Present Indefinite Tense with Example ( All Types )

By Vijay Gupta

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Present indefinite tense with example

Today, I’m going to write an article in which I’ll tell you Present Indefinite Tense with example and its rules.

So, read this article very carefully so that you can know all the rules of this tense and also understand its examples.

Without any further delay, let’s start writing the article.

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Present Indefinite Tense with Example ( All Types ) –

There are four types of Present Indefinite Tense. I’ll discuss them one by one.

Present Indefinite Tense with Example ( Affirmative Sentences ) –

Rule 1 – Singular subject+verb 1st form+s/es+object.

Rule 2 – Plural subject+verb 1st form+object.

Examples –

1. Dogs bark daily at night.

2. I love my children.

3. He behaves abnormally.

4. The sun rises in the east.

5. He always lies to his father.

6. Kamlesh shuts his shop at 11 p.m.

7. Holi comes once a year.

8. My daughter goes to school by bicycle.

9. I need your help urgently.

10. Abhilasha shares her thoughts when I ask her.

11. The lady suffers much trouble.

12. I know his tactics very well.

13. I speculate that he won’t come to the party.

14. They agree with me.

15. A seventy-year-old woman cooks food in this house.

16. She ignores me at school.

17. Please wait until I come.

18. While teaching, Vijay sir closes the windows of the classroom.

19. My behavior depends on you.

20. Everyone believes that God exists.

21. He cries very loudly.

22. You look like your brother.

23. My grandfather still goes hunting every Sunday.

24. The exhibition starts at 8 o’clock in the morning.

25. He admits his mistake when he realizes it.

26. Those workers work ten hours a day.

27. She comes here when my father is present.

28. The magician makes things disappear in front of the public.

29. Rani plays cricket.

30. The entire family of Raman lives in Nepal.

31. You always wear beautiful clothes.

32. The train leaves the station at 11:50 pm.

33. I get up early in the morning.

34. Your watch shows the correct time.

35. He leads the group.

36. She always tries to degrade me.

37. My father advises me to play hockey.

38. The MLA wants to meet you.

39. They lose their confidence.

40. Indians love Chinese food very much.

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2. Present Indefinite Tense with Example ( Negative Sentences ) –

Rule 1 – Singular subject+does not+verb 1st form+object.

Rule 2 – Plural subject+do not+verb 1st form+object.

Examples –

1. I don’t recommend you to watch this movie.

2. They don’t need medicines.

3. He doesn’t refuse to do so.

4. My father never neglects my skills.

5. These tools don’t work properly.

6. Mr. Sharma’s son doesn’t do any work.

7. His brother doesn’t look happy.

8. My little nephew doesn’t talk to strangers.

9. The teachers of this school don’t beat the children.

10. He never laughs.

11. I don’t like clever people.

12. I never forget anything.

13. He doesn’t understand the matter.

14. My uncle doesn’t believe in ghosts.

15. They don’t like pizza.

16. We don’t make silly mistakes.

17. She doesn’t wait for me.

18. Akshay and Rubina don’t complete their homework.

19. We don’t chew tobacco like you.

20. He doesn’t like his face and activities.

21. I don’t play video games.

22. Riya doesn’t focus on her target.

23. Sometimes, police don’t treat the public well.

24. Ambalika doesn’t know how to use this toilet

25. Time waits for none.

26. Krishna doesn’t eat sweets.

27. My science teacher doesn’t teach me how to do experiments.

28. People don’t care about their surroundings.

29. I don’t know how to play the guitar.

30. The stars twinkle at night.

31. His mother doesn’t care about her husband.

32. Girls don’t fight like boys.

33. She never sends me flowers.

34. Now, I don’t live in Delhi.

35. The manager doesn’t have good manners.

36. Abhishek doesn’t write letters.

37. Mira never presents in the court.

38. They don’t pay attention to your clothes.

39. Ravi and Ajay don’t study in this class.

40. Major Dushyant doesn’t love his wife.

3. Present Indefinite Tense with Example ( Interrogative Sentences ) –

Rule 1 – Does+singular subject+not+verb 1st form+object?

Rule 2 – Do+plural subject+not+verb 1st form+object?

Examples –

1. Do Pakistanis attack India first?

2. Do you prefer tea to coffee?

3. Does he work in any IT company?

4. Do they ignore you?

5. Does your uncle worship Lord Ganesha?

6. Do you sleep late at night?

7. Does she sing songs?

8. Does the peon obey?

9. Do your parents beat you?

10. Does someone meet you daily?

11. Do you read Ramayana during Navratri?

12. Does he play chess?

13. Do you not go to your home in Holi?

14. Does she like burgers?

15. Do their sisters tie rakhi on Rakshabandhan?

16. Does he try to speak English?

17. Do you make more money on the night shift?

18. Does Karan beat his younger brother every day?

19. Do the new employees not work properly?

20. Does this shopkeeper sell good chocolates?

21. Do you teach Hindi in this school?

22. Does your wife go to the temple every day?

23. Does Atul practice to solve these questions?

24. Does children go to school on foot?

25. Do you read books while travelling?

26. Does the gardener do his work properly?

27. Does your father not angry with you?

28. Do you sleep for eight hours?

29. Does this dog bark at strangers?

30. Do they tell a lie?

31. Does the organization distribute sweets on Diwali?

32. Do you love your parents?

33. Do you go to the office?

34. Do I bribe you?

35. Does Reema drink orange juice?

36. Do you remember those days?

37. Does Vishal still pee on the bed?

38. Do you watch singing shows?

39. Do we provoke people?

40. Does Canera Bank give loans?

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4. Present Indefinite Tense with Example ( Wh-Type Sentences ) –

Rule 1 – Wh-word+does+singular subject+not+verb 1st form+object?

Rule 2 – Wh-word+do+plural subject+not+verb 1st form+object?

Examples –

1. Why do you like her?

2. When do you go to market?

3. Where does Alisha live in Shimla?

4. Which course do they want to pursue?

5. Whom do you want to fire out from the job?

6. Why does she not complain against him?

7. Who travels every year?

8. Why does Karan run after having food?

9. Where does Abhishek work?

10. How much money does he spend on his birthday?

11. Why do you not eat pumpkin?

12. What does she expect from me?

13. What time do you talk to your fiance?

14. Why do you not talk to me politely?

15. Where do you sell your old cars?

16. How does Shamita swim in water?

17. Where do you want to go?

18. What does she eat in the restaurant?

19. When does Saksham get angry?

20. How many employees come to the office?

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Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that you must have understood Present Indefinite Tense with example. Read them all one by one, you will surely understand them.

If you really liked the article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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