Essay on Holi Festival in English ( 150, 250 & 500 Words )

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Essay on Holi Festival

Today, I’m going to write an essay on Holi festival. That means if you’re looking for the best essay on Holi, you have come to the right place.

Here are many formats of this essay. You can choose the most suitable one for you. First, I’ll write it with proper headings, then in 250 and 150 words.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing the essay on Holi festival.

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Essay on Holi Festival in English 500 Words –

1. Introduction –

Holi is a very famous festival in India. It’s the festival of colors. The fame of this festival is global. That’s why this festival is celebrated not only in India but also in some other countries. It’s celebrated by the people of all religions with great enthusiasm. They celebrate it by spreading colors all around.

It’s usually celebrated in March or at the end of the winter season. People of the Hindu religion wait for this festival very eagerly.

On the day of Holi, people of all ages apply colors to each other and give the message of brotherhood by hugging. This festival begins with Holika Dahan. It takes place a day before this festival.

2. Mythology of the festival –

There are many mythological stories behind Holika Dahan, but few of them are very popular.

It is believed that there was a demon named Hiranyakashyap who was a great devotee of Lord Brahma. He used to worship him all the time. Therefore, Brahma Ji granted Hiranyakashyap the boon of being immortal.

Hiranyakashyap hated Lord Vishnu very much, so he didn’t allow anyone to worship him.

With the passage of time, a son was born to Hiranyakashipu and named him Prahlad. Prahlad was a great worshiper of Lord Vishnu. When his father came to know about this, he refused his son not to worship Lord Vishnu, but Prahlad didn’t listen to his father. When Hiranyakashipu got angry, he made a plan to kill his son and included his sister Holika in that plan.

Holika had a boon that no one can burn her with fire. So she sat on her pyre with Prahlad at the behest of her brother. Nothing happened to Prahlad as he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu but Holika was burnt to ashes.

That’s why Holika is lit a day before Holi.

3. Preparations for celebration –

Although people start preparations to celebrate this festival fifteen days in advance, its preparations start in full swing before two or three days.

The ladies of the houses start making potato papad, chips and other types of dishes. On the other hand, men start setting up shops of colors and spray guns in the market.

Children are very excited about this festival. They prepare everything before this festival. They buy colors and spray guns the day before so that they can play Holi well with the people.

When one day is left for the festival, people collect sticks made of wood, grass and cow dung to burn Holika. After Holika Dahan, when the flames intensify, the wood symbolizing Prahlad is taken out of the fire. Thus, it’s shown that good always triumphs over evil.

4. Conclusion –

Holi is a festival which is celebrated with great pomp all over the world.

It not only gives the message of brotherhood but also inspires us to be together. People give the example of this festival and tell the victory of good over evil.

This festival also teaches us that we should never be arrogant like Holika.

In this festival, people forget all their grievances and embrace each other, which shows brotherhood and harmony among them.

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Essay on Holi Festival in English 250 Words –

Holi is one of the most popular festivals of Hinduism. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India as well as in some other countries.

90%, this festival is celebrated in the month of March, but sometimes it is celebrated in the last week of February also.

Well, there are many reasons to celebrate this festival, but the story of Prahlad and his father Hiranyakashipu is the most popular.

It is believed that when Hiranyakashyap’s sister Holika was going to kill her nephew Prahlad by burning him in the fire, she herself was burnt to ashes. That’s why people consider it the victory of good over evil and celebrate this festival.

The preparation for this festival is started a few days in advance. Two or three days before this festival, the market starts looking bright. People buy items from the market to make new dishes in their homes, Also, they buy colors and spray guns for their children.

One day before the festival, people collect wood and burn Holika with full rituals. Along with this, by circling around it, they wish for a happy life.

The festival is known to play colors with their family members and people outside.

Children are most eager to celebrate this festival. Young and old celebrate this festival with generosity and brotherhood. They hug each other to create a sense of harmony. They go to each other’s houses and eat scrumptious dishes.

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Essay on Holi Festival in English 150 Words –

Holi is one of the prominent festivals of India. This festival fills people’s minds with happiness and joy. In this festival, everyone respectfully plays colors with each other and gets the blessings of elders.

It’s usually celebrated in March every year, but sometimes in February.

Women play a big role in this festival. They start cleaning the houses a few days before and preparing different types of dishes. On the day of Holi, all the members of the house enjoy it.

Somewhere Holi is celebrated for two days and somewhere for seven days, but the gaiety doesn’t diminish among the people. The festival of Holi brings happiness to all, irrespective of age. The most special dish of Holi is Khoya Gujiya. It’s specially made on the occasion of Holi. All the people eat it with great fervor.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have satisfied you. Now, you won’t have any type of problem while writing an essay on Holi festival.

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