computers is the same, they differ only in size, specification, and price.

They are such devices that are used everywhere whether it’s an office, school, bank, hospital, hotel, or any other place. They have brought such a revolution that we couldn’t have imagined it.

Actually, they have not only changed the way and speed of our work but have also increased our productivity. Today no field is untouched by them.

2. How did computers bring revolution? –

As time passed, the popularity of computers increased. Gradually, they started being used in many fields like defense, agriculture, education, medical, business, etc. They helped us to store data easily and retrieve it in just one click when needed. They really made our job a lot easier.

With the help of computers, we can easily make online payments, book tickets, study online, access social media, watch live shows & movies and also collect information about anything.

Also, we can get information about planets, satellites, and solar systems in seconds. We can get prior information about the weather very easily. We can easily do any type of accounting work in them. The biggest revolution is that computers have provided many means of earning whereas earlier it was not so.

Today, there are a lot of jobs that are based on computers like video editing, graphic designing, web development, app development, etc.

3. Importance of computers –

In today’s time, the computer has a lot of importance in our life. They have reduced our physical labor. Plus, they do any calculations for us without any errors. We can do many tasks simultaneously without any problem. They not only save the consumption of more people but also save our time.

The use of computers is increasing rapidly in every field. Today, most of the work is being done by computers.

Even new technologies that are coming nowadays are being generated with the help of computers. We research first with their help and then develop the technology.

4. Conclusion –

Computers have taken us to new heights. In fact, it has contributed to every field. Whatever exists today in digital form, it’s only because of computers.

The more benefits we have from computers, the more there are disadvantages too. People have started using them in the wrong way, due to which fraud has increased. If computers are used properly, we will definitely be able to touch the heights.

It’s really a powerful machine. Therefore, we should use it in a proper way.

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Essay on Computer in English ( 200 words ) –

The computer is an important achievement of human life. Its invention has made our life very easy. Today, with its help, we are able to do the work of hours in seconds. It’s being used in every field. In this, one can easily input his data and can also retrieve it again if needed.

The most important parts of a computer are the Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and CPU.

It’s a machine that does its work with great responsibility. There is very little chance of error in this. In today’s time, so many people started using it that it seems unimaginable to live without it. People of all ages use it, whether they’re students, youngsters, businessmen or employees.

The reason for more use of computers is their simplicity and less physical exertion. It’s a wonderful gift given by science, which is controlling most of the activities of today.

Along with changing our lifestyle, it has also helped us to move faster.

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Essay on Computer in English ( 100 words ) –

Today, the computer is a very useful product. Earlier, when there were no computers, we used to do all work either in written form or oral.

The invention of the computer has brought many changes in our life. There are basically two types of computers. Some are such which have a keyboard, mouse, CPU, ups, and monitor separately, they are known as desktops. Some in which all the components are connected to the same device, we also know them as laptops.

The only difference between a desktop and a laptop is that the laptop can be easily carried anywhere while there’s a little inconvenience for the desktops, but both have their own values. The demand for computers is increasing day by day. In the upcoming times, computers will be an important part of our life.

Final words –

Eventually, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Here, I have written an essay on computer in English in different formats. Now, you’re completely free to choose the one that suits you the most.

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Thank you.

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