Collective Noun Examples in Sentences ( 70 Examples )

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Collective noun examples in sentences

In this article, I’m going to write some collective noun examples in sentences so that you can know their uses properly.

It’s a very important type of noun, you must know about it. So, before writing examples of collective nouns, let’s know what a collective noun is.

What is a collective noun?

A collective noun is a noun that refers to a group of individuals.

Examples – people, gang, class, army, etc.

Collective Noun Examples in Sentences

Here are four sets so that you can get a better understanding of the collective nouns.

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A. Collective Noun Examples in Sentences | Set 1

1. A fleet of ships stands daily on this coast.

2. A pack of thieves has just come out of this locality.

3. A grove of trees was burnt to ashes.

4. I bought a packet of cigarettes in Jaipur for Rs.120.

5. My team is out of the game.

6. The world’s most famous band is coming to India in November.

7. A bevy of swans is rarely seen in the cities.

8. He has recently joined the army.

9. The board of trustees has opened a new hospital for the poor.

10. The audience of yesterday’s program was amazing.

11. The committee refused to organize Ganesha Mahotsav this year.

12. You have to await the response of the jury.

13. He has been removed from the group for being dishonest.

14. A swarm of locusts has destroyed the crops.

15. The police were unable to control the mob.

16. The staff of your factory is very active.

17. He caught a flock of pigeons from the jungle.

18. A bunch of miscreants is harassing a senior citizen.

19. The reporter asked the government several questions about the rights of a tribe.

20. They told us that there was a congregation of crocodiles last night.

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B. Collective Noun Examples in Sentences | Set 2

1. He gifted me a bouquet of flowers last night.

2. I wish to have a gaggle of geese.

3. My sister has a pile of books related to finance.

4. To make the election fair, the regiment stayed at the election site.

5. She loved the shoals of fish in the sea.

6. Nowadays people like to buy a house in such a place where the society is good.

7. Our dance teacher wants to form a dance troupe that is inclined only towards Kathak.

8. A set of utensils is the best gift in any wedding ceremony.

9. He asked me to buy a pair of shoes from the shopping mall near the bus stand.

10. He collected the wood and made a heap.

11. A brood of young lions is in ambush.

12. Luckily I got to see a muster of peacocks yesterday.

13. There are many peacocks in the zoo of Kanpur.

14. They move on alternately with a stack of wood on their heads.

15. The list of dishes in the restaurant is lousy.

16. We crossed a great chain of mountains in two months.

17. The bunch of keys was kept on the table.

18. A crew of sailors got lost in the terrible tsunami.

19. The gardener was collecting the bunches of grapes by plucking them from the tree.

20. It will be decided by the delegation.

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C. Collective Noun Examples in Sentences | Set 3

1. The organizer insulted the choir on the stage.

2. There is a lot of crowd in Kedarnath in the month of Sawan.

3. Kanishka madam narrated a moral story in the class yesterday.

4. Due to not having a helmet last night, it seemed that a community of large insects had hit on the face.

5. A herd of goats has blocked the road.

6. We saw trees with punnets of strawberries.

7. He broke a cluster of coconuts in front of us and threw them down.

8. In ancient times, hunters used to carry a quiver of arrows on their backs while hunting.

9. Sometimes due to lack of care, the sheaf of grain starts rotting.

10. A horde of savages scavenged the lamb and killed it.

11. It’s a bit hesitant to give someone a collection of coins instead of notes.

12. A posse of policemen saved the lives of those migrants.

13. My mother asked me to bring three combs of bananas.

14. His friend, Shubhi presented with a basket of fruits on his birthday.

15. The army turned us back while we were heading to the high hills.

16. I love to watch the cinema with my family.

17. A pod of dolphins and a whale were fighting among themselves.

18. The orchestra made the whole public swoon.

19. The colony of ants is inside the floor.

20. How can there be a cloud of feelings for someone so quickly?

D. Collective Noun Examples in Sentences | Set 4

1. You can’t cheat after shuffling the deck of cards.

2. The crowd thanked the circus team for the entertainment.

3. I never buy this batch of cookies.

4. A pride of lions has run away from the national park so everyone has to be alert.

5. One will play the reel of the film and the other will introduce all the characters in it.

6. He has prepared an anthology of poems for the next Kavi Sammelan.

7. They gathered several bales of cotton from the field.

8. The camel’s caravan will take off in Bikaner tomorrow.

9. You’ll have to remove this hedge of bushes to get inside.

10. I want to do a deep study of any galaxy of stars.

Final words

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have proved to be very helpful for you. Here, I have covered almost all collective nouns in sentences.

I’m pretty sure that after reading this article, you will have a comprehensive knowledge of collective nouns. Additionally, you won’t have any doubt about them.

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Thank you.

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