10 Lines Short Stories with Moral for Kids in English

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10 lines short stories with moral

In this article, I’m going to write 10 lines short stories with moral for kids. This article can prove to be very helpful for kids.

If you’re a parent, you should definitely read these stories so that you can tell them to your children. Your kids will definitely learn something for their lives.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing 10 lines short stories with moral.

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10 Lines Short Stories with Moral for Kids in English

Here, I’ve written some 10 lines short stories with moral. Read them all one by one.

1. A little creative girl

Once a little girl was seeing a drawing book. She saw an airplane in it. She started drawing it on the blackboard in the class.

She made the picture so good that it was as if there was no such a plane anywhere in the world. Seeing that, all the teachers praised her very much, which made her very happy.

She refined her art with time, and people started getting to know her. At last, she became a successful artist.

Exactly 20 years later, when the girl came to her childhood school as an artist, all the teachers were overjoyed. She narrated her story to all the children and told them, what she was that day was because of her teachers only.

The moral of the story is that we should always encourage the activities of the children.

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2. Two birds

A parrot lived on a tree. One day it left there in search of food. When a pigeon saw an empty nest of a parrot, it started living there.

After a few days when the parrot came to its nest, it saw a pigeon there and started fighting with it to leave its nest.

At that moment, a jackal was passing by. He asked both of them not to fight and told them to come to him, he will make a deal. As soon as both went to him, he ate them.

The moral of the story is that sometimes a fight between two people can benefit the third one.

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3. A loyal dog

There was a stray dog in a village. That dog used to sit outside a school in the village.

A boy studying in the fifth standard used to feed both the pieces of bread of his tiffin to that dog.

He was doing so for the last five months. One day some boys in his class started beating him outside the school.

As soon as the dog saw the incident, he ran fast. Seeing the dog coming near them, all the boys ran away.

The boy hugged the dog and thanked him.

The story teaches us that true friendship is very pleasant and always supportive.

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4. Simba – A deer

A deer named Simba lived in a forest. He was very happy with his life as he had many friends who loved him very much.

One day while he was grazing, some wolves saw him. They started chasing him.

When he saw some wolves coming towards him, he ran fast and went to all his friends but no one helped him.

Eventually, he hid behind a bush and was saved from those dangerous wolves. Then, he realized that he himself had to save his life and no one would come forward to save him.

The story teaches us that it’s better to rely on yourself than to rely on others.

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5. A cruel king

There was a king in Rajgarh. He was well-known for his cruelty.

One day, his wife gave birth to a child. The child was completely different from the normal child because of the elephant-like appearance.

Seeing that, the king asked the servant to leave that child in the forest.

In the morning, there was an uproar in the entire Rajgarh that Lord Ganesha was born in a blacksmith’s house but no one knew that the blacksmith found that child in the forest.

A crowd of people gathered to see him at the blacksmith’s house. People worshipped him and gave him the status of God.

Now, the king was regretting his actions.

The story teaches us that we should never disregard what God gives us.

6. A woodcutter with his friends

A woodcutter was cutting wood in the forest. There was a tree nearby that was very precious, so he asked his friends to cut it down, but they decided to cut it the next day.

Some children of a bird were listening to them on the same tree and narrated the whole story to their mother.

But, the mother said that nothing would happen.

The next morning, the mother flew away in search of food. When she returned, she saw that the tree was cut down and her children were dead.

She felt very sorry for her children.

The moral of the story is that if we feel something unpleasant, we should take action immediately rather than avoid it.

7. Michael Jackson’s copy

A child was very fond of dancing. He used to dance like Michael Jackson so his family members called him Michael Jackson’s copy.

Whenever his parents asked him to participate in a dance competition, he refused it saying that he would lose.

Every time he used to give an excuse. Once his mother insisted on him as a result of which he participated in a dance competition at his own school.

When he danced on stage, everyone was surprised and got the first prize in that competition.

The moral of the story is that one shouldn’t think of the negative consequences of any action beforhand.

8. A poor but minded boy

Once a competition was held in a city where many skilled children from different schools participated.

A government school child also participated in that competition. Since he was a poor boy, the other children were laughing at him seeing his clothes but that boy was silent.

When the competition started, the question which no one could answer was answered by the same poor boy on which the other children were laughing.

Seeing this, all the children were surprised and appreciated his intelligence. Later those children respected the boy and made him their friend.

The story teaches us that we shouldn’t judge someone’s intelligence by looking at his clothes.

9. A greedy snake

A snake was wandering in the forest. He saw a mouse bill on the way and entered it.

There were about seven rats in that bill. He ate all the rats one by one out of greed, but when he came out of the bill, he found it difficult to crawl.

When he got tired, he stopped. Then, he thought, “what to do now?”

At the same time, an eagle saw the snake and ate after killing him.

The moral of the story is that it’s not good to be greedy for anything more than what is needed.

Final words

Ultimately, I hope that the article about 10 lines short stories with moral must have proved very helpful to you.

As you can see here I’ve written all the different and the best 10 lines short stories with moral for kids. If you really like this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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