Moral Stories for Kids in English for Competition

By Vijay Gupta

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Moral stories for kids in English for competition

Today, I’m going to write an article in which I’ll tell you some of the best moral stories for kids in English for competition.

That means if you’re seeking moral stories for kids in English for competition, you have come to the right place.

All these stories are the best for storytelling contests. If you’re interested, read them all.

Without wasting your time, let’s start writing moral stories for kids in English for competition.

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Moral Stories for Kids in English for Competition –

1. Karan’s honesty –

Once the teachers of a school thought of distributing gifts to all the students on Children’s Day. They decided to give gold pens to wise students and silver pens to weak students.

Karan was very honest and good in his studies. When the teachers were packing the gifts, both the pens accidentally got packed in Karan’s gift.

After Lord’s prayer, the Principal said to all the students, “Every student will get a gold or silver pen today, so go to your class teacher and take your gifts.

When Karan got his gift and opened it, he saw that there were two pens in the box. One was of gold and the other of silver. Actually, this was the mistake of the teachers.

Since Karan was honest, he went to his class teacher and told him this. His teacher became very happy seeing his honesty and gave both the pens to him.

The moral of the story is that we should always be honest. Sometimes, honesty gives us more value than others.

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2. Be everyone’s friend –

Once a fat boy enrolled in a school. He was so fat that no one liked him. He used to sit alone in the classroom.

One day, he asked an intelligent boy to be friends but he refused and said, “You are too fat so I cannot befriend you.”

He was very sad to hear this. After some time, that intelligent boy got into a fight with some mischievous boys. They came down to fight with him.

As soon as the fat boy saw this, he came forward to save the intelligent boy. Seeing the fat boy, all the boys ran away from there.

The intelligent boy thanked him and made him his friend.

The story teaches us that we should be friends with everyone. Friendship always proves helpful for us.

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3. Give time to your family –

A few years ago, there was a businessman who used to earn a lot of money. Whenever he returned home after work, he found his son sleeping.

It was going on for several months. One day, his son asked his father while going to the office in the morning why he was very busy.

Since his father was in hurry, so he said that he would tell him after returning home. When he returned home, his son was already asleep.

The next day, his son asked the same question and he gave the same answer. When he came back, his son was asleep again. Then, he realized how busy he was in his life. The next morning, he didn’t go to his work and spent all his time with his son.

The moral of the story is that we should give some time to our family along with work.

Some Best Stories for Storytelling Competition –

1. A fish concern –

A fish lived in a big pond. It was very happy with the abundance of water in the pond and has many bird friends.

Once during the rainy season, there was no rain due to which the water of the pond started drying up. Seeing this, that fish got worried.

When some bird friends asked why it was worried, it refused to tell. When they insisted too much, it gave the reason.

When they heard its reason, they started laughing and said, “don’t worry, where we come from there is a huge pond and it never dries up, so let us leave you there.”

They left it in another pond and now it was very happy.

The story teaches that we should share problems with our friends. Maybe, they can solve them.

2. Don’t do wrong to others –

There was a landlord who lived in a village. His land was spread over the whole village.

He used to give his land to the farmers for cultivation and in return, he took half of the total produce.

A clever farmer lived in that village. He was very well acquainted with the landlord as he had already taken most of the land from him.

He was very jealous of other farmers and wanted no one to overtake him. That’s why he forbade the landlord to give more land to other farmers.

Therefore, all the farmers were very upset with him.

One day, the fields of that clever farmer caught fire. He pleaded a lot with the villagers but no one helped him and his whole field was burnt to ashes.

The story teaches us that we shouldn’t do wrong to others otherwise they will never help you when needed.

3. Obey your parents –

A boy named Naimish studied in class 12th. He was about 18 years old. He loved his friends very much.

His father was a big businessman. That’s why he used to give him 200 rupees every day. His son spent all that money on friends. All his friends were very happy with him. One day, his father asked his son, “how do you spend this money?”

He replied that he spent all that money on his friends.

Then, his father explained to him that he should spend that money on himself because his friends will never spend that much money on him.

One day, he needed some money, so he asked his friends for it, but everyone refused. He realized that his father was right.

The story teaches us that we must listen to what our parents say.

4. Do your work yourself –

In a forest, a lion lived with some of his friends. All his friends were very happy with him. Whenever they wanted to eat the meat of any animal, they would tell the lion. He would hunt and eat himself first and then leave something for them.

It was going on for many years so other friends had forgotten to hunt. Once that lion’s health deteriorated and suddenly he died.

When he died, all his friends were sad because they were all worried about their food. Now, they tried but failed.

Gradually, all the friends started getting weak and died one after the other.

The moral of the story is that we shouldn’t depend on others to fulfill our needs.

Final words –

In the end, I hope that the article must have proved to be very useful for you. Here, I have discussed all the best moral stories for kids in English for competition.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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