Essay on COVID 19 in English ( 100, 200 & 500 Words )

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Essay on COVID 19 in English

Today, I’m going to write an essay on COVID 19 in English, because most of the students want to write an essay on COVID 19 in English with proper headings.

It’s a very important topic ( essay on COVID-19 pandemic in English ) from the perspective of the board and competitive exams.

As you know, we’ve been suffering from COVID 19 pandemic since December 2019.

It has left its impact on almost all the countries. In other words, you can say that no country is untouched by this pandemic.

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As a result, people faced very difficult situations, which they had never thought about.

Hence, just go in deep and without wasting your valuable time let’s start the essay on COVID 19 in English.

Essay on COVID 19 in English 500 Words –

1. Introduction –

COVID-19 is an abbreviation for Corona Virus Disease of 2019. It was so dangerous that it grew very fast all over the world in 2020.

An investigation revealed that the virus was spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

As rumors began to circulate, China itself alerted the World Health Organization to unusual pneumonia cases in the city of Wuhan.

Subsequently, WHO ( World Health Organization ) declared the outbreak of a Public Health emergency on the international concern.

At the end of March 2020, it was realized globally that COVID-19 is a dangerous disease and it can cause a great crisis to the world.

Well, there are different types of coronaviruses that cause diseases in humans as well as animals.

But, its effects on humans were too precarious. Symptoms like fever, difficulty in breathing, cough, the cold started appearing in this disease.

As a result, people started getting diseases ranging from the common cold to other serious diseases.

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2. Effects on society –

Pandemic has affected a lot our society. We never thought that we would have to do something that we couldn’t even imagine.

Earlier, people used to meet their friends and relatives without any restriction, but as WHO has certified that the virus is spread by touching, they maintained a distance from one another and started using masks and sanitizer.

Whoever was affected by this virus was seen with an inferiority complex in society. Moreover, people started being afraid of going into the crowd and public places.

Due to this pandemic, millions of the poor had to face their livelihood problems. People who went to another province in the search of employment went through many problems.

They travelled on foot to their villages and homes due to the closure of the rail and bus services. In such bad situations, benign social workers spread their services to the needy. Nevertheless, millions of people succumbed to starvation.

3. Effects on education –

The most affected field due to COVID 19 pandemic is education.

It not only postponed the work of education but also increased the prevalence of inequality in education.

For months, the closure of schools and colleges had a major impact on the education of the students as well as the livelihood of the teachers.

Although schools and colleges promoted online education, but it didn’t have much effect on students.

Certainly, there was little comfort for students studying in private schools as they were provided the online classes.

The children of poor families in government schools had been greatly affected as they didn’t have the facilities like smartphones, internet, laptops and online classes.

As a result, they were deprived of online education.

In addition, many competitive exams had been postponed, resulting in increased frustration in the minds of the students.

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4. Effects on Economy –

COVID-19 pandemic also affected the economy of the countries.

As the effect of the coronavirus increased, most of the countries announced complete lock-down to protect their population.

As a result, all kinds of means of livelihood were stopped for a few days.

When it happened, the governments of different countries saw a significant decrease in taxes, causing the economy to collapse.

So, there was no doubt that there had been a decrease in the economy all over the world.

Moreover, Oxford Economics, the organization that monitors the economy of the world said that the most affected economy was of India.

5. Conclusion –

COVID 19 pandemic was very dangerous. It affected human beings very much. That’s why we should take care of ourselves in the future so that such viruses couldn’t spread again.

If we see such situations again, we should follow the rules laid down by the government and avoid meeting friends and relatives too much, use masks and sanitizers in public places, follow social distancing, etc.

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Short essay on COVID 19 in English for students ( 10 lines ) | Covid 19 essay in English for students 100 Words –

  1. COVID-19 is a type of infection and it was first discovered in the city of Wuhan.
  2. Its speed of spreading is very high.
  3. As a result, WHO declared it a pandemic.
  4. COVID-19 pandemic killed millions of people around the world.
  5. The disease is characterized by cough, fever and breathing problems.
  6. It mainly affects the nervous system of the people.
  7. The disease is spread by contact with the affected person.
  8. COVID-19 pandemic affected lots of fields but it mainly affected economy and education.
  9. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shortage of oxygen and ventilators in many countries.
  10. Due to this pandemic, people with other diseases also had problems in getting hospitalized.

Essay on COVID 19 in English for class 8 ( 20 lines ) | Essay on COVID 19 in English 200 words –

  1. COVID-19 virus arose in December 2019.
  2. The full name of COVID-19 is Corona Virus December 2019.
  3. Most of the people believed that the virus was spread from the city of Wuhan in China.
  4. After sometimes, WHO announced it a pandemic.
  5. This disease surrounds the people with cold, cough, fever and breathing problems.
  6. People suffering form this pandemic were isolated in their homes for 14 days.
  7. The pandemic affected a lot our society, education and economy.
  8. It caused gaps between the people physically and mentally.
  9. People affected by the COVID-19 were seen with inferiority complex.
  10. This pandemic ruined many lives.
  11. People avoid going into the crowd and public place.
  12. During the pandemic, many people faced their livelihood problems.
  13. In India, many migrants travelled long distances on foot due to lock-down.
  14. People also faced treatment related problems in the hospitals.
  15. The disease was so contagious that millions of people died.
  16. In addition, some countries also suffered from the lack of oxygen and beds.
  17. To prevent this pandemic, various efforts have been made by the governments.
  18. Governments planned to vaccinate every person in their respective countries.
  19. People got to see its second phase that was very horrible.
  20. The rate of deaths exceeded in the second phase.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that the article has fulfilled your needs. Now, you won’t have any problem writing an essay on COVID 19 in English.

Additionally, you can also write an essay on COVID 19 in English ( 10 or 20 lines ). If you really like the article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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