Essay on Plastic Pollution in English ( 150, 300 & 500 Words )

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Essay on plastic pollution

If you are looking for an essay on plastic pollution, you have come to the right place. Here, I’ve written several different essays on this topic.

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Essay on Plastic Pollution in English ( 150, 300 & 500 Words )

Essay on Plastic Pollution in English ( 500 Words )

1. Introduction

Plastic is such a substance that is being used everywhere. Today, nothing is exempt from this.

As much as it has benefited us through bags, furniture, utensils, bottles, boxes, and other accessories, it has also harmed our environment. Its waste has caused a lot of damage to the environment. Its use increased as time passed.

Earlier, when plastic was not used much, it didn’t pose much threat to our environment, but since its use has started making various things, its waste is increasing rapidly, which has become very difficult to dispose of.

Actually, plastic has brought a new type of pollution to the earth. If it’s not taken care of in time, it can become a serious problem in the coming time.

That’s why we should start our efforts to solve it.

2. Effects of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution has had a wide impact on water, land, and all living beings. The faster the use of plastic has increased, the faster its waste too.

It has badly affected all living beings. Due to the accumulation of its waste on the banks of rivers, ponds, and other water sources, we are getting health-related problems due to drinking such water.

However we purify water in many ways, yet the effect of plastic remains somewhere.

In addition, plastic waste has affected the growth of trees and plants along with weakening the soil fertility as it contains a mixture of toxic substances. That’s why we should pay attention to it and at the same time reduce it.

3. How to stop plastic pollution?

Although the outbreak of plastic pollution is increasing day by day, if we try to stop it, we can do so by adopting some methods which can prove to be very helpful for us.

Whenever we go to the market, we should avoid plastic bags, instead, we should use bags made of paper, cloth, and leather. At the same time, we should run a campaign at our level not to use plastic items, so that those who know you can also be a part of that campaign and avoid the use of things made of plastic.

Also, if there is any function or party in our house, we should avoid plastic plates, bowls, and glasses, but use utensils made of steel.

If you can’t avoid using plastic, try reusing it. Apart from this, avoid buying new things made of plastic. If you have become accustomed to plastic items, try instead of throwing them away when they are damaged, to sell them at the junk shop so that they can be recycled, it will definitely reduce the plastic waste on the land.

4. Conclusion

Ultimately, the government should ban the use of plastic. Its use on the general public should be completely banned because only we are responsible for spreading plastic waste on land.

Unless it’s done with full responsibility, it’s very difficult to stop it. It’s time that now we should seriously consider it otherwise we won’t be able to escape from its ill effects in the coming time.

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Essay on Plastic Pollution in English ( 300 words )

Plastic is used a lot in our daily life. We all use it in different ways, and that’s why we are unable to reduce its use as time is proceeding.

As air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution are fatal for our environment, in the same way, plastic pollution is also dangerous for it. In earlier times, when the use of plastic was less, there was no problem of pollution caused by it, but today its excessive use is increasing the pollution caused by it.

Its excessive use has affected all living beings whether they’re humans, animals, or trees. It’s a substance that cannot be degraded. When it’s burnt, it increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a great threat to the environment.

Along with this, various types of plastic waste are eaten by animals, which adversely affects their health. Due to the toxic substance in it, it’s harmful to them.

Also, plastic waste is responsible for land pollution.

Plastic waste has increased so much that it can be easily seen on the banks of rivers, ponds, and seas. It can neither be broken nor disposed of. It can only be recycled.

In the absence of information, people use it and throw it on the ground outside the house, which gets accumulated in the ground and gets sunk somewhere inside. Therefore, the government should seriously campaign for this so that the pollution caused by it can be stopped and future problems related to it can be dealt with.

Along with government efforts, we should also be aware of the pollution caused by it and try to stop it.

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Short Essay on Plastic Pollution in English ( 150 Words )

Plastic is a substance the use of which is increasing day by day. Due to its cheapness, It’s used in various fields. Its excessive use has increased plastic pollution, due to which it’s having a bad effect on our lives.

In fact, plastic cannot be decomposed. Sometimes when it’s burnt, it pollutes the environment in the form of carbon dioxide instead of being destroyed. Along with the increasing use of plastic, its waste is also increasing, which is often seen in ponds and on roads.

Nowadays, plastic bags, plastic glasses, and plastic plates are being used more for many purposes, which we are unable to reduce. Although efforts are being made to ban plastic under various campaigns, it has not been completely eradicated.

Earlier, when plastic was not used so much, there was no plastic pollution but today its excessive use has created a serious problem for our society.

So, it’s very essential to stop it. We must restrain ourselves to use it. Also, we should make others aware of this.

Final words

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