My First Day at School Essay in English with Headings

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My first day at school

Today, I’m going to write an essay on my first day at school. It’s a very important topic for classes up to the 12th. So, you must prepare this essay.

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Without wasting your valuable time let’s start the essay on my first day at school.

My First Day at School Essay 250 Words | My First Day at School Paragraph for Class 10 –

1. Name of the school and how did I reach there ? –

When I was about to enter the 9th standard, my parents decided to enroll me in a new school. The school’s name was St. Peter Public School that was about two kilometers away from my home.

My parents woke me up in the morning and told me to get ready soon. I was also very excited to see my new school, so I got ready within twenty minutes.

Since it was my new school, I wore a brand new dress. My parents also wore new clothes so that we could make a good impression on the teachers.

Finally, we all had breakfast and left for school by car. After about seven minutes we reached the school.

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2. Building, crowd and admission process –

As I got down from my car, I saw a three-story building with St. Peter Public School written on it. The building of the school was more attractive than that of my previous school.

As soon as I entered the school with my parents, I saw a huge crowd of parents with their children. Being new to the school and overcrowded, we had a lot of difficulties finding our class. Fortunately, the class I wanted to enroll in wasn’t crowded, so my parents didn’t get in as much trouble as the others.

There was a female teacher who was examining the intelligence of the students from a wider perspective. I had never thought of it.

Since I was good in my studies, I didn’t face any type of difficulty and finally, I got admitted to my desired class.

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3. New friends –

While I was waiting outside the classroom to get admitted, I met with some new friends who had also come to take admission in 9th standard.

There were six students outside the classroom.

But, I spoke to only two students whose names were Kavya and Akshat. They were very cute and exultant.

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4. Classrooms and other essentials –

When I came out of the admission room, I with my parents observed the complete structure of the school to see what facilities were there such as classrooms, Principal room, laboratory, library, canteen area, playground, etc.

I noticed that the school had about fifty rooms and the size of the rooms was big enough. The size of a classroom was so big that fifty students could easily sit in that class.

Additionally, the classrooms were well-maintained with a green board, seats, a projector and an air-conditioner so that students didn’t feel any discomfort while studying in the classrooms. I saw two libraries in the school. These libraries had many different types of books to read.

Next to the libraries, I saw a large laboratory where students were doing science experiments.

On the ground floor, I saw a Principal room, a director’s room and a teachers’ room. Also, there was a medical room for any unexpected incident.

When I came to my home after taking admission, I told my parents that the school was very luxurious and full of essentials.

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My First Day at School Paragraph for Class 8 –

It was July 2018 when I went to a new school for the first time with my elder brother. I was very late to get admitted to the school because the classes had already started in July.

When I entered the school, I was sent to the principal’s room along with my elder brother. There, the Principal sir welcomed us and asked my name. I told him that my name was Zeeshan Ali.

He asked me many questions related to last year’s studies but I was able to answer some of his questions. Nevertheless, he told me that I was finally admitted. Hearing this, I was very happy. The principal sir told my elder brother to drop me in the respective class so that I could feel a little bit atmosphere of the school.

When my brother dropped me in the class, the respective teacher asked for my introduction and then he permitted me to sit in the class.

It was the last period of the day. I enjoyed it very much. When the bell rang, I came out of the class and returned home.

It was a very tremendous experience for me.

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My First Day at School Paragraph for Class 5 –

As my vacation ended, suddenly my mother told me that she would get me admitted to a new school.

When I got this information from my mother, I was shocked. But on the other hand, I was happy to join a new school.

The next day, my mother took me to a nearby school. The name of the school was Lucknow Public School. Its building was very luxurious. When I entered the school, the gatekeeper asked me the purpose of coming to the school.

When my mother told him the reason, he sent us to the respective class teacher.

The funniest thing was that the teacher was asking the same question to all the students. But, he was expecting different answers from the students. When he asked me the same question, I answered him after much deliberation.

Due to this, he was very impressed and encouraged me a lot.

Later on, He admitted me to the school.

When I was returning from school, I saw that it was lunch. A lot of kids were playing on the playground and some of them were doing their lunch.

FAQs on My First Day at School –

1. How do I write my first day of school essay?

Actually, it only depends on what you feel and see on the first day of school like what is the admission process?, how are the classrooms? and the behavior of the teachers etc.

2. How do you introduce yourself on the first day of school?

When it comes to your introduction on the first day of school, first of all, you must be courteous and tell your name, hobbies, interests, etc.

3. Why is the first day of school so important?

The first day of your school is important because it’s a very memorable day for all the students.

Final words –

Ultimately, I hope that the essay on my first day at school has proved to be very helpful for you. Now, you won’t have any problem while writing the essay on my first day at school.

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Thank you.

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