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Stories with moral for adults

In this article, I’m going to write some stories with moral for adults. That means if you’re looking for moral stories for adults, you have come to the right place.

Here, I have written some of the best stories with moral for adults so that they can be motivated and learn some lessons.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing stories with moral for adults.

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Stories with Moral for Adults in English –

1. Confidence Gives Success –

Ram Pal was the eldest among his brothers. He was very intelligent and adroit. When he passed 12th, he started worrying about his career.

He tried to clear many competitive exams but didn’t get success. Whenever he met his friends or relatives, he was very embarrassed as he had nothing to tell them about his career.

One day, he thought of quitting his studies and starting a business, but suddenly he remembered his school days, how good he was there! He energized himself and thought of trying once again. This time, he was very confident that he would be successful.

He appeared for only one exam and when the result came out, he had passed the examination. After six months of training, he got a government job.

The story teaches us that if you have enough confidence to do any task, you can do it easily, just never get discouraged.

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2. Family Separation –

A very happy family lived in a village. In that family, apart from the parents, three married sons lived with their wives.

Everything was going well. One day the eldest son’s wife had a fight with her mother-in-law.

When her husband came home, she told him the whole story. Hearing the story, he became very angry. He decided to leave his parents’ house with his wife as both felt that they would be happier apart.

Earlier, when both of them lived in a joint family, they were very happy, but when they started living separately, they faced many problems related to wealth, health, society, etc. Due to their separation, there was no one to help them.

When they both realized this, they went to the parents and apologized for their actions. Now, they were again living with their family and very happy.

The moral of the story is that living in a joint family is better than living separartely.

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3. Two Best Friends –

Once two best friends were going to their fields talking with each other. Both of them had a very good understanding. On the way, they got into a fight over something.

The matter increased so much that one friend gave a slap to the other. The other friend didn’t react to this and kept on moving forward silently.

After walking a short distance, both stood near a well that was on the way. The one who was slapped started looking into the well. Suddenly, his foot slipped, but the other friend saved him from falling into the well.

He thanked him and told this incident all his friends.

The one who had slapped asked his friend, “When I slapped you, you didn’t complain to anyone when I saved you from falling in the well, you told this to everyone.

So, his friend answered that good vibes should always be spread so that people can also do good deeds. After hearing his answer, his friend was shocked. and their friendship grew stronger

The story teaches us that a good friendship should consist of good understanding and accordance.

4. Respect All Religions –

The preparations for the Ganesh festival were going on in full string in Tanakpur. There was a lot of enthusiasm among the people to celebrate it.

Every year Ganesh puja was performed to celebrate this festival, for which a gentleman of the village had always assigned the task of making a large idol of Lord Ganesha to a sculptor so that the people of the village could worship and offer prayers to the Lord Ganesha.

This year, he did the same and entrusted the task of making the idol to a sculptor, but the sculptor was not the one who had made the previous one.

The sculptor belonged to another religion but he was very humble.

After about twenty days, the gentleman thought that why he shouldn’t check whether the idol was ready or not. Suddenly, he went to the sculptor, he saw that he was making an idol of Ganesha. Along with this, he also saw that an idol of Lord Ganesha was already kept.

When he asked that he had ordered only one idol, why made two? The sculptor replied that it was made for him, but by mistake, his wife touched it with dirty hands. That’s why he was making a new one so that people could refrain from worshipping an unholy idol.

The gentleman was amazed to hear his answer and praised him for having devotion to other religions.

The moral of the story is that people should respect all religions as every religions have the same values.

5. Positivity –

A boy from a very poor family studied in a government school. He was a true patriot and always talked about his country. He influenced the people a lot with his patriotic words.

One day, when his teacher asked him about his future plan, he was surprised to hear his answer as he wanted to become the Prime Minister.

The teacher told him many things to dishearten him. He told the boy that the condition of his family was not such that he could become a watchman. The boy was very hurt by the teacher’s words but didn’t lose hope.

Four-five decades later, when he was narrating this story while addressing another country, the people of that country were laughing.

He told them that he remembered those words every day. If the teacher had not told him so, he would not have been what he was that day.

The moral of the story is that we should always focus on the positivity even if someone is demotivating us.

6. An upset young man –

A young man whose age was about 25 years. He was very upset with his life so he thought of ending his life.

When he reached the bank of the river to end his life, he met a monk there. He asked him why he was doing so. The young man replied, “He is very troubled by the problems of his life so he doesn’t want to live life anymore.”

When the monk came to know his problems, he simply said, “I’m giving you a mantra that will end all your problems, the mantra is that you have to work hard to earn money for a year and then come back to me.”

He did the same as the monk said.

After a year, he was very happy in his life because he earned a lot of money in that period and solved all his problems with money. One day, he again went to the monk and thanked him for telling that mantra.

The story teaches us that hard work is solution to all the problems, so we must do hard work in our life.

Final words –

In the end, I hope that you’ve got here the best stories with moral for adults. If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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