Essay on Newspaper in English 100, 250 & 500 Words

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Essay on newspaper in English

Today, I’m going to write an essay on newspaper in English with proper headings so that you can write it effectively.

Writing the essay on newspaper in English is a bit difficult for the students, so I thought why I shouldn’t write an article on that. That means if you’re looking for an essay on newspaper in English, you have come to the right place.

Here, I’ve written the essay with introduction and conclusion headings and also in 10 lines. Now, you have to choose the format that suits you the most.

So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing the essay.

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Essay on Newspaper in English 500 words or Newspaper Essay in English 500 words –

1. Introduction –

No one is unaware of what a newspaper is. The first newspaper was started in the 17th century.

But, the first Hindi newspaper was published in the 19th century and the name of this newspaper was Udant Martand.

When the newspaper was first published, its sole purpose was to convey the news to the people and put the suppressed and scared voices of the people in front of the public.

Although the newspapers were initially used by the rulers for their own benefits, later they were used for the problems of the people.

As a result, newspapers brought a new revolution to society.

In today’s time, with the help of newspapers, people easily know what’s happening around them.

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2. History of the newspapers –

As for the history of the newspapers, it’s believed that the commencement of the newspapers was in 59 BC by Julius Caesar to make the general public aware of the incidents going on in society.

At that time, the transmission of the newspapers was only at some places in the cities.

After that, in the 8th century, handwritten newspapers began to be published in China but as time passed, the standard of the newspapers changed.

When our country was under the thump of British officers, there was only one newspaper. Actually, it was not a newspaper but a letter full of information.

Earlier newspapers were in the English language, so common people had a lot of trouble.

However, some newspapers were published in Bengali and Urdu languages but only those who knew Bengali or Urdu can understand these newspapers.

Therefore, to deal with such problems, the Hindi newspaper Udant Martand was published on 30 May 1826, which brought great convenience to the Indian public.

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3. Kinds of newspapers –

There are mainly two types of newspapers. The first one is the broadsheet type and the second is the tabloid type.

In India, broadsheet-type newspapers are very common. Actually, the number of broadsheet-type newspapers is higher than the tabloid-type newspapers.

Apart from this, most of the newspapers in India are published on daily basis like Hindustan, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, etc.

On the other hand, some of them are published weekly.

Newspapers in India are available in many languages like Hindi, English, Gujrati, Kannada, Urdu, Telugu, etc so that news can reach everyone.

4. Benefits of the newspapers –

The publication of newspapers has greatly benefited the populace. They easily get to know about the activities going on in or around the country.

Earlier the purpose of newspapers was only to reach the main news to the people, but today they have all kinds of information related to jobs, government schemes, health, business, entertainment, etc.

Apart from this, people are taking the help of newspapers to convey their thoughts to others. It’s changing the way people think.

Even the newspapers have made people aware of various things. Today, they easily know the news related to all over the world.

The biggest advantage of the newspapers is that they have become a means of livelihood for the reporters and publishers.

They make a good amount of money from multiple sources.

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5. Conclusion –

In conclusion, the newspapers have become a very important thing in people’s lives. Some people feel that their day is incomplete without reading the newspapers.

Newspapers not only refute misleading news but also establish the veracity of the news. Another advantage of reading newspapers is that it gives you deep knowledge of different topics.

Although there is a lot of circulation of digital news these days, but with such news, it’s not possible to decide whether the news is true or false.

So, people of all ages must make a habit of reading newspapers.

Newspaper paper essay in English 250 words –

Newspapers have become an important thing in our life. Every day, we read different types of newspapers to collect information.

With the help of newspapers, we easily get to know all types of news. A newspaper includes information related to politics, entertainment, business, sports, etc.

The newspapers are the only way to keep the government and the public connected.

Earlier the use of newspapers was very less. After the 17th century, its circulation increased significantly.

Today, the number of newspapers is very high.

Well, there is a big difference between the newspapers before and now.

Earlier publishers used to print newspapers only keeping in mind the important news, but today newspapers give important news as well as experts’ perspectives on various topics.

In India, the sales of newspapers are according to their fame. English newspapers are sold more expensive than Hindi.

There are some English newspapers that are very popular like The Indian Express, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, The Economics Times, etc.

If we focus on the types of newspapers, two types of newspapers are published all over the world and they are broadsheet and tabloid types whereas the number of broadsheet-type newspapers is more as compared to tabloid-type newspapers.

Reading the newspapers not only increases the general knowledge but also increases awareness about new rules, laws and policies.

So, understand the value of newspapers and read one of them daily so that you can gain valuable knowledge about your country and surroundings as well.

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Essay on newspaper in English 100 words or Newspaper Essay in English 10 lines –

  1. The first newspaper was published in 17th century.
  2. A newspaper is a collection of paper sheets.
  3. The paper sheets of a newspaper contain information related to politics, jobs, sports, business, schemes, etc.
  4. Newspapers have sectional sheets related to different topics.
  5. They are the best medium to express thoughts and problems of the people.
  6. With the help of newspapers, people get news from all over the world very easily.
  7. Newspapers also contain various types of puzzles, horoscopes and weather-related information.
  8. They can easily verify the news running on digital media.
  9. To provide information to all, newspapers are printed in many languages.
  10. Even today, millions of people read newspapers.

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Final words –

Eventually, I’d say that if you want to write an essay on newspaper in English with headings or points, this article can prove to be very helpful for you.

Since I’ve written this essay on newspaper in English with different formats, now it’s up to you which format you prefer.

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Thank you.

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