An Essay on Save Water Save Life in English with Headings

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An essay on save water

In this article, I’ll tell you how to write an essay on save water save life in English.

That means if you’re looking for an essay on save water save life, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll write this essay in different formats. Now, you’re free to choose the one which you like the most.

Actually, if you really care about saving water, you can easily write the essay otherwise you may have difficulties while writing it.

Hence, without wasting your valuable time let’s start writing an essay on save water save life.

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An Essay on Save Water Save Life in English or Essay on Save Water in English –

1. Introduction –

Water is life, this quote is taught to us from lower classes, but when we get a little older, we really understand the meaning of this quote.

No one can live without water because water is very useful for living beings. Along with quenching the thirst, it’s used for many purposes.

Earth is the only planet in the whole universe where water is available in sufficient quantity.

Despite being three-fourths of the water on the earth, there are some such places where people have to face the problems of drought.

Moreover, there are some such places where there is a sufficient amount of water but people don’t pay attention to its importance and keep wasting it unnecessarily.

Saving water isn’t a difficult task. You just have to make a small effort to preserve it.

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2. Why should we save water? –

There are many reasons to save water, about which you should be aware of and inspire others to know them too.

Water is the most precious substance on earth. Humans and animals, everyone needs it. Water is mainly used to quench thirst. Not only is it useful for humans and animals, but it also plays an important role for plants to grow normally.

Moreover, all living organisms use water to keep their bodies clean and tidy.

If you don’t understand the importance of saving water today, your future generations can get to see its dire and difficult consequences.

By chance, if there is a shortage of water in the future, many things will be affected by it. One of the most affected fields will be irrigation which is the most important for humans.

As a result, the life of humans will become difficult to live and the problem of starvation will start increasing.

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3. How can we save water? –

Water is used in many ways in normal life. Water is used for irrigating fields, running industrial factories, spraying plants, washing clothes, utensils, vehicles, etc.

If we understand the utility of water at these places, we can save water to some extent.

There are many other ways by which we can save water very easily such as by collecting rainwater and using it for multiple purposes, instead of washing vegetables and food items in an open tap, washing them in utensils so that water consumption can be minimized, by avoiding submersible while washing vehicles like cars and motorcycles, by using minimal water while defecating, etc.

4. Conclusion –

How important is it to save water? You must have known this very well. Water is an essential component of any living being.

Saving water means dealing with serious problems like the drought in the future.

Water is as essential for animals and plants as it’s for humans. That’s why try to save clean water. It’s not that you’re saving water but you can’t use it at useful places.

In a survey, it has also been found that some percentage of Indians are deprived of drinking clean water.

Therefore, you should run a campaign at your level and make people aware about saving water and while using water, keep in mind that there is no wastage of water.

If every citizen of the country follows it, surely in the coming time its inexhaustible results will be seen.

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Short Paragraph on Conservation of Water –

Water is such an important property of living beings without which they can’t survive. That means water plays an important role in the life of any living being.

People use it for many purposes.

Sometimes, we forget its importance while using it and keep wasting it. Plenty of the water is wasted by washing cars, motorcycles, clothes, leaving the tap open, etc.

If you don’t understand the importance of water today, you will have a bundle of troubles in the coming time.

Truly, it’s our duty to save water. We should save the wasted water around us and use it in the right places. Also, those who do the wastage of water should be made aware of it why it’s important to save water.

Apart from this, the government should also save the water of wells and ponds by using modern technologies, so that problems like drought can be got rid of in the country.

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Save Water Essay in English 10 lines –

  1. After air, if there is any most important element for humans and animals, it’s water.
  2. Water is needed for humans, animals and plants too.
  3. Water is used for cooking, washing, bathing, drinking, irrigation and many other purposes.
  4. Lack of water can lead to very serious problems like drought and thirst.
  5. Additionally, lack of water forces people to die or leave the place.
  6. So, we should try our best to save water.
  7. Use only as much water as is necessary.
  8. Don’t spill unnecessary water whenever you’re washing clothes or utensils.
  9. Less consumption of water will definitely prove beneficial for the future.
  10. Since water is life, so we have to make people aware to save it.

Final words –

Eventually, I hope that the article on an essay on save water save life must have proved very helpful for you. Now, you won’t have any problem while writing an essay on save water save life as here I’ve written this essay in different formats.

Now, you’re free to choose according to your suitability.

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Thank you.

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