Examples of Future Indefinite Tense ( All Types )

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Examples of future indefinite tense

Today, in this article, I’m going to write some examples of Future Indefinite Tense so that you can understand this tense properly.

Here, I have written all types of examples of Future Indefinite Tense. That is, the article is full of Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative and Wh-type sentences. To understand better, read the complete article.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s start the article. Before writing the examples, first know, what is future indefinite tense?

What is Future Indefinite Tense?

It states that the action has not happened yet, but will take place in the future. Related examples have been shown below.

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Examples of Future Indefinite Tense –

Here, I have covered all the types of examples of Future Indefinite tense so read them carefully.

A. Future Indefinite Sentences ( Affirmative ) –

Rule - Subject + will/shall + verb ( 1st form ) + object. 

1. He will teach you tomorrow.

2. I shall request him to give me another chance.

3. You will leave the job.

4. They will cover all the problems in this chapter.

5. We shall not move from here.

6. It will rain today.

7. Now, she will focus only on the goal.

8. His grandfather will eat non-vegetarian food.

9. My sister will try to build her own customized bike.

10. Mr. Sharma will be our new class teacher.

11. Your exams will start in June.

12. I shall learn to drive a car during summer vacation.

13. We shall let them know after the meeting.

14. They will definitely take advantage of the new scheme.

15. She will consider him a coward from now.

16. He will get this project soon.

17. She with her parents will settle in Maharashtra.

18. We shall travel to Udaipur next month.

19. I shall hide my happiness for a while.

20. You will attack first.

21. Our team will support you.

22. That shopkeeper will sell me the old fridge at a low price.

23. I shall give him a debt.

24. Vidhi will definitely pass the UPSC exam.

25. Karan will play for Kolkata Knight Riders.

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B. Future Indefinite Sentences ( Negative ) –

Rule - Subject + will/shall + not + verb ( 1st form ) + object. 

1. I shall not lose my dignity.

2. He will not participate in the competition.

3. They will not meet me.

4. She will not go to the zoo.

5. We shall not be there to help him.

6. You will not reach the destination.

7. They will not open the gate.

8. Officers will not allow entry into the Whitehouse.

9. I shall not forget you.

10. My brother will not borrow money from the usurers.

11. We shall not buy toys from here.

12. They will not face hassles.

13. My wife will not watch the movie, Iron Man.

14. He will not protect you.

15. She will not jump into the pool.

16. Our principal will not permit us to do that.

17. We shall not prefer to swim.

18. Mahesh will not drink mango juice.

19. You will not apply for the new vacancy.

20. He will not take care of his old parents.

21. They will not follow the P.T teacher.

22. This dance group will not perform at the annual function.

23. Shamita will organize the program.

24. I will knock on the door first.

25. They will not disturb me now.

C. Future Indefinite Sentences ( Interrogative ) –

Rule - Will/shall + subject + not + verb ( 1st form ) + object?

1. Shall I look weird after makeup?

2. Will you draw a sketch for me?

3. Will you break his laptop?

4. Will they protest against the government?

5. Shall we go to the picnic this week?

6. Will your mother play this game?

7. Will Karan throw the football toward them?

8. Will you marry me?

9. Will you please guide me to make the right strategies?

10. Shall we win today’s match?

11. Will the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand resign?

12. Will you please wait for a little?

13. Will you make me laugh on the go?

14. Will they meet me in the restaurant?

15. Will she surprise the judges with her voice acting?

16. Will you be mine tonight?

17. Will he be ashamed of his mistake?

18. Will Anamika turn down his proposal?

19. Will Mahima miss me after marriage?

20. Will your kids like this remote car?

21. Will you suggest the best coaching institute to prepare for the NDA exam?

22. Will she refuse to take up this risky job?

23. Will he prepare for UPSSSC?

24. Will they all wear black shoes to the ceremony?

25. Will he send the rest of the fee?

D. Future Indefinite Sentences ( Wh-type ) –

Rule - Wh-word + will/shall + subject + not + verb ( 1st form ) + object?

1. Why will you sell your old books?

2. What will he do now to maintain his dignity?

3. Where will they hang this picture?

4. Which course will she pursue after the 12th?

5. Who will teach you the basics of this lesson?

6. Whose project will have the most impact on the jury?

7. How shall we predict their next step?

8. When will the District Magistrate visit the place?

9. What type of hard word will Mahak do?

10. Why will your friends ignore you?

11. Where will they celebrate the birthday party?

12. When will you ask the Principal?

13. Why will she chase me?

14. Who will come to inaugurate the shop?

15. How will Vijay reach the school without a cycle?

16. Which movie will we all see at the cinema today?

17. When will his sister get justice?

18. Whose team will win the match tomorrow?

19. When will the examinations start?

20. Who will attract the lion’s attention?

21. How long will it take to prepare the coffee?

22. Where will Shanti stay in Jaunpur?

23. Why will I agree with him?

24. What will you sow in your field this year?

25. In which school will you enroll your children?

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that the article must have proved very helpful for you. Here, I have discussed all types of examples of future indefinite tense.

Now, you won’t have any problem understanding the future indefinite tense.

If you really liked the article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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