An Essay on the Importance of Education ( 6 to 12 )

By Vijay Gupta

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An essay on the importance of education

In this article, I’m going to write an essay on the importance of education in life.

Well, it’s a very important topic from the perspective of competitive exams like UPSC and SSC, but sometimes it’s asked in academics as well.

Whether you are a student of academics or an aspirant of UPSC or SSC, this essay can prove to be very helpful for you.

I wrote this essay with proper headings and paragraphs.

As per your suitability, you can choose the format which suits you the most.

Let’s start writing an essay on the importance of education without wasting your precious time.

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An Essay on the Importance of Education with headings or Essay on Importance of Education in 500 Words –

1. Introduction

Education is all about learning. It’s such a social process through which innate powers can be developed and increased easily.

Education is equally necessary for both men and women.

The basic aim of education is to make the people literate and principled.

When a child is born, he starts learning things right from birth and as time passes, he becomes mature in the same things.

Educated people mean responsible persons. Education is as important as eating, sleeping, bathing etc.

You can see the importance of education when two people of different literacy are in front of each other.

An educated person is always aware of whatever he does and also cares about all those things that are essential to do in society.

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2. Respect and Employment

Education is such an ultimate wealth that no one can steal or buy it, rather it’s a kind of wealth that increases when it’s shared.

Whoever is educated is highly respected in society.

Therefore, education is considered as the best wealth.

Also, it brings changes in people’s living, habits, behaviour etc.

Education increases the status of the people.

It’s also used as employment. By education, anyone can easily convert his physical work into mental work.

In today’s time, there are many such jobs which require education.

That’s why, it’s a very important weapon for us.

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3. Communication skills

Communication is completely dependent on education.

If you are an illiterate person, you won’t be able to talk to anyone properly.

But, if you’re an educated person, you won’t have any kind of discomfort while talking.

It means that a good education also helps to communicate with the people.

An educated person always takes care of how he treats others concerning his speech and gestures.

Apart from this, he seems quite confident while interacting with others.

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4. Women empowerment

Due to the increase in education, women empowerment has got a boost.

Earlier a lot of atrocities were done on women such as Sati Pratha, Remarrying Widows, Child Marriage etc.

But since education got a boost, the percentage of educated women is also increased.

As a result, they are able to raise their voice on atrocities.

Today, women are considered equal to men only because of education.

So, if all women are awaken to be educated, it will bring a big change in society.

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5. Conclusion –

Education can make our life much better. It can provide us many options for livelihood.

A regular and proper education can take our life towards success.

In today’s time, the first priority of parents for their children should be education.

Education not only helps in the mental development of the children but it’s also responsible for social development.

Therefore, you must provide education to your children so that they can improve their life.

Paragraph on Importance of Education or A short article on the importance of education –

The first teachers of children are their parents. They are responsible for teaching informal things to their children.

When children grow up, they start learning formal things in schools.

It means that there are two types of education.

The first one is informal education that is learnt at homes, offices, society. The other one is formal education that is learnt in schools, colleges, universities etc.

But, the main education is formal education by which we build our society.

That means, both types of education are essential to build a strong nation.

Teachers are the only way through which formal education can be provided. In fact, the main founder of education is a teacher.

In today’s time, the importance of education has increased a lot. Even we have established a good society with the help of education.

Higher education brings respect in the family and builds a good image at the social level.

Even it can make the person a philosopher and a right thinker.

Education has completely changed the purpose of our life. If a person is well-educated, he can easily arrange his livelihood. Moreover, he can live a standard life.

It has not only improved our social status but also raised our personal status.

There are many types of government jobs for the educated people, while the illiterate person remains untouched by it.

Also, education can convert your physical work into metal work.

This is why, education is an important part of our life.

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5 Lines on the importance of education –

  1. Education makes us aware of everything.
  2. It can completely change our daily life.
  3. After being educated, people can make the right plans for their future.
  4. Education can make people’s lives better and perfect.
  5. It’s also responsible for making people considerate.

Importance of Education Essay 10 lines or Importance of Education Essay 100 Words –

  1. Education makes us aware of our basic rights.
  2. It’s such a weapon by which we can earn money for our livelihood.
  3. In today’s time, the future of children depends only on their education system.
  4. To be educated means to be prudent in various fields.
  5. The most important thing is that education makes us responsible citizens of the country.
  6. Education is the only way by which we can understand different types of languages.
  7. It can also keep us away from diseases and bad habits.
  8. It’s needed when you look for a job or want to get married.
  9. Higher education can provide a high source of income.
  10. Without education, we can’t develop ourselves in speaking and behaving like educated people.

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Final words –

I hope that the article has satisfied you. Here, I have written an essay on the importance of education in all formats.

Now, it’s your choice which format you like the most.

I always recommend you to prepare for this topic. It’s a very important topic from the aspects of exams.

So, please share it to those who need it.

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Thank you.

Vijay Gupta

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