My Favourite Teacher Essay in English with Headings

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My favourite teacher essay in English

Today, in this article I’m going to write my favourite teacher essay in English with proper headings. If you are a student of class 10th or 12th, you must include these headings in the essay because headings attract the readers.

As you know, a student is incomplete without a teacher. That means a teacher plays an important role in the students’ life.

Sometimes, schools have such excellent and effective teachers that students are attracted to them very quickly.

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As a result, they start considering such teachers their role models.

Here, I have written my favourite teacher essay in English with proper headings and also in 10 lines. Now, it only depends on you what you prefer.

Hence, without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic that is about my favourite teacher essay in English.

My Favourite Teacher Essay in English for Class 12 | My Favorite Teacher Essay in English for class 10 –

1. Name, age and dressing sense –

The name of my favourite teacher is Mr S.N. Singh. He is fifty-five years old and so simple that he comes to school by bicycle.

He was never ashamed of riding a bicycle despite being the headmaster of my school.

In addition, he looks very simple and his dressing sense is so old that no one can consider him a headmaster.

Usually, he wears a dhoti kurta but sometimes he comes to school in kurta pyjama. He also wears jeans and a t-shirt on some special days.

Although he prefers to wear normal slippers but when he wears jeans and a t-shirt or kurta pyjama, he likes to wear Bata shoes.

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2. Inner qualities, qualification and subjects he teaches –

Despite being the headmaster of the school, he leads a simple life and always encourages the students to think high.

Being a headmaster, he has a lot of work to do, yet he takes periods in some classes.

He is very courteous to the teachers and the students. His behaviour is so admirable that he never uses harsh words.

He believes in working with dedication.

If a student has difficulty in understanding the concepts of the subject, he tries his best to explain it to the student even after the class.

He is a well-qualified teacher in the school. His higher education is M.Ed. and he also obtained a degree in yoga.

Sometimes, he teaches yoga to the children.

He is adroit in two subjects that are English and Mathematics, but I think that he is more interested in English.

So, he takes more classes in English subject.

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3. Services to the school –

He has been working in this school since 2016. When he joined the school, he was an assistant teacher.

After five years of working, he was promoted to headmaster of the school. In 2018, he started yoga classes for all the students so that they can stay healthy and fit.

At present, he is teaching subjects as well as teaching students how to do yoga. From the date of joining, the results have been wonderful.

Sometimes, he takes interest in doing debates among the students. When any jubilee is celebrated in school, he gives a long speech on that.

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4. Why do I like him the most ? –

He has all those qualities which should be in an ideal teacher. He is a very sympathetic and benign person.

One more reason for liking him is that he is my class teacher. He is one of the most excellent teachers in the school.

When he teaches in the classroom, students study with full concentration. His methods of explaining the concepts are very practical.

Additionally, he is very popular in my school due to being well-educated and having more skills. Such teachers are rarely found in schools but I am very lucky.

5. Conclusion –

S.N. Singh is my ideal teacher. Such teachers should be everywhere so that they can improve the students physically and mentally.

There is a great need for such teachers in our society.

Such teachers not only provide good education but also build a good society.

My favourite teacher essay 10 lines –

  1. Although I love all my teachers, but Abhishek Mishra is my favourite one.
  2. He is very punctual, straightforward, humble and strict while teaching.
  3. He teaches us Hindi and Sociology.
  4. Whenever he enters the class, students are happy.
  5. He is very young and the most handsome teacher in the school.
  6. He teaches the students in a fun way.
  7. Abhishek sir is so responsible that he pays attention to every student.
  8. Since he is my class teacher, he takes our attendance everyday.
  9. Moreover, he never misses the class.
  10. We are very fortunate to have him in our school.

Paragraph on my favourite teacher –

A teacher plays an essential role in students’ life. Actually, he builds the career of the students. Sometimes, students are so attracted that they start taking interest in the teacher’s life.

In the same way, my favourite teacher is Diksha Gupta. She is a very beautiful and intelligent teacher in my school.

Literally, I love her ways of teaching.

She is so minded that she explains things easily. She teaches us Science.

Whenever she conducts experiments in the laboratory, she explains things very properly so that all the students can come to the right conclusions.

Moreover, when she teaches in the class, she dispels all the doubts of the students and gives us assignments on a daily basis.

She does extra hard work for some weaker students. She always encourages the girls to participate in cultural programmes and sports.

Apart from being a science teacher, she is also a very good singer.

Whenever republic day is celebrated in our school, she sings a national song. She also teaches girls how to do self-defence.

Such teachers should be in every school so that the standard of education can be greatly improved.

Final words –

I hope, now there will be no problem while writing my favourite teacher essay in English as I have written my favourite teacher essay in English with proper headings, paragraphs and also in 10 lines. You are free to choose the best one that can help you write my favourite teacher essay in English.

Ultimately, if you really like this my favourite teacher essay in English, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

Vijay Gupta

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