Inspirational Stories with a Moral for Students

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Inspiring stories with a moral

Today, in this article, I’m going to write some of the best inspirational stories with a moral for students. That means if you’re looking for inspirational stories with a moral, you’ve come to the right place.

Inspirational stories are stories that inspire us in many ways. Such stories can compel us to keep our hopes alive. So, we should read them when needed.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing inspirational stories with a moral.

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Inspirational Stories with a moral

1. Hardwork always brings success

A man named Shiva Gautam taught in a private school. Since the school was not affiliated with any renowned board, he wanted to drop it and join a school that was affiliated with CBSE or ICSE Board.

That’s why he often used to submit his CV ( Curriculum Vitae ) to CBSE or ICSE-affiliated schools and give interviews there, but unfortunately, he couldn’t get selected.

He had been doing so for the last two to three years but was not getting success. He had determined that one day he would definitely join the school that he wanted.

In this hope, he continued to put his CV in other schools. It was his fourth time. This time, he luckily got offers from two of the best schools. One was affiliated with CBSE Board and the other was affiliated with ICSE Board.

When he came to know about this news, he became very happy and his hard work paid off.

The story teaches us that if we don’t lose hope, we can achieve whatever we want.

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2. A person with experiments

A long time ago, there lived a person in a village. He was very much interested in Science and used to study Science throughout the day. Also, He used to do various types of experiments regarding that.

He had been doing so for about 8 to 9 years, but till now he hadn’t done anything surprising. The people around him considered him a fool because he did various types of experiments in his house every day, there was always some explosion or unpleasant incident.

One day he was sitting in his laboratory, and suddenly something came to his mind. He started experimenting.

After 6 to 7 hours of hard work, he found a way that anyone could easily generate electricity in his home. When this news spread all over the village, everyone was overjoyed because they might not need to pay the electricity bill to the government now.

All the villagers were asking him how they can produce electricity in their homes.

Earlier, when he used to do experiments, the same people used to ridicule him, but now they were trying to know his hard work in a few seconds. He told everyone that he would tell them the method but they would have to pay some money for it.

All the villagers were surprised to hear this, but they agreed to pay money and thus he became the head of the village.

The moral of the story is that we should never make fun of anyone’s work because sometimes it can prove to be a boon for us.

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3. A circus changed Pintu’s life

Pintu was the only and dearest son of his parents. He was very stubborn. Once he went to see an exhibition with them, there he saw many new and exciting things which made his mind very happy.

When everyone was returning home, Pintu saw some people surrounding a place where the circus was being shown. When he asked his parents to see the circus, they refused him, but he started crying and forced them to take him to the circus. Finally, they agreed, took tickets, and went to the first floor to enjoy the circus.

There were many animals like a lion, an elephant, a bear, four monkeys, etc. They were all showcasing their art. While Pintu was enjoying the circus suddenly his foot slipped and he fell into the circus.

Seeing the sudden activities, the lion pounced on Pintu, by the time people saved him, the lion had eaten one of his hands. His parents rushed him to the hospital and saved his life.

When Pintu regained consciousness, he felt very sad and realized that he shouldn’t have forced his parents to see the circus.

The story teaches us that sometimes we should accept what our parents say and not be insist.

4. An effort

Radheshyam worked at Ramji’s shop in a city. He had a son and a daughter. His son was very good at his studies. Ramji always encouraged Radheshyam to pay attention to his children’s studies.

Since no one had sent his children to school in his village, so he was also unable to provide education to his children, but whenever he had come to the village, he always asked everyone to send his children to school, but no one paid attention to his words.

To secure the future of his children, he started sending his children to school without caring about anything. Others in the village discouraged him and said, “It’s better to put them to work when they are a little older than to take them to school.”

But, he didn’t pay attention to their words. When two decades passed, Radheshyam’s children had become government officers in two different departments, but other villagers’ children were still there where they were before.

Now, Radheshyam was leading a comfortable life and they all were amazed.

The story teaches us that we must make at least one effort, sometimes one of our efforts can lead to a better life than others.

5. A skilled painter

A very famous painter lived in a city. People had come to him from far and wide to get the painting done. He had charged thousands of rupees for a painting.

No one ever found any fault with his painting. Once, to judge his art, he got the painting made by him installed on the crossroads of the city and wrote that whoever finds any shortcomings in this painting, please mark there.

When one day passed, he saw that the painting was completely ruined. He was very disappointed to see this.

When he told this to his father, he asked him to put the painting on the crossroads again and write on it that if there is any fault in the painting, please correct that.

At the end of the day, he saw that the painting was the same as before. He was surprised to see this. When he told this to his father, he replied, “It’s the rule of life that there are many people to tell you mistakes, but no one will correct you.”

The moral of the story is that people just point out your mistakes, but don’t correct them, so focus only on what you’re doing, not what people are saying.

Final words

Eventually, I hope that the article must have proved to be very helpful for you. Here, I’ve written the best inspirational stories with a moral.

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