Moral Stories in English for Class 6 | Short Moral Stories for Kids in English

Today, this article is about the moral stories in English for class 6. Here, I’ll also write some very short stories in English for students of class 6.

If you’re a guardian or teacher, you must read these moral stories so that you can tell these stories to your children and students as well.

Sometimes, people are confused about, what is a moral story?

What is moral story ? –

A moral story is a story from where we get to learn something about our life.

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Moral Stories in English for Class 6 | Short Moral Stories for Kids in English –

Here are some interesting moral stories in English for class 6 and all are short moral stories for kids in English.

If you tell any of these stories to your children or students, they will be very pleased. So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing moral stories in English for class 6.

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1. Widow’s naughty son –

Vijay was a very naughty boy who used to fight a lot with the other boys around him, due to which his widow mother got very upset and always encouraged him to do good deeds. But, he never heeded the words of his mother.

One day, when she asked his second son to take Vijay to Mumbai for the purpose of earning, he agreed. She was very happy to hear that.

After some days, both reached Mumbai.

Since Vijay was very naughty, so he started doing illegal work there. One day, the police caught him red-handed with his gang.

After six months of imprisonment, He returned to his hometown and narrated the whole story to his mother and felt very sorry for what he did.

Therefore, always pay attention to your mother’s words and follow what she says.

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2. A poor man with golden heart –

Once upon a time, the only son of a poor man was very ill. He went to one of the most famous doctors in the village.

When he asked the doctor to see his child, the doctor refused as he was going to play badminton at that time. The poor man requested him a lot, but the doctor didn’t listen to him. After some time, his child died and the poor man returned to his home crying.

Twenty years later, the same doctor’s child was bitten by a snake. Many occultists tried to bring the child live but no one could help him.

In the end, the same poor man, whose child this doctor had refused to see, revived his child with his occult.

Consequently, the doctor was ashamed of himself and requested to forgive him, but the poor man went away from there without saying anything.

The story teaches us that we should always help the needy because time always changes.

3. The angry boy –

There lived a very angry boy in a village. He was very upset with his anger because he used to talk very unfairly to the people in anger.

Seeing this, the boy’s father called him and gave him a bag full of nails.

He told him that whenever you get angry, take a nail out of it and hit that in the fence. He did exactly that.

Whenever he got angry, he would take a nail from the bag and hit it on the fence. He found that he hit 40 nails in a single day and was surprised to see this.

Gradually, he started to control his anger and one day it came that he didn’t have to hit a single nail.

He told this to his father, his father told him that whenever you got angry, you hit a nail on the fence. As a result, the fence got many holes and it will never be like before. In the same way, anger only gives a wound to the people, it doesn’t matter how many times you say sorry.

So, don’t get angry because it always creates the gaps between the people.

4. A stingy person –

There lived a stingy person in a village. His name was Girish. He was so stingy that no one was unaware of it in the village.

One day, he came to know that another stingy person had come to the neighboring village. As a result, he decided to meet him.

When he started leaving the house, he thought why not take some gift for him. He scratched some bananas on the white paper and put that in his pocket.

When he arrived at miser’s house, he found that he wasn’t there. Even he waited for a few hours, but miser didn’t come. At last, he stood up and told miser’s son to take those bananas that he made on the white paper and give them to his father as a gift.

When Girish started leaving the miser’s house, his son stopped him and said, “Wait, I have also something for you.” He made some mangoes in the air and told him to take those mangoes so that he could enjoy them with his family.

Girish was surprised to see. Then, he realized, “They are really very stingy.” He left the place and went away from there.

When his father returned home, his son told him about that miser person. He said, “You should have made mangoes smaller than the size you stated.”

The moral of the story is, don’t let your habits enter your children otherwise the children will become as you are.

5. The greedy lion –

Once in the forest, a lion got hungry. He started wandering around in the search of food. But, he couldn’t find anything due to which he was very sad.

While returning to his den, he saw a small mouse. When the lion was about to kill that mouse, he saw a deer near his den. Seeing the deer, the lion thought, “The mouse is too small, it can’t quench my thirst.”

So, he chased the deer.

He did his best to catch the deer, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. As a result, he became very disappointed.

The moral of the story is that, always be happy with what you have. Never be too greedy.

Very short stories in English for students | Very short English stories –

1. A bad company –

Once, a farmer got very upset with the crows. Crows would come to his field and eat his crop.

Distressed by this, he laid a trap.

The next day all the crows were trapped and he saw that a pigeon was also fallen into the trap.

In spite of knowing this, the farmer didn’t feel any pity for that pigeon and handed over all of them to the dogs.

As a result, the pigeon was also killed with the crows.

The moral of the story is that we should always be with good people not bad people.

2. A clever businessman –

Once, a clever businessman went to the market to buy goods in the scorching sun.

After purchasing the goods, it seemed to him that the goods had become too heavy, so he hired a horse with his owner.

When both the men ( businessman and owner ) got tired of walking in the middle of the way, the businessman began to rest under the shadow of the horse.

Due to this, the owner started quarreling with him because according to the owner, he gave the horse to the businessman to carry his goods and not to rest in the shadow of the horse.

Taking the advantage of their quarrel, the horse fled away from there.

The moral of the story is that the third person always takes advantage in the fight of two people.

3. Jealous parrots –

In Kushinagar, there was a man who had many parrots. He loved his parrots very much and used to feed them a variety of food.

One day, the man bought a new beautiful bird from the market and brought it to his house.

When parrots saw that beautiful bird, they were jealous.

Consequently, all the parrots made a plan to kill the bird. When parrots attacked the bird, the man saw it and saved that bird from them.

Due to this behaviour of the parrots, the man left them in the forest.

The story teaches us that sometimes being jealous of others causes harm to oneself.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that all these moral stories in English for class 6 must have satisfied you. Now, I believe that students will learn something from these moral stories in English for class 6.

If you really liked any of these moral stories in English for class 6, please share the article with those who need it.

Thank you.

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